Friday, May 15, 2009

Say, does that look like an army of parasites? Firewall does not compute. >.<

Wow do i get sick ever so easily. T___T ive been sleeping so much the past few days and its killing my mental state. No idea what happened on tuesday night, i was perfectly fine until karaoke or perhaps when vince made me starve and the bacteria took their head start, hence i got pawned to the minions that science so called are our ancestors. Ive been eating nothing but korean cup noodles and watching nothing but family guy, new simpsons, american dad and finnished season 3 of heroes.

As with every movie or drama i never seem to understand the endings... dissapointing really. this coming holiday it turns out my grandma is going back to china, that means we're probably going to china at the end of this year aswell, if we can be bothered to get our passports this year lol. Or rather our mum probably wants to spend time with her new bf, the one she has yet to introduce to me.

I dont know what to feel, our mums been happier these days but shes been coming home very late or rather never at home. Smack that guy for making her go to his place, why doesnt he dare show himself and let my very judgemental eyes judge him XD. im joking lol. anywho, im very bored and should be heading to town or church very soon. Should i pack tissues? i dont know, or will one of the church girls carry tissue this time?

I wonder if genials gona show up at youth tonight, for some reason i doubt it. T_T What an exausting week. I have come up with another random question. Should Christians fear death? I think that if i knew i was going to die i wouldnt be afraid anymore, but if i was badly injured and found out i was going to survive, i'd self-distruct inside.

anyway this is a lame blog, i just thought i'd write something seeing as i've had no net for the past 3nights and it turns out mel is having a dinner thing 2molo, i hope i can make it. Which also means mel and elysia may not be at church 2nite. I hope i dont make the youth group sick, or my group of youth girls. or maybe my immune system is really really dodgy, like a really really really dodgy computer built in china, installed with a veryy veryy dodgy firewall which cannot tell the difference between viruses and files, so it classifies everything as a threat and presumes your health to be 100% fine which in reality is infected by tonnes of trojans and spyware. Yep i have a really dodgy firewall working my windows system 32. dammit china cant you do anything right instead of being cheap for every single material thing in life!

lets look into the biology of the infection. tuesday night i must have breathed in some bacteria from the air (airborne) which alerted my many dodgy system fire walls sending off mixed signals and activating molecular receptors to attack any foreign invasion to the motherboard. So my fire wall activated by causing my nose to sneeze, which was a first step attempt to blow our the parasites invading me, second step was to create mucas to devour the ones that managed to cling to my nose hair. i forget which process that involves something like pinocytosis? Bacteria manged to get through the first fire wall and then invaded the throat and slowly downgrading my vista protection to a Mac. I could feel my liver catalysing its ass off to produce proteins to assist my firewall and i could feel my anti spyware program activating my white blood cells to bring in the antibodies to detonate the mass invasion. unfortunately they were of different molecular shape, piercing through my very mebranes and deactivating my equilibrium.

I could feel the gas exchange slowing down in my lungs and then it hit me! oxygen movement was slowing down, the haemoglobins in my red blood cells began to explode and my heart had to somehow find an unknown source of oxygen in order to survive. It was hard to breath and my firewall was shutting down, not like i needed it anyway, if anything i was probably better off without it lol. Emergency backup came, my white blood cells managed to download the memory cells from the previous invasion off "Ares" and i could feel every cell in my body producing proteins and enzyymes and special proteins, from the quarternary sector to isolate the parasites. The power house of my body were overworked, the monitor turned off, i couldnt see, it was pure darkness. i was asleep, leaving the battle of my motherboard in the hands of china's very dodgy firewall. my cells stopped productivity and the cycle of mitosis or meiosis i forget was put on halt. i was near death and then back up power from an unknown source, i somehow developed chloroplasts through natural selection and the light from my lamp somehow reactivated the entire mitochondria army, sending out ATP to reactivate the very dodgy firewall. I could feel my DNA being invaded and it was almost like it was being hacked! they downloaded up to 90% of my bodies function, lucky it turned out to be the 90% of my bodies junk DNA which provided the neccesary time for my new T-cells to attack the parasites. it was a long battle but "Ares" paid off and my membranes were re-activated, i reached equilibrium again and my heart began pumping, i could feel oxygen flowing through my blood again.

Yet i can still smell the very flavour of those parasites. i'll be ready next year or next season influenza. By then i will have a real firewall muahah lol. Okay im gona go to church now, that so dam bored me. What would be funny was if i went into the protein synthesis and DNA sythesis in detailed lol. but i couldnt be bothered, heres to another lame blog.


  1. ahhhh full on biology!! deng. i knew that knowledge was hidden in you somewhere x)
    all mr. rothgrews teaching efforts on you were well paid of. he'll be proud =p

  2. LOL that was biology? i was just explaining my lifes story, i wonder if i could submit that as a Human awareness essay and get an E for it lol\
    and rothgrew that overgrown giant has no limits!