Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bible study. <3

I feel as if, God has given me the authority to connect with broken people, in accordance to Christ. I feel like im capable of testing ones faith and restoring it. I'd like to believe that is my mission for now, my purpose.

I will fulfill my destiny. To be blessed is to bless others. *-* i learnt alot from bible studies, and ive never liked speaking personally infront of people i dont know, but i did it and thats what i said. so i thought i'd share it with my fellow blog followers. (:

Yeh, i know i've used this picture before, but i'll go research more random pictures later. (Y)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prison break. *-*

Today, I finally finnished every episode through to the last of Prison break. And i dare say it was well worth every hour spent. Ending was quite depressing, i cant believe how into it i was. Such a great story line, covered love, had many twists, alot of action, just all in one. Man i loved it.

It got me thinking when scolfield was talking to the General. "Its just a game hey?"

I recommend Prison break to anybody whose got plenty of times on their hand, well worth it. (Y) now to find a new addiction.

Just like a Rose. *-*

A Rose is most beautiful by itself. Thorns or no thorns.

Best 2 days of this week. *-*

Last night, i could't decide between paradise or OCF, in the end i thought i'd go to OCF since i was alredy late to paradise and missed worship. And bible study seemed very interesting in its own way. So my mum drove me to paradise interchange, it was so cold!!! i was so tempted to just go to paradise, but then i thought i better not ditch Elysia. So as i caught the bus which came in an hour, i was pretty much frozen. Got on the bus, this guy starts talking to me, and his like so what do you think about the war? and i was like what war? he was like the Korean war?

And i was like, i dont care, and then he starts saying Australia was built on criminals, i went to prison for this country and i want to ask everybody on this bus, Who wants to apologise to the Aborigines? and this Aborigine Chick stood up and was like Hey! you STFU!!! it got so tensed and this massive built up wog guy came to defend the chick, he was like you fucking racist! and i was thinking in my head, no shit, someone should smack him.

But then finally got to town, adrenaline rush slowed down. and i went to the same place OCF was at last time, except this time i got lost for like 40minutes and had to ask security guards for directions, finally got there and the weird thing was they were transcribing Johns and the main character was between Peter and Jesus and i was like man this is uncomfortable. lol

But i got use to it, and the people there are really nice. (Y) they're like all malaysians and chinese i made friends with like 8 people well they came and started talking to me, yep they were all girls and one guy (Y) lol. And then i found out they everyone there was like 80% pharmacutical students in 3-4th year and some accounting students. But nevertheless, very interesting people, they even drove me home which really got to my soft side lol.

I think i like this new group, this new level of Christianity. Im gonna try Adelaide Uni OCF next week and we'll see how that goes. And then Next Saturday i'll check out Vi's life group. (Y) During bible study its very opened to conversations and personal opinions, sorta like politics but everybody is right, i was abit quiete but i think i'll come out of my shell sooner or later. Very nice people, very nice host and they provide snacks after. (Y) Very nice day.

Thursday, needed to help hoi with business studies so i thought id go town and do something, so i called up Vi and decided to go to lunch. Got to Uni to return my book that was like $20 fine for overdueness for 14 weeks. And Vi was still rushing her assignment, its possible to say she screwed up because she left it to the last minute, but her work wsa very impressive i must say. Architecture is very intersting and if possible Vi send me a photo of that thing you built i want to post it up here. After eating Hoi texted me and had to go, i was like ah crap time to get to business. But it was very interesting, okay one reasons why i like to help hoi is because her business is quite similar to my business course and what i learn from her assignments and tests, i take into accordance to uni. And so therefore im studying basicly.

She drove me home and was listening to "Wu Ding" man i love that song. Hoi was also singing it, very nice voice she has. and yeh very nice day. Cant wait til i get my P's. Its been a pretty good week, also met Sharons sister at Bar Smith library on tuesday which was good havnt spoken to her in abit, and caught up with raf for some KFC and study which was awsome, though the fag didnt even say bye when he left.... Very nice week, got my assignment done, caught up on sleep, got back to my very first hair style which only Elysia has seen from last night and been eating alot these days.

Thank God for this blessful week and more to come. Oh and last night i was talking to this girl and Elysia comes and somehow the topic changes and Elysia was like is that your brother over there? and shes like no! thats my boyfriend and i was like noo! Elysia you didnt just say that LOL and she was like omg sorry! very interesting people, and atmosphere.

Im going to try something new, from what i learnt in last nights bible study. we'll see how it goes. (Y)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More than Less. *-*

I feel like watching Full house again. Watched it 6 times alredy, but its my all time favourite drama, its full of emotions and very unrequited. Will be heading to Uni in an hour or so, im so very bored. Its so very cold and im very sick of accounting.

I was so cold i asked my grandma what she did with my top and she said i thought it was Vinces, so i put it in a bag with his belongings in Andys room, so he can come and get it when he comes back. And i was like wow she still doesnt know, his not coming back for like 5 years or 10. or less if lucky. And she was like o.o

Man So many things Vince left behind, that sheet of paper where that hot chick gave you her number, lol maybe i should call it, im joking :P. The list of names we wrote down for the karaoke and dinner night. The scarves and facial creams. Man you should somehow magically come back. If only i could teleport *-*

I believe there is more to life then what our eyes tell us. There has to be something uncomprehensible, something that'll shake the earth and create a new era. That was one reason why i wanted to become an archeoligist when i was a kid. And now, how did i end up doing accounting? I feel like diversifying alredy, i have two options in mind, but im not sure if i want to pursue yet. Anyway im gona chill for a bit then head to Uni.

