Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicks these days are too stuck up. -.-"

I have a new topic which has been bothering me lately. Perhaps its just me, but i think this is true. Too many chicks these days think just because you go on a one on one date or whatever you call it with somebody of the opposite sex it means you like them or you should go out with them or somethings going on. Which is not neccesary true. You girls just need to go out more with the opposite sex, with all respect. lol

In regards to last nights discussion, no, i dont like chicks just because i want to go out and socialise with them. Im talking about you Elysia, Xian, Sharon, Raf, Mel. Yeh i classified raf as a girl lol XD

Elysia, i dont really know what to say because ive never gone out 1 on 1 with you, but Xian, we went out to ttp last time, and Sharon we went out a trillion times last year, and yet you guys judge me. T_T shanks! lol jk

And also! you dont just go out with anybody thats hot, bloody norwood peeps. And Xian i thought i made my rating details clear to you lol. But thanks for the blanket/scarf lol. And also next time, if you guys are going to ask things like that, id rather you ask me personally rather then infront of everybody. T_T But it was an awsome night anyway.

Then again, this is another downfall of being single, you get attacked for every chick you socialise with and hang with, or suspected. And then it makes you think, man maybe you should just get into a relationship with someone and stop the gossiping. Its going to be a long 7 months lol. But yeh, until last night, i never knew how judgemental chicks can be O - o'. Its quite scary aswell, they get loud, arguementative, excited for new gossip, and blabber on things that dont make sense. So why are guys attracted to girls? i have no bloody idea. lol

Another thing... Some girls these days are so stuck up and bitchy. i dont know why, but maybe alot of guys have hit on them or liked them, doesnt mean your any better than us. Iuno, just some chicks these days act like they're too good for everybody, and i was talking to my friend the other day, and she was like wow your ratings pretty dam high, i wana see that law chick you gave a 9 to. And this other guy, was like you set your standards too high, you need to know your level of woman. and i was just raging inside, my friend was just laughing, and i was like, are you serious???! This guy, is telling me, my level of girls and who i can and cant get? Just because ive only been in 2 relationships does not mean im optionless okay... and then he starts talking about a white chick his liked and cudnt get, and i was like,... so are you going to ask her out? or can you even get her? and his like no. and i was like, then why are you telling us this? and he said he was trying to defend me.... with all respect this guy is nice, but dont tell me what to do... i know myself best... last i need is someone telling me to give up on anybody and to lower my standards.

Okay.. maybe im sounding like a prick, call me a player if you want, but thats not me. And This is another reason why guys like to go out with female friends that are just friends. because one they dont know any of your friends, so they cant gossip to anybody, and they're understanding, advicive, oppinionative and they know its just social and nothing more. but then there are those people that look dodged and yu just dont want to trust them... okay im just setting this straight so i dont get anymore particular questions. Im single and probably will remain single until the end of this year, dont ask why. If im not, and you wana know dont gossip, ask me personally or check my face book lol.

Okay, ive been talking about that law chick, alot. I think i should clarify this, no i dont like her, i just like to look at her lol and i get friends asking me to show them what she looks like lol. Which makes you think again, why are some people more matured than others? i rekon mature people are way more intersting then the immature. and then im gona get people thinking, your not mature yourself, and thats because i adapt to imature peoples atmosphere, doesnt mean i like it.

Sometimes its fun to just sit and watch, just watch people behave. And you wonder if thats who/how they're really are. or are they being somebody else? sometimes i cant make up my mind, When you become somebody else, i cant be bothered socialising with you, its like talking to a brick wall or talking to a half broken machine which only give one word replies or talking to a snake and having it trying to snip you every second. Its like one second your best friends, then your other best friend comes and suddenly they dont know you at all. And thats the differnce with guys, they introduce you to their friends and make you feel welcomed and focus on everybody.

If your wondering why im so uptight about this, its because there were rumours about me once in year 12 because i went out with Jun. A 3 year differnce is nothing, you get celebrities going out with people that are like 40 years difference, so for you people that judge, go eat shit and i hold a grudge on every one of you's forever. == and if you ever wonder why i dont talk to you's anymore or why i hate you, now you do. wan ba dan!

all fired up now.... T________T


  1. hahaha what did we do? i don get it..

  2. no, you guys are too judgemental on me :P

  3. yu guys were like daggers coming at me from every corner lol

  4. "You girls just need to go out more with the opposite sex, with all respect. lol"
    oh no no no no. you do not get our parents man. the last time I went out alone with a guy back in singapore, my relatives started gossiping and it spread to that guy's mum's life group members. my aunt went, "eh that guy's goodlooking huh!" and stares at me, marriage plans written all over her face.
    so think about your argument the other way: why do girls like guys? they're obnoxious, egotistical, condescending, think with their balls more than they use their brain(if ever at all) and blabber things that don't make sense.
    It's the laws of nature. or more precisely, adam and eve. they started it.
    or maybe, we're just over-generalising. (:

  5. WHEN peter WHEN. i don even remember.

  6. Well cheryl, that was singapore, Australias different, you dont have aunties and families at life group here lol
    and i get where your coming from, but okay in your case your parents are strict on guys lmao, fine i'll refer the above to ppl who dont have over caring parents.