Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good night.

Last night i had a dream, im not sure if it was a sign. I think the sign part of me affected me more when i was following the hearts way. I was given a code and it was repeated over and over again and when i woke, i was like, wow that code was repeated in my head for like the pass hour of the dream. And i dont know maybe i should find something relating to it but i think i'll take it as a dream less something manages to get my attention.

I ask myself what am i doing? am i doing it the right way or am i just creating an excuse for when i screw up? My friends often say, wow thats commitment and id be like yeh, its not so easy but iuno i just feel like i should? and then there'd be no comment after that. Dam people these days giving me such an influence!!! gah! like i dont have it hard alredy yet alone all the distractions... man im gonna celebrate hard if i get through this year.

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