Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best 2 days of this week. *-*

Last night, i could't decide between paradise or OCF, in the end i thought i'd go to OCF since i was alredy late to paradise and missed worship. And bible study seemed very interesting in its own way. So my mum drove me to paradise interchange, it was so cold!!! i was so tempted to just go to paradise, but then i thought i better not ditch Elysia. So as i caught the bus which came in an hour, i was pretty much frozen. Got on the bus, this guy starts talking to me, and his like so what do you think about the war? and i was like what war? he was like the Korean war?

And i was like, i dont care, and then he starts saying Australia was built on criminals, i went to prison for this country and i want to ask everybody on this bus, Who wants to apologise to the Aborigines? and this Aborigine Chick stood up and was like Hey! you STFU!!! it got so tensed and this massive built up wog guy came to defend the chick, he was like you fucking racist! and i was thinking in my head, no shit, someone should smack him.

But then finally got to town, adrenaline rush slowed down. and i went to the same place OCF was at last time, except this time i got lost for like 40minutes and had to ask security guards for directions, finally got there and the weird thing was they were transcribing Johns and the main character was between Peter and Jesus and i was like man this is uncomfortable. lol

But i got use to it, and the people there are really nice. (Y) they're like all malaysians and chinese i made friends with like 8 people well they came and started talking to me, yep they were all girls and one guy (Y) lol. And then i found out they everyone there was like 80% pharmacutical students in 3-4th year and some accounting students. But nevertheless, very interesting people, they even drove me home which really got to my soft side lol.

I think i like this new group, this new level of Christianity. Im gonna try Adelaide Uni OCF next week and we'll see how that goes. And then Next Saturday i'll check out Vi's life group. (Y) During bible study its very opened to conversations and personal opinions, sorta like politics but everybody is right, i was abit quiete but i think i'll come out of my shell sooner or later. Very nice people, very nice host and they provide snacks after. (Y) Very nice day.

Thursday, needed to help hoi with business studies so i thought id go town and do something, so i called up Vi and decided to go to lunch. Got to Uni to return my book that was like $20 fine for overdueness for 14 weeks. And Vi was still rushing her assignment, its possible to say she screwed up because she left it to the last minute, but her work wsa very impressive i must say. Architecture is very intersting and if possible Vi send me a photo of that thing you built i want to post it up here. After eating Hoi texted me and had to go, i was like ah crap time to get to business. But it was very interesting, okay one reasons why i like to help hoi is because her business is quite similar to my business course and what i learn from her assignments and tests, i take into accordance to uni. And so therefore im studying basicly.

She drove me home and was listening to "Wu Ding" man i love that song. Hoi was also singing it, very nice voice she has. and yeh very nice day. Cant wait til i get my P's. Its been a pretty good week, also met Sharons sister at Bar Smith library on tuesday which was good havnt spoken to her in abit, and caught up with raf for some KFC and study which was awsome, though the fag didnt even say bye when he left.... Very nice week, got my assignment done, caught up on sleep, got back to my very first hair style which only Elysia has seen from last night and been eating alot these days.

Thank God for this blessful week and more to come. Oh and last night i was talking to this girl and Elysia comes and somehow the topic changes and Elysia was like is that your brother over there? and shes like no! thats my boyfriend and i was like noo! Elysia you didnt just say that LOL and she was like omg sorry! very interesting people, and atmosphere.

Im going to try something new, from what i learnt in last nights bible study. we'll see how it goes. (Y)

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