What wonders does Tuesday hold? Maybe today i'll find a 4 leaf clover. *-*

Haha man i love these guys, they have the best comics. *-*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty is sinful. (:

You know what i think? Beauty is such a sin. It certainly gets your attention, let alone gets you attracted at the same time. It also makes you think twice. Beautiful people should be classified under dangerous. It also distracts you like hell, yet alone you dont want to walk away from the distraction lol. These 7months are going so slow, and so many obsticles suddenly. Whoosh! i'll be very dissapointed if i fail to live up to my own words, which im very concern of at the moment. (Y)

Anyway beauty doesnt define itself, personality plays a huge roll in ones beauty. You can be seen as ugly if your personality doesnt fit your image. therefore beauty is beyond skin and bones, i wonder if we become who we want to be in terms of personality, or is it the life style we experience and the people around us that makes us who we are? or can we simply just decide to be a tard and change as we like? i think personality is developed in the long term, sorta makes you curious about certain people and how they became the way they are. I think i'll bring this question up the next time i go for coffee. *-*

Yeh dont ask where i get my random pictures from. lol

Whats with the leng loi's these days? *-*

Wow i was sitting next to 4 korean leng loi's at the library today. and Saw some old friends from black fries, wasnt a bad day, i also found a 5 leaf clover, which doesnt seem to be making me any luckier. o.o
Also this leng loi today randomly asked if we could be friends lol. Is that the work of the clover? because thats not what i want lol == so much for raf coming to the library today, and omg i got so much to do T_T much work tripple times harder 2molo!

Got 1000 words done today, now need to edit, do graphs and do summary... its gonna be a long day and when its over, wooo! celebration with coffee! ever tried the irish nut creme? its so nice! double thumbs up. (Y)
And this david cook song is the song of the week.

David Cook - Come back to me

too lazy to post lyrics, but yeh, i need to shower and then sleep soon, have a long day 2molo, today wasnt bad, quite blessful, although i missed my bus because i went to eat kfc. but it wasnt my fault i had no money, nothing to eat at home went to library all day and didnt wana bother Zoe and Pheobe again to look after my laptop so starved til death T_T but i got my wallet back (Y) yay lol.

im seeing my guai lou group tommorow the ones that snaked me out, i wana stab them... bloody guai lou's underestimate my kindness, i'll smack yu across the head and watch you bleed ==

Apparently only the four leaf ones are lucky T^T shudnt a 5 leaf one mean your more lucky? ==

Monday. (:

Good morning Monday *-* what wonders lie hidden? 12pm current, about to head to library and get this assignment done, woooo! im on fire with determination to get this over and done with! and who knows i'll get my wallet back 2molo then i can go on a food spreee aswell, sigh i wanted to have lunch in town but i have no money T___T" and theres no food at home, whats going to fuel my determination, noooo ==" bad start! sei la!
"Next, chicken necks?" lol XD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oxygen Mask? *-*

Wow Oxygen really has all the leng loi's in one place. Today, i saw 4 leng lois around the 8-9 mark. Hopefully they arnt fobs, anyway, today has been an alright day, service was good, friday night service was good aswell, very inspiring. And Oxygen played this new song they came up with today, i swear it was incredibly amazing, a very lovely song, with amazing lyrics.

Couldnt really make out what the malaysian speaker was saying, but he has good humour. (Y) they also have awsome worship and an awsome preacher. I wonder how long it'll take for me to adapt to the new people and the new atmosphere i hate that feeling. Getting to know a new group of people when you've oredy got an awsome group.
Also another fun thing about today, we were in Pyuish's car and he played Taylor swift, and him and Xian were like singing the song, sorta reminded me of the 70's show. And then white horse came on, haha lovely people.

Im enjoying this life as a young adult, no boundries and chilling with many friends is the way to go. (Y) You know what i just realised, when you say your going to do something and you swear you will stick by your words, theres always something new that comes in place just to try and screw you over. Something that'll show you just how fragile your words of commitments are.

I wonder what this week holds, i need to get out of this house and finnish my accounting assignment real fast, 2000 words due on wednesday 1pm, good thing i finnish early 2molo, and now im slightly just off the cold, i can focus, and concentrate my ass off now. If i finnish this, i get to go out with friends and drink coffee and have awsome conversations. Omg thats my goal, yep after discovering the lovely taste of warm caffiene, ive developed the Gloria jeans fever right after my other fevers, such as ice cream, chocolate, and happy meals.

Man i just wana slack off go chill, sit, chat, and drink coffee right now, but i cant, not with all this load of work in my way. Exams in 3weeks, i need to study now!!!! I swear 2molo i have to get part B of my assignment done and then tuesday i can finnish part C and go on a coffee streak. aww just thinking about all the hard work 2molo, im not looking foward to going to bed and waking up to a dooms day.

Anyway, i feel like this week is going to be amazing, i feel blessed, actually ive been feeling blessed lately, I met this old granny on the bus, and we talked abit, i was coughing and she said, you need to quit smoking, and i was like, i dont smoke. And then we stopped talking and suddenly i get a thought from above, ask her about Christ. And i was like are you serious? right now? when i have a cold, can barely talk, coughing like a lung cancer patient and you want me to ask her about Christ and probably make her sick?

And then i felt this voice in my head, if you do it, i'll bless you and heal you. And i was like... okay... thats good enough for me, but in one condition, you make her talk to me first again. and so i sat and waited, coughed again and she was like, i bet thats right on the chest hey? and i was like yeh, howd you know? and then we talked abit and i was like, so would you happen to be religious? and she was like yeh, im a Christian, and i was like really? and she was like you are too? i can see your cross earing.

