Monday, May 4, 2009

Whack dreams, whack people, whack days. *-*

Wow, theres nothing better than early morning worship. This song is seriously awsome. (Y)
I had the whackest dream last night, i was in an amazon and there was this huge river/creak thing and i have no idea why i was walking through it, and it was raining and i kept walking no idea what i was looking for, and i saw this black thing in the water and it was a whale.

For some strange reason i was scared of it, it said to me, help me get to the other side and i was like, no if i go in that water with you, your going to eat me. and so i kept walking and it kept following me. And every second i would look back and it was behind me. and then the dream changed to some really dark virtual world and something was trying to kill me and someone, i have no idea who the other person was but it felt like they were my ally, we were running from this weird monster i created from my mind, it was actually quite scary lol.

we were like running and running and hiding and it kept following us, we had no weapons. :S and then i hear something.... peter? peter!? i was like ha?? my grandma woke me up to see if i was hungry when i was sleeping T_T

oh whack dreams.. but yeh, which reminds me Eeshin told me stories about her sleep walking thing when she was young, she would sleep walk and go looking for food to pee on LOLOL! XDD
she's probably going to kill me XDD

anyway yeh, i have a confession to make XD Pheobe i just found your bday card LOL for some strange reason i never noticed it XD but thanks :P at the moment i dislike my short hair cut T_T and omg whack convos just gotta love them, maybe if i hang out with fobs i might become a fob *-* lol

anw i better get going to Uni, i had the whackest week last week, loved it! hopefully this week will be good aswell, excluding the school work. (Y) and btw Happy Birthday Cher-Lynne, may you be blessed and loved always.

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