Saturday, November 28, 2009


I need someone to re-inspire me, tell me what im doing is wrong. Convince me that i am wrong.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate being right.

Things dont go well when im right.

Super heroes exist.

I swear i can make anyone i wanted, to laugh, i can make them smile, i can bring them joy. But when they're down, i can't do these things well. I'm suppose to be able to do these things, im suppose to be the hero. As cliche as that sounds, im suppose to be that kind of life saver. I hate showing that i care when i do, to anyone that is. God i hope things get better soon. It's like as soon as im on holidays im back at work, being there for others, i love it, but sometimes life throws something unexpected at you, and its going to be the toughest of them all. Its your best friend, and you know that you have to be there for them, yet at the same time, you feel you cant do much beause everyone else is doing the same. And as your priority, you're suppose to beable to save them despite how inexperienced you are, your suppose to keep their eyes towards the light. Your suppose to carry their world for them while they're exausted.

While i was out having an awesome time last night. You were facing the hardest moment of your life so far. If i had a mobile, maybe someone would have told me. I feel so guilty when i shouldnt. I wish i could be more helpful, more wise, more capable. We all know things will get better, but its time we dont want to spend on making it better. Its what reminds us that makes it hard, and knowing that things only get harder makes it worse. It's like mountain climbing without the safety belt. Everythings at the bottom of us, and if we fall, we fall to lose it all. And its that little thing that knowing you could be right that remains in your mind even though you were right. Its the little things you let slide that finally comes together into one gigantic thing.

Dam i wanted it to go well for you. I'll keep you in my prayers, for sure.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Oh i am craving badminton.

check out that wrist. *-*

Check out that reflex!

And this guys crazy jump smash! D:

Lets take a picture here!

Fun times.

We have the most random fun times doing nothing in town.

Love this photo.

Hit me.

So as i was walking to the shops, i was thinking about someone. (No names will be mentioned). And its weird, because everytime i think about this person, I feel like i've met them beforehand (and i have). But its more like, i've been in the future and back, as if i've met them before i actually met them. And i remember when i did, it felt exactly like it was suppose to feel. I'm not saying i like this person in a certain manner, but its like, i could if i wanted to. Is that what they call soul mates? And as cliche as this may sound, but i feel as if, fates the dealer and we're the contestants. And we've all played blackjack, we're not competing with each other but the dealer.

So, as i was walking to the shops, i was thinking, summing up all the possibilities of why i feel as if each day is playing out as its suppose to. Why things happen for a reason? Why despite how i play, the same cards are just waiting to be laid down. And then i look up, i see two purely white doves, and im thinking, is that normal? i mean how often do you see doves? in Adelaide. Well for instance, i havnt seen a dove all year, yet alone that close, with that thought in mind. Maybe despite all those letters informing me of my "final notice" to return my event photoes from Maye's formal, it was suppose to lead to this moment.

I didnt see myself walking to the shops, i didnt see myself thinking about this person, i didnt expect doves waddling a few feets infront of me. It was as if, i was walking, and they flew directly infront of me, to get my attention. It could be the reason why i'm avoiding relationships now, because at the back of my head, i'm thinking nothings going to work out, until the trump cards been played.

Life is like a deck of cards, you never know whats going to be played, you cant predict the next card. We rely on luck, and chance, we all want to win, nobody wants to lose.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm so stressed out by so many things this week. My family has been the least supportive if anything, im beginning to see that i hate each one of them more and more everytime we bond. I've become so vain. What else could go wrong? everything. It's almost like your soul purpose is to piss me off, get me off track, then return to the hell you came from. You're insignificant, and i hate you.

Dr Cox's best quote.


Dr Cox's Quote: Relationships dont work the way do they in telivision and the movies, will they? wont they? and then they finally do, and they're happy forever, give me a break. 9 out of 10 of them end, because they wern't right for eachother to begin with, and heck the ones that get married get divorced anyway, and im telling you right now through all this stuff, i have not become a cynic, i havn't. Yes i do happen to believe that love is mainly about pushing chocolate coated candy, and you know, in some cultures, a chicken, you can call me a sucker i dont care, cause i do, believe in it. Bottom line, its couples that are truly right for eacher other waiting for the same crap as everybody else, but the big difference is they dont let it take them down. One of those two people will stand up and fight for that relationship everytime, if its right, and their real lucky, one of them will say something.

The Fray - How to save a life.


This scene has so much emotion in it, Dr Cox has never shown this much emotion in all the series of scrubs. The scene where J.D. is about to pull Dr Cox out of his pit, unfortunatly not all days go according to plan as this scene indicates, and thats just how life opperates. And i can imagine being a doctor, being obsessed with saving lives, i've been in my own type of obsessive stage, and the thing about being obsessed is you dont notice anything else but the matter. The transplanted organs they used were from a person who died from rabies, but they thought she died of drug overdose. So when they used the diseased organs, the transplant patients died from it. You can imagine how responsible you'd feel, and then the guilt from being obsessed would just kill you.

And when the last patient dies he sais to J.D. "he wasnt about to die was he newby? he coulda waited another month for a kidney" that came out so strong. Carla looked like she's trying to store her emotions to make herself look strong. And the final scene JD reminding Dr Cox what he taught him when he first arrived, Dr Cox walks away as though his emotions are more important than his career. The thing that makes this clip really touching is that throughout the series, Dr Cox is known to be a major smart ass, one of the best doctors in the hospital, a jackass, and emotionless. And that scene was able to erase all those characteristics.

They also used one of the best songs ever written "The Fray - How to save a life" fit pefectly into the scenes, Scrubs couldnt get any better.

Scrubs is one of those series where everyone is the main character, they're all hilarious, nobody can be favoured more, J.D. being the narrator makes him stand out, but i cant really say, i have a favourite character, they're all hilarious.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight.