And then i was like yeh (Y). and we spoke more and ended up talkign about her family, and i was like so is your husband also a Christian? and she was like no, we've been married for 28 years and he has never once gone to church with me. and i was thinking in my head, wtheck, doesnt he even want to spend time with his wife, or when she was his girlfriend? O_ o why is it that people are so afraid of getting to know Christ? Does that mean, their not soul mates?

i dont know but, as i got off the bus, she was like, bless you and bless you always, i was like you too. And that really changed my mood for the rest of the day, and i still feel blessed. Its amazing how strong words can be and how far they can go. you know, i should start taking photoes with the peolple God sends my way. (Y) I wonder what this week holds, all i know is, its going to be another blessing just like each and everyday. see what dooms day holds 2molo lol.

gonna leave it here and sleep, good night awsome sunday. (Y)

Everybody needs oxygen. *-*

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're not alone. *-*

When you've been playing on the safe side for so long, you kinda forget that you were actually playing at all. and the only game you actually know how to play now, is the safe side. Which got me thinking, some people probably get stuck on the safe side for their entire life, and boy am i not going to head in that direction. -.-"

I remember talking to vince, he said something like this. "Yeh, me and my friend use to like this white girl and because he was my friend i let him have her, and because they broke up i took her to the formal and now we're having conflict. We're not really friends anymore." and whats sad about this is, watching Vince leave, he left more than just his friends but he left the girl he had his heart for, for all these many years. And he didnt get to go out with her because he was playing on the safe side for too long and now his in the Philipines.

That day at the airport was like watching a drama, i never thought drama's could be so real, but over exagerated, until that day. And you will probably read this, tell me if i got your story right or wrong. I learnt something from your inconvenience, and that is, set a time frame, because time is more then just time itself, it becomes change and dissapointment.

I remember asking, so are you going to get a girlfriend in the Philipines? and he was like, iuno if i do it'll be harder to come back, cus then id have to leave her or get her to come along aswell and thats going to take even longer. and then he was like what i would give to find just a white friend over there, better if it was even a girl. this is so weird its like after living in the modernised world of 2000 then getting deported back to the 60's in a unmodernised country. and trying to get use to lifes inconvenience.

We really should appreciate what we have here, eat food we dislike, spend our time wisely, cherish our friends and family, help out if not once in awhile, do the 24 hour famine, apologise for inconvenience, and other things that we find hard to do.

Corinthians 8:11-14 "But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving. I am not commanding you, but I want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it with the earnestness of others. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. And here is my advice about what is best for you in this matter: Last year you were the first not only to give but also to have the desire to do so. Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means. For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have. Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be equality,"

I like this scripture from the bible, its about giving, We must give to God, but we must also give to others that need. And Vince, we tried to give you the best 3months you had left and i juse hope we gave enough to your need of friendship, comfort, shelter and food. Your a passioniate person, keep following God, because he can give your life back. he has the answers to your unanswered questions and the directions for your purpose, he also has the blueprints of how your life should be built, and the first step is with him.

God bless always.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vince #2. <3

I dont know when you'll be coming back, but when you do, i wonder just how much our lives will have changed.
Will i still be in Uni? have a job? have a girl friend? be married? moved out? have my licence? have my own car? have kids? still be in Adelaide? be at the same church? who knows.

What i do know is, we'll definiatly cross paths again, if not physically, then spiritually, because we're all following the same path. And this house will always have room for another guy. That hamick will be waiting for you, because its friggen dirty and i dont want it and the cocaine blanket is yours.

Its been a funny and fun 3 months, im still missing your company. no more steak nights and karaoke nights. Just how much will change when you get back? Just thank you for appreciating all the little things i do, and accepting my jokes, it really meant alot to me. and walking with me home after church, and eating with me, and singing and worshipping with me.

You've completely funked up my mind. Im going to need a new church buddy and someone i can nag and tease that understands me and appreciates my whackness the way you do. these words are so corny, i hate being corny, but just for you. bless you Vince. (Y)

Vince. <3

Today was the day you left, said your good byes and left a hole in each of our hearts. You meant so much to me in the short time we spent together. I sacraficed Uni to spend more time with you, and i dont regret it, but i wish only you had been able to stay. In the short time that you've lived with us, you've certainly changed our family, it felt more like a family, we did things together, ate together, watched tv together and laughed together.

If i wasnt too busy trying to pull myself together and not cry infront of the friends that were there i would have said thanks for making me not feel alone, its great to have someone around, just there, when im watching tv, and you come, it just takes away that lonely feeling, msning with you behind my back and eating and laughing. Im gona miss you so much. When we left the airport, i could feel everything sinking in, i didnt cry infront of our friends but i got teary, and i gues you meant more to me than i realised, i caught the J2 back to paradise and a youth leader came on the bus, he askd me where i was coming from and as i told him, "from the airport, you know vince? he just got deported back" and i could feel my voice cracking. He askd "back to where?" and i broke down, i couldnt even say one word, "Phelpanes (Philipines)" and thats when i realised i dont care anymore, i cried infront of a packed bus with everybody staring at me, but thats how much you've influenced me.

Memories flashing back and i cant stop thinking, town just seems so lonely in itself now, i dont care how many friends i have but, when im leaving town id would get a phone call or a txt mesage from you asking about dinner or karaoke, and catching the bus home knowing that somebody i knew might be on the same bus just felt so good. I just got a phone call from darren youth leader, thought i was a new guy and i didnt know who he was and then turned out he was the guy i sat with on the bus. i broke down again. trying to pull myself back together to finnish this blog.

Lost my wallet the other day, and spent the only money i could find stuffing around my room with ice cream and chocolate, man i wish you were here, its so quiete and lonely now. I cant believe you've impacted me so much, dont care how queer i sound, but you mean so much to me specially for a guy. Keep following God always and we'll cross paths again, because this isnt how its suppose to end, we're not suppose to lose someone like you, like this. this is bullshit, and i object to watever the devils done.

Ive seriously had the worse week this week, lost my wallet, guai lous fucking me off, and getting sick again and a gayed up hair cut and it gets even worse. im leaving it here will continue it another time.

i'll miss you so much, its back to lonely days and back to the sounds of silent. You meant so much to me in the little time you had left, and i pray you will always be blessed, because you are a blessing yourself. Much love always Vince. ♥ You've simply touched us all, heart and soul. (Y)

much love always.

Dont ask why that picture is sideways, i dont know.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dissapointing day. >.<

Today has been a total wreck. It seems my days are getting worse and darker. I think its time i stopped neglecting oxygen and give it a go. (Y) who knows i'll probably enjoy it. Vince leaves this Thursday, paradise isnt going to be the same anymore. I gues this is a new turning point in my life.

