Monday, May 25, 2009

Whats with the leng loi's these days? *-*

Wow i was sitting next to 4 korean leng loi's at the library today. and Saw some old friends from black fries, wasnt a bad day, i also found a 5 leaf clover, which doesnt seem to be making me any luckier. o.o
Also this leng loi today randomly asked if we could be friends lol. Is that the work of the clover? because thats not what i want lol == so much for raf coming to the library today, and omg i got so much to do T_T much work tripple times harder 2molo!

Got 1000 words done today, now need to edit, do graphs and do summary... its gonna be a long day and when its over, wooo! celebration with coffee! ever tried the irish nut creme? its so nice! double thumbs up. (Y)
And this david cook song is the song of the week.

David Cook - Come back to me

too lazy to post lyrics, but yeh, i need to shower and then sleep soon, have a long day 2molo, today wasnt bad, quite blessful, although i missed my bus because i went to eat kfc. but it wasnt my fault i had no money, nothing to eat at home went to library all day and didnt wana bother Zoe and Pheobe again to look after my laptop so starved til death T_T but i got my wallet back (Y) yay lol.

im seeing my guai lou group tommorow the ones that snaked me out, i wana stab them... bloody guai lou's underestimate my kindness, i'll smack yu across the head and watch you bleed ==

Apparently only the four leaf ones are lucky T^T shudnt a 5 leaf one mean your more lucky? ==

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  1. God made all things beautiful. Therefore everything is a sin and we are all in hell.