Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow! a whack and interesting Day! love you KEvin!

Wow i had the whackest day today.
On my way to Uni and i get a phone call from Vi, and we decide to get lunch. Meet her at the uni, and head to rundle, we bump into awsome kevin and try to pursuade him to have lunch with us. End up talking to him for like 50minutes and his like, i thought you's were going to lunch? we walk abit further bump into another guy have like a 10minute conversation and walk abit further and bump into anotehr guy, and we start talking more and then all of a sudden the guys from before we meet them again and then i turn around see sharon and nhung and then start talking to them for abit, turn back to lunch group and rafs there, im like whoa! wtheck! everybody is suddenly emerging o.o

Start talking more and simon comes by with sharon and we thought we'd say bye to the rest and go get lunch, some guy i never even met decides to tag with us. And we ended up eating at Zhens, and talking about random things, but i feel so bad, because this guy, kept following us, with all respect, i wanted to talk to the woman == personal crap here. And he keeps following, dont get me wrong his a nice guy, but zzzzzzzzz. At first he was like, yeh my bus comes in 15minutes and his like i'll walk with yu guys to the lunch place, and we're like ah alrite, we get there and order and his like, my bus comes in 15minutes and we're like mmz didnt he say that 15minutes ago? and then 15minutes later, Vi's like, what time does your bus come again? and his like.... i dont know, 3ish? screw it, you guys are interesting im going to stay til 3! and im just like... dear God... but i tried to not be so mean i gues.

Anyway after dinner, we split and i thought id walk Vi to her friend whose shopping for a dress to talk to her more personally and he decides to come along, then we bump into Le and his like yo! and we talk abit and finally im like okay, well im gonna tag with Le and i'll seeyu later Vi, and the guys like okay i better head home... == i was like you shuda headed home 2 hours ago T_T and so me and Le go shopping and i bought a top. and we bump into Qouc and start going shopping then Le had to go. We went shopping again and went to visit Vic, Vivian and Mj at Gloria Jeans. Start talking about things for like an hour and then they decided to visit Dung. So i thought id go home, and then i rememberd i had to find a perverted crab for Cheries Bday. WHich is pretty much impossible. So i got bored. checked out morning glory, then bump into Camilla in myers and turns out Vi was still in town shopping for a bday present, so we went looking for a present, turned out there were no crabs and ended up buying some other random thing lol. anyway, ended up gossiping for like 2hours and on the way home i get a strange phone call, cudnt really hear the other person properly so i was like yeh yeh, okay shes on her way home now.
All i heard was "rie - Vi" and i was like was that Vi's mum? howd she get my number and then i was like wait or was that Cheries mum? O_ o texted Cherie, turned out it was Vi's mum. she sounded piss :S

anyway had a really whack day, and 2molo is going to be more whack, should be good. This week is awsome, jsut chilling, socialising, hanging out with close friends and laughing. Thats the way life should be everyday. (Y)
Anyway was suppose to be at the library now == lol but i came home, so i better get started on my assignment. Good night Monday, and Happy Birthday Cherie. (Y)

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