Today i saw this really beautiful asian girl on my bus, but she looked fob. She didnt even notice me because of my horrific hair cut. Its all about presentation. Here i go rambling on about the many leng loi's appearing in my daily life again. Man im so bored, i wish i could go out have fun and forget about the many tied knots ive been pretending to dodge.

Of the 10 factors which make up death, nihilism, sacrafice, loneliness, intoxication, destruction, despair, rage, greed, madness and time, what do you rekon the worse is? I wonder which one is going to bring me down, hopefully time and not rage lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talk to him about it if i were you. *-*

Omg... wake up at 8am to go to church, did my hair, Wen-Xian comes and knocks on the door. Quickly leave to go church and WHAM!! she left the keys in the ignition and locked the doors. Had no way of getting in. So we started doing all these phone calls but nobody could help us. We then resolved to the internet and tried doing some research but couldnt find any useful tools, and then we came upon youtube.

"How to break into a car" watched it, learnt it. Got a cloth hanger and shoved it into the car window using a fork to make space. We tried getting it in on the right angel and hitting the "Auto" buttton but it was sooo hard trying to get it to stop manuvering and stay in one position let alone putting pressure on it. We spent a good hour getting no where and then Pyuish came. soo lame we missed out sunday morning service. Ate some pasta and went back to the car. This time the right door wouldnt open and Pyuish came with the backup key. neither worked so we had to enter through the other door.

We then decided to go to church, but to paradise east at adelaide high. It was baby dedication service, oh i dislike those services. Saw Weetre there, told him the story and he was like, man you shouldnt have came today, its baby's dedication, i was like nooooooooo!!!! didnt even get to worship. Came home, Xian fell asleep and now im blogging. Such a bad luck day. It killed my moment to study and to finnish my assignment.

To the little girl whose life is cursed because her sister isnt there to hold half the darkness. I'll do prayer for you because i can imagine what everyday is going to be like, and when you get home you'll probably get stabbed by your mother. Man what a day... i wonder what did you do to get into this lol.

Anyway, im so tired, i'll upload a picture when Pyuish sends it to me. Quite funny and interesting but very tiring day. Last night i was like, yeh we should go to morning service early get coffee and chat and so that was the thought i had in mind. Yet it happened nothing like it, quite the total opposite. But alot of thanks to Pyuish for coming to save us. and Thanks to Yuey for offering to give us a hand. (Y)

Whack day, may that little girl be heavenly blessed by the Lord and that her days of obstructions never come again.

We actually got no where lol (Y)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good night.

Last night i had a dream, im not sure if it was a sign. I think the sign part of me affected me more when i was following the hearts way. I was given a code and it was repeated over and over again and when i woke, i was like, wow that code was repeated in my head for like the pass hour of the dream. And i dont know maybe i should find something relating to it but i think i'll take it as a dream less something manages to get my attention.

I ask myself what am i doing? am i doing it the right way or am i just creating an excuse for when i screw up? My friends often say, wow thats commitment and id be like yeh, its not so easy but iuno i just feel like i should? and then there'd be no comment after that. Dam people these days giving me such an influence!!! gah! like i dont have it hard alredy yet alone all the distractions... man im gonna celebrate hard if i get through this year.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Say, does that look like an army of parasites? Firewall does not compute. >.<

Wow do i get sick ever so easily. T___T ive been sleeping so much the past few days and its killing my mental state. No idea what happened on tuesday night, i was perfectly fine until karaoke or perhaps when vince made me starve and the bacteria took their head start, hence i got pawned to the minions that science so called are our ancestors. Ive been eating nothing but korean cup noodles and watching nothing but family guy, new simpsons, american dad and finnished season 3 of heroes.

As with every movie or drama i never seem to understand the endings... dissapointing really. this coming holiday it turns out my grandma is going back to china, that means we're probably going to china at the end of this year aswell, if we can be bothered to get our passports this year lol. Or rather our mum probably wants to spend time with her new bf, the one she has yet to introduce to me.

I dont know what to feel, our mums been happier these days but shes been coming home very late or rather never at home. Smack that guy for making her go to his place, why doesnt he dare show himself and let my very judgemental eyes judge him XD. im joking lol. anywho, im very bored and should be heading to town or church very soon. Should i pack tissues? i dont know, or will one of the church girls carry tissue this time?

I wonder if genials gona show up at youth tonight, for some reason i doubt it. T_T What an exausting week. I have come up with another random question. Should Christians fear death? I think that if i knew i was going to die i wouldnt be afraid anymore, but if i was badly injured and found out i was going to survive, i'd self-distruct inside.

anyway this is a lame blog, i just thought i'd write something seeing as i've had no net for the past 3nights and it turns out mel is having a dinner thing 2molo, i hope i can make it. Which also means mel and elysia may not be at church 2nite. I hope i dont make the youth group sick, or my group of youth girls. or maybe my immune system is really really dodgy, like a really really really dodgy computer built in china, installed with a veryy veryy dodgy firewall which cannot tell the difference between viruses and files, so it classifies everything as a threat and presumes your health to be 100% fine which in reality is infected by tonnes of trojans and spyware. Yep i have a really dodgy firewall working my windows system 32. dammit china cant you do anything right instead of being cheap for every single material thing in life!

lets look into the biology of the infection. tuesday night i must have breathed in some bacteria from the air (airborne) which alerted my many dodgy system fire walls sending off mixed signals and activating molecular receptors to attack any foreign invasion to the motherboard. So my fire wall activated by causing my nose to sneeze, which was a first step attempt to blow our the parasites invading me, second step was to create mucas to devour the ones that managed to cling to my nose hair. i forget which process that involves something like pinocytosis? Bacteria manged to get through the first fire wall and then invaded the throat and slowly downgrading my vista protection to a Mac. I could feel my liver catalysing its ass off to produce proteins to assist my firewall and i could feel my anti spyware program activating my white blood cells to bring in the antibodies to detonate the mass invasion. unfortunately they were of different molecular shape, piercing through my very mebranes and deactivating my equilibrium.

I could feel the gas exchange slowing down in my lungs and then it hit me! oxygen movement was slowing down, the haemoglobins in my red blood cells began to explode and my heart had to somehow find an unknown source of oxygen in order to survive. It was hard to breath and my firewall was shutting down, not like i needed it anyway, if anything i was probably better off without it lol. Emergency backup came, my white blood cells managed to download the memory cells from the previous invasion off "Ares" and i could feel every cell in my body producing proteins and enzyymes and special proteins, from the quarternary sector to isolate the parasites. The power house of my body were overworked, the monitor turned off, i couldnt see, it was pure darkness. i was asleep, leaving the battle of my motherboard in the hands of china's very dodgy firewall. my cells stopped productivity and the cycle of mitosis or meiosis i forget was put on halt. i was near death and then back up power from an unknown source, i somehow developed chloroplasts through natural selection and the light from my lamp somehow reactivated the entire mitochondria army, sending out ATP to reactivate the very dodgy firewall. I could feel my DNA being invaded and it was almost like it was being hacked! they downloaded up to 90% of my bodies function, lucky it turned out to be the 90% of my bodies junk DNA which provided the neccesary time for my new T-cells to attack the parasites. it was a long battle but "Ares" paid off and my membranes were re-activated, i reached equilibrium again and my heart began pumping, i could feel oxygen flowing through my blood again.

Yet i can still smell the very flavour of those parasites. i'll be ready next year or next season influenza. By then i will have a real firewall muahah lol. Okay im gona go to church now, that so dam bored me. What would be funny was if i went into the protein synthesis and DNA sythesis in detailed lol. but i couldnt be bothered, heres to another lame blog.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An invitation?*-*

What you said, has provoked that darkness lurking within me. Ive always said theres 2 major sides to me. 4 pieces of me all together to make up who i am. But theres 2 sides of me thats always argueing, and if people knew what conflict was at the centre of that battlefield, then you'd be surprised at why im still the way i am. To be honest im surprised at how i turned out to be.

Call me a monster, hate me or love me is up to you, but dont ever judge me. or i will seriously make you hate me. Im quite intrigued by the upcoming circumstances. more so i should say, ammused. Although i shouldnt be, because that rep of me is being slaughtered and ive been putting so much attention to making it pure these days. Maybe i should forget about my rep, but then i want a good status in society T_T.

You know, i think ive been blessed so many times in the past two weeks, why? because everytime i socialise with people i dont know, i bring up the religion topic, and i ask if they're Christians. and i try to convert people/save people which is why God has blessed me. Last night i caught a cab back home and my driver i thought was abit pedophile like, i askd him if he was religious and he said to me, his a Christian and i said me too.

He then began talking about people calling themselves Christians but not being Christians, and he tested me by saying, theres one big difference with being a Christian and with calling yourself a Christian. and he asked me, so what is it that makes you a Christian? and i was like, ummm prayer? talking to God? spreading the Gospel? Inviting people to Christ? accepting Christ? and he was like, well no apart from all those, what is the one significant answer?

and i was like iuno its hard to explain, and he kept clarrifying it and i kept getting it wrong, and then i tried changing the topic, i was like so what brought you into Christ? and he was like no, give me an answer. and i was like crap im getting done! becuase i honestly felt the pressure, i felt like i was letting down the Christian community, not being able to come up with the answer, he so wanted to listen to me speak off.

We then arrived at my home and i was like $20!!! the cubicles did we drive to? thats like driving to macas then town then home then to macas then town then back home and then to church and town and back to macas then back home and back for macas and back home! but yeh i payed him and he was like, the answer to the question is. The differnce between calling yourself a Christian and being a Christian is inviting the Lord Jesus into your life. and i was like omG! we go through that prayer every week at church! but of course!!!

anyway i thought i'd share that funny story for the minority that read my blogs lol. and im still ammused by recent activities, bless you lord. Good night Sunday.

People you dont see Everyday. *-*

So yesterday i went to the state library with Hoi and Eeshin, to help them with accounting. Eeshin has an idea to take photoes and the funniest thing happened lol. We were going in the lift and they were doing their hair, and so was i, i was like wow, they're almost like me XD.

We get out of the lift and Eeshins like hey! we should go take a picture, and im like yeh okay. so we were inside the lift, closed the doors and they were posing, just about to click and the door opens this old man comes in and was like what in the nations is going on in here?
and im like, oh crap! sorry! and we all legged it out of the state library lol. We then went to eat pho at the awsome viet restaurent that i discovered.
After eating we took more photoes and Hoi drove us home. Man i want a car just to crank up Jay chou music lol. Eeshin was in the back seat using the camera like a machine gun. every second theres a hand coming over the face and all you hear is a "click! click! click!" and you can only assume your souls been captured lol.

But yeh, Awsome whack day hanging with the not so fob people anymore lol.
Outside the Viet restaurent. *-*
Waiting for Pho. *-* eww bean sprouts and this couple was laughing at us because we were taking photoes ==
Eeshin with the chain gun like camera. *-*

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse. *-*

Omg, i have just discovered my new crush for lifehouse.
If i knew this song was by lifehouse i would have been in love and addicted to them earlier. Man they're amazing, such awsome lyrics and awsome voices. This is the new song addiction for this week. (Y)

Life house - hanging by a moment. *-*

here are some lyrics.

Desperate for changing, Starving for truth, I'm closer to where I started, Chasing after you, I'm falling even more in love with you, Letting go of all I've held onto, I'm standing here until you make me move, I'm hanging by a moment here with you.
Forgetting all I'm lacking, Completely incomplete, I'll take your invitation, You take all of me now...
I'm falling even more in love with you, Letting go of all I've held onto, I'm standing here until you make me move, I'm hanging by a moment here with you, I'm living for the only thing I know, I'm running and not quite sure where to go, And I don't know what I'm diving into, Just hanging by a moment here with you.

such a beautiful song, its one of those songs that bring out that inner rock start in you. You know that feeling, where your souls just waiting to cry out the lyrics and sing with such passion. (Y) lol anw im off to bed, good night Thursday, its been a pleasure, wonderful day again. *-*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicks these days are too stuck up. -.-"

I have a new topic which has been bothering me lately. Perhaps its just me, but i think this is true. Too many chicks these days think just because you go on a one on one date or whatever you call it with somebody of the opposite sex it means you like them or you should go out with them or somethings going on. Which is not neccesary true. You girls just need to go out more with the opposite sex, with all respect. lol

In regards to last nights discussion, no, i dont like chicks just because i want to go out and socialise with them. Im talking about you Elysia, Xian, Sharon, Raf, Mel. Yeh i classified raf as a girl lol XD

Elysia, i dont really know what to say because ive never gone out 1 on 1 with you, but Xian, we went out to ttp last time, and Sharon we went out a trillion times last year, and yet you guys judge me. T_T shanks! lol jk

And also! you dont just go out with anybody thats hot, bloody norwood peeps. And Xian i thought i made my rating details clear to you lol. But thanks for the blanket/scarf lol. And also next time, if you guys are going to ask things like that, id rather you ask me personally rather then infront of everybody. T_T But it was an awsome night anyway.

Then again, this is another downfall of being single, you get attacked for every chick you socialise with and hang with, or suspected. And then it makes you think, man maybe you should just get into a relationship with someone and stop the gossiping. Its going to be a long 7 months lol. But yeh, until last night, i never knew how judgemental chicks can be O - o'. Its quite scary aswell, they get loud, arguementative, excited for new gossip, and blabber on things that dont make sense. So why are guys attracted to girls? i have no bloody idea. lol

Another thing... Some girls these days are so stuck up and bitchy. i dont know why, but maybe alot of guys have hit on them or liked them, doesnt mean your any better than us. Iuno, just some chicks these days act like they're too good for everybody, and i was talking to my friend the other day, and she was like wow your ratings pretty dam high, i wana see that law chick you gave a 9 to. And this other guy, was like you set your standards too high, you need to know your level of woman. and i was just raging inside, my friend was just laughing, and i was like, are you serious???! This guy, is telling me, my level of girls and who i can and cant get? Just because ive only been in 2 relationships does not mean im optionless okay... and then he starts talking about a white chick his liked and cudnt get, and i was like,... so are you going to ask her out? or can you even get her? and his like no. and i was like, then why are you telling us this? and he said he was trying to defend me.... with all respect this guy is nice, but dont tell me what to do... i know myself best... last i need is someone telling me to give up on anybody and to lower my standards.

Okay.. maybe im sounding like a prick, call me a player if you want, but thats not me. And This is another reason why guys like to go out with female friends that are just friends. because one they dont know any of your friends, so they cant gossip to anybody, and they're understanding, advicive, oppinionative and they know its just social and nothing more. but then there are those people that look dodged and yu just dont want to trust them... okay im just setting this straight so i dont get anymore particular questions. Im single and probably will remain single until the end of this year, dont ask why. If im not, and you wana know dont gossip, ask me personally or check my face book lol.

Okay, ive been talking about that law chick, alot. I think i should clarify this, no i dont like her, i just like to look at her lol and i get friends asking me to show them what she looks like lol. Which makes you think again, why are some people more matured than others? i rekon mature people are way more intersting then the immature. and then im gona get people thinking, your not mature yourself, and thats because i adapt to imature peoples atmosphere, doesnt mean i like it.

Sometimes its fun to just sit and watch, just watch people behave. And you wonder if thats who/how they're really are. or are they being somebody else? sometimes i cant make up my mind, When you become somebody else, i cant be bothered socialising with you, its like talking to a brick wall or talking to a half broken machine which only give one word replies or talking to a snake and having it trying to snip you every second. Its like one second your best friends, then your other best friend comes and suddenly they dont know you at all. And thats the differnce with guys, they introduce you to their friends and make you feel welcomed and focus on everybody.

If your wondering why im so uptight about this, its because there were rumours about me once in year 12 because i went out with Jun. A 3 year differnce is nothing, you get celebrities going out with people that are like 40 years difference, so for you people that judge, go eat shit and i hold a grudge on every one of you's forever. == and if you ever wonder why i dont talk to you's anymore or why i hate you, now you do. wan ba dan!

all fired up now.... T________T

Dinner and Karaoke, for Cheries Bday.

Well yesterday was a random planned dinner just to hang out with friends, particulary Vince. But since it was Cherie's birthday on Monday, we thought we'd sort of celebrate it ourselves, so we didnt really tell the others lmao. But yeh, so it was either badminton or dinner with a group of awsome friends, i just had to chose badminton to be second lol. But yeh, so we went to eat at Najjars cafe at 21 O'Connel street North Adelaide. It was tuesday night which meant steak night special. A majority of us got steak and some other weird huge dish.

At first when i finnished Uni, i was hoping tonight wouldnt fail, and Vince was like shit, so many people said they would come, but we thought a majority might back out in the last second. But it went according to plan, which was great, i think it went to plan because i didnt organise it ==. but yeh, obviously theres always some sort of drama in any gathering and this one involved Jacqui ending up in geps cross and blaming andy because he couldnt help her, which got me fired up because his my brother and it was 150% out of his league to have put her there. And when Jacqui arrived we all got to eat, But that wasnt the only drama, It turned out 2 people didnt pay for their meals... spent like 30minutes trying to figure it out, but ended up being some computer glitch or something which was good, because i didnt think any of us were like that, maybe except raf lol. im joking.
So by now a majority of the people left and me and vince forgot to buy a cake, so we thought we'd buy a mini cake for Cherie, and as we were walking Elysia and mel and Xian to their car, elysia passed me the cake, Rafs dad then called and came to pick him up, we managed to squeze 5 people in the centre seat and i was like oh shit! i think i squished the cake XD lol. It wasnt that bad though lol. So we ended up going to Sues karaoke, payed for the room went inside and me and vince were organising the cake, at first the candle was missing lol and then we needed a lighter, we askd the guy, he was like no! dont have one == and then we were like its for a cake and his like oh okay, i have one. == cheap bastard.
So we lit the candle and i got overjoyed with throwing snakes over the cake and so we opened the door and vince was like "Happy birthday to Cherie" and the candle went out. LOL!!! i was like omg fail, fail... we fail so bad. so we had to get it relightened lol, but it was an awsome night. Sang for a bit and then everybody went home. Anyway here are some pictures.

The glare of death. *-*

The other Glare of death. *-*
The Depression of death. *-* lol
The hood, get it? scarf hood... im lame lol fail.
I think its suppose to be a rose. pretty nice i made it lol jk (Y)

Cher-Lynnes squashed cake lol

Cherie & Vince.
Dont know how they got me into a picture ==
Victoria and Johnny. Thats the guy who made the rose, his also a funny bloke. (Y)
We were walking home and i saw that awsome thing, and we decided to take a picture, if you look closely i almost blend into the darkness. *-*

Me and a B823 Steam tram, was she even there? LOLOL! XD

Lol at face book. *-*

Lmao, omg face book quiz are pretty interesting, well its certainly got my attention these days.
I found this mature quiz on face book and thought i'd give it a go, and so i completed it and got my results my friend did one and these were his results. *-*

if you dont get it, then your either a chick or a dude who's a bogan. lol

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow! a whack and interesting Day! love you KEvin!

Wow i had the whackest day today.
On my way to Uni and i get a phone call from Vi, and we decide to get lunch. Meet her at the uni, and head to rundle, we bump into awsome kevin and try to pursuade him to have lunch with us. End up talking to him for like 50minutes and his like, i thought you's were going to lunch? we walk abit further bump into another guy have like a 10minute conversation and walk abit further and bump into anotehr guy, and we start talking more and then all of a sudden the guys from before we meet them again and then i turn around see sharon and nhung and then start talking to them for abit, turn back to lunch group and rafs there, im like whoa! wtheck! everybody is suddenly emerging o.o

Start talking more and simon comes by with sharon and we thought we'd say bye to the rest and go get lunch, some guy i never even met decides to tag with us. And we ended up eating at Zhens, and talking about random things, but i feel so bad, because this guy, kept following us, with all respect, i wanted to talk to the woman == personal crap here. And he keeps following, dont get me wrong his a nice guy, but zzzzzzzzz. At first he was like, yeh my bus comes in 15minutes and his like i'll walk with yu guys to the lunch place, and we're like ah alrite, we get there and order and his like, my bus comes in 15minutes and we're like mmz didnt he say that 15minutes ago? and then 15minutes later, Vi's like, what time does your bus come again? and his like.... i dont know, 3ish? screw it, you guys are interesting im going to stay til 3! and im just like... dear God... but i tried to not be so mean i gues.

Anyway after dinner, we split and i thought id walk Vi to her friend whose shopping for a dress to talk to her more personally and he decides to come along, then we bump into Le and his like yo! and we talk abit and finally im like okay, well im gonna tag with Le and i'll seeyu later Vi, and the guys like okay i better head home... == i was like you shuda headed home 2 hours ago T_T and so me and Le go shopping and i bought a top. and we bump into Qouc and start going shopping then Le had to go. We went shopping again and went to visit Vic, Vivian and Mj at Gloria Jeans. Start talking about things for like an hour and then they decided to visit Dung. So i thought id go home, and then i rememberd i had to find a perverted crab for Cheries Bday. WHich is pretty much impossible. So i got bored. checked out morning glory, then bump into Camilla in myers and turns out Vi was still in town shopping for a bday present, so we went looking for a present, turned out there were no crabs and ended up buying some other random thing lol. anyway, ended up gossiping for like 2hours and on the way home i get a strange phone call, cudnt really hear the other person properly so i was like yeh yeh, okay shes on her way home now.
All i heard was "rie - Vi" and i was like was that Vi's mum? howd she get my number and then i was like wait or was that Cheries mum? O_ o texted Cherie, turned out it was Vi's mum. she sounded piss :S

anyway had a really whack day, and 2molo is going to be more whack, should be good. This week is awsome, jsut chilling, socialising, hanging out with close friends and laughing. Thats the way life should be everyday. (Y)
Anyway was suppose to be at the library now == lol but i came home, so i better get started on my assignment. Good night Monday, and Happy Birthday Cherie. (Y)

Come back to youth. (Y)

You know who i really miss right now? Genial, come back to youth. (Y)
or to friday service. I need your humour and whackness. Seeyu soon, you owe me for this. (Y)

Cousin Sarah.<3 *-*

Sarah, forgive me, but im going to borrow your catch phrase. *-*

you can kill me another time. *-*
And thanks for always helping out (Y). Now if anybody ever asks, do you pity anybody? you can say, i pity my cousin Peter, because his a tard that couldnt say no. (Y) it seems i continue to fail myself. *-*

Sarah looks like a captain from bleach. *-*

Whack dreams, whack people, whack days. *-*

Wow, theres nothing better than early morning worship. This song is seriously awsome. (Y)
I had the whackest dream last night, i was in an amazon and there was this huge river/creak thing and i have no idea why i was walking through it, and it was raining and i kept walking no idea what i was looking for, and i saw this black thing in the water and it was a whale.

For some strange reason i was scared of it, it said to me, help me get to the other side and i was like, no if i go in that water with you, your going to eat me. and so i kept walking and it kept following me. And every second i would look back and it was behind me. and then the dream changed to some really dark virtual world and something was trying to kill me and someone, i have no idea who the other person was but it felt like they were my ally, we were running from this weird monster i created from my mind, it was actually quite scary lol.

we were like running and running and hiding and it kept following us, we had no weapons. :S and then i hear something.... peter? peter!? i was like ha?? my grandma woke me up to see if i was hungry when i was sleeping T_T

oh whack dreams.. but yeh, which reminds me Eeshin told me stories about her sleep walking thing when she was young, she would sleep walk and go looking for food to pee on LOLOL! XDD
she's probably going to kill me XDD

anyway yeh, i have a confession to make XD Pheobe i just found your bday card LOL for some strange reason i never noticed it XD but thanks :P at the moment i dislike my short hair cut T_T and omg whack convos just gotta love them, maybe if i hang out with fobs i might become a fob *-* lol

anw i better get going to Uni, i had the whackest week last week, loved it! hopefully this week will be good aswell, excluding the school work. (Y) and btw Happy Birthday Cher-Lynne, may you be blessed and loved always.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

To know your name - Hillsong.

How great is the song "Hillsong - To know your name"

Omg im so addicted to it. here are the lyrics.

I know You gave, The world Your only Son for us, To know Your name, To live within the Saviour's love, He took my place, Knowing He'd be crucified, And You loved, You loved a people undeserving.

Yes we are the people that he gave his life for, the people of undeserving. This song sinks deep into my heart, lyrics just feel so fresh. I dont understand why people are afraid of meeting Christ, when you bring up the topic of religion, they either respond differently or dont aknowledge the topic.

I love this feeling of worship, and truth is i want to share that feeling. I'll bring as many people to church as i can this year, but theres only one main person i want to worship with us this year, and you know who you are... Sarah, im talking about you! *-* stupid cousin, let me save you spiritually lol. The lyrics are still lingering in my mind and heart, i rekon it could change lives just the lyrics of Christ. *-*

Well thats it for today, i need to get back to my assignment, and stop procrastinating. Sarah, i know your going to read this, and i'll get you sooner or later lmao. I dont get whats so scary about it lol, its nothing spooky, and out of respect for other religions, its nothing like buddism. Come to church Sarah!!! im gonna nag you until you come, just like i was nagged to the formal... zzzzzzzzzzzz i fail myself.

But yeh, this is an amazing song, listen to it and love it.


2 more months and i get my P's. Omg... i cant wait....
right now im stuck at home looking at my empty assignment, need to work hard this week, got 2500 word assignment dued in 2weeks omg.... so much words, what am i going to do?

another hair cut *-* now to stay away from the sciccors for 3weeks D;

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dammit!!!!! i wish i spoke to you earlier Sarah... T__T pk! me.
Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i fail myself. @_@

I will go down with this Ship, I wont put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. *-*

I swear, just by the thought of it, im afraid. Afraid that one day, it will all come out, and i'll probably do something i'll regret. This much is true, im currently unstable. I dont need another voice telling me what to do, and what i should do. Its just going to push me further to my limits and if i ever just give up, just let go of that grip of sympathy, i dont think i'll be coming back the way i entered. Im feeling it more and more everyday, its slowly slipping and my grip is getting loose, im losing control and everything seems harsher than it should be.

You've had someone say to you "I've seen you around, i've noticed you, your not like others, your different. Your loyal, your determined, your incredibly faithful, and theres a purpose for everything. Your faith will heal you". Atleast someone believes that i wont be seduced by the darkness lurking within. Temptations grow stronger the more you deny it, and desires linger the more you substitute it. Theres no where, no possible way to escape, its indefinite, just like fate. We are here because we have a purpose.

Im feeling potentially vulnerable each and everyday. Almost like, a piece of the puzzle is missing, me being the puzzle and each day, im filled with a new gap. Grab hold of the pieces that make the most of you and break free, become a individual. Quite curious to the thing thats going to set me off, at the moment, it seems like everything, even the smallest and slightest discomfort is ticking my timer. Every heart beat is a wasted second.

At the moment im just thinking of ways i can postpone my anguish. Vi qouted me "God doesnt give you anything you cant handle, and at times he will offer his hand to uplift you". What i want now, is someone spiritual to uplift me, im beginning to doubt my confidence. I dont think i can get pass this, yet the answer is infront of me, literally. "Believe". Is it possible that the darkness also knows our greatest weak point? It seems his every move has been accurate and precise in terms of bringing me down.

I want my old perception of life and the world back. When matters did not concern me but others more. I remember Vic qouted me "If you cant help yourself, nobody can". At the moment, i just hope i dont go down like a C4. Each day, each second, i can hear it beeping, just waiting to burst out every single upheld emotion.

Its sort of like, hiking up a mountain, but taking your own independent path and reaching a dead end, and in order to reach higher grounds, you need to go back down and follow a differnt path if the purpose was to reach the top of the mountain. And right now, this is my mountain, and the only path left is to stand firm, or go back to the bottom and start over again if reaching the top means rescueing yourself.

Never give up. This song "DIDO - White flag" makes me want to surrender. You know, theres been so many times where i thought i was out of this pit, yet over the period, i find myself sinking into darkness all over again. And i come back to questioning myself, why am i back here? and i think the answer is because, i keep running away. I should face it and give it a propper answer.

But everytime, im in reach of the answer button, im faced with the thing thats got a hold of me. You know when you get questions with multiple answers and you just dont know which one to pick? In my exams i would pick the closest two and drop a pencil, whichever one it lands on, i'll take that as the answer.

All this guilt. That was the first time i ever gave into myself and let it have its way. And now, im losing my authority.

I swear im just like that T-rex ==.

Song of the day: White flag - DIDO. *-*

White Flag - DIDO

"I will go down with this ship And I won't put my hands up and surrender, There will be no white flag above my door, I'm in love and always will be."
Man i love the Chorus of this song, and it has hot lyrics. *-* Sparkle sparkle lol