The silence isn't so bad,
'Til i look at my hands and feel sad, cause

I'll find repose in new ways,
Though i havnt slept in two days,
'Cause cold nostalgia,
Chills me to the bone.

But drenched in vanilla twilight,
I'll sit in the front porch all night,
Waist-deep in thought because,
When i think of you i dont feel so alone.

Very lovely song. (:

Holy Cows!!!!!

After i blog about my day, i never want to think about it again. Thank God!!!

Holy crap! thank God for being with me, and giving me a life saver in that heck of a hell hold!

Holy Spirit, i pray that you will always answer my prayers, that you will always be with me mentally, physically and spiritually. I pray that you will give me strength, wisdom and love in all areas of my life, that you will fullfill me forever spiritually and mentally. I pray that you will give me understanding, confidence, and courage, that you will always guide and protect us in your divine love, for you are our salvation, king, father and mighty God. I pray to grow stronger in faith and commitments lord, that you will always provide for me, that your holy hands will be there for me to clench onto in my times of chrisis. I pray that we will be in good health and that your light will always shine with us. In your Holy name Jesus we thank you, Amen!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Roses are red and roses are red.


It took me a while to decide, yet to recreate the original rose, but it was done. Only recently i discovered editing a blog background was possible. And it was then that i came up with the idea to make my blog more attractive to compete with all the other blogsters, to make up for my level of crap linguistic.

So i ended up using the above one as you can see, mainly because it reflected the white background (white zig zags) It took me forever to work out i couldnt make the letters inside the picture transparent, because i was expecting too much from photoshop (paint really haha).

This one has my signature in red. It looks kind of magical. Its strange, i have no idea why i have such an interest in roses. Well i believe if anything should symbolise what we feel, a rose is that symbol. Its beautifully engineered, red petals symbolise love, hate, anger, stress, happyness, and the green leaves and thorns represent the poison life holds on us. We're surrounded and feel all this pain, yet we live in a hopeful world, a world that searches for love.

It's also been a very poppular sign to me. It keeps occuring and occuring, repetitively. What makes it a sign is that i notice it, and when i do, i have a very deep feeling, im not sure what its about, but everytime i see it, i feel as if i should cheer up. Strange, i know. Or some would say, childish. But this is what makes me who i am, i believe what i choose to believe, i speak freely, i judge on what i feel, and i follow my feelings (Heart).

As for "Gone rogue" thats an expression of me i guess. You could say at the moment, im rogued. But, as for the roses, i thought i'd decorate my page with something that means something to me. And what better than an unpredictable rose. As for "Two is better than one" i just find that quote very meaningful. Its obviously true, but sometimes the truth isnt what matters, its what reminds you of the truth and what makes the truth, even if its wrong.

Two is better than one, no matter how you see it. I've always seen myself as a "solo". I've always thought having a partner was weak. And thats a bad characteristic of me, sometimes i think by myself, i solo myself, i dont share (rarely), i forget that im not alone anymore, so i do things my way. Two is better than one, its so obvious, yet it makes me think. It must mean more to me than just that, otherwise i wouldnt be thinking so much.

And its occured to me that God has been trying to speak to me this week and last week. He reminds me of things i should fix. Like, he'd make it not obvious, but say im watching telivision, and he'd make me notice a characters name, and then i'd be thinking about that person. Or even have a series played out directly like my life and i'd be like, haha yeh i handled that totally differently, even wrongly, its funny, and i know i can still do something about it, but i wont.

Theres one thing i hate, someone who has so much pride in themself, that they wont take an honest apology, or misunderstanding, they're too caught up in themself that if they were to sercum to my offer they'd feel despised. That they'd try to make my life hell because i made a simple honest mistake, they get real stubborn, affended and stuck up, that eventually when they take your offer, they cant seem to accept that you are totally not what they assumed you to be. They say thank you, but we're both thinking, theres no meaning behind it.

It stresses me so much that people are caught up in their pride, i admit i am. But im not very stubborn about it, i dont get affended, i just dont care. But not being able to look past your pride for something that benefits you is just stupidity. I hope i never meet another person like you, even if your view of me has changed, it kills me that your so short tempered, and childish. Then again, boys will be boys.

So why is it that guys hold grudges on each other more than girls? Gosh i suck at tolerating guys, at the moment i have no male friend that i talk to on msn, on the phone, or hang out with one on one. To be honest, i find hanging with a guy friend awkward at times. It freaks me out, unless we're on our way some where, but other than that, just hanging with guys feels weird. I'm weird. Maybe i should work on my perspective towards guys.

See with girls, if they get on fire, it wouldnt bother me as much, but when a guy raises his flames at me, i burn back. Only male exceptions Raf, Quoc (James). Then again, i never get into any disputes with most my male friends, not close enough to reach the dispute stage. This blog has gone way off track. Well i guess those are my thorns.

And the best thing about a rose is, we focus on the petals and not the thorns.

WeCam. (:


I've only ever webcammed with three people, Zoe, Janice, and Genial (mum webcams with cousin). The weird thing about webcamming is that you do things and say things you wouldnt normally do. Its strange, yet effective, you do more stupid things, or perhaps its just me. Gosh this is Genial doing the ring, i was showing my sign of approval, she had no idea i was gona screen shot it haha.

Webcamming is quite fun though, however i believe its one of those options you should only take when your severely bored. Because once your in, you're being watched. And if you use it frequently, it defeats the whole purpose of having one.

The above picture also illustrates that i am using the new msn messenger, dam i hate it. Its sort of growing on me now, because of all the moral support Sir-rah has been giving me, even though i keep bagging it out, and getting comments like your uncool if you've only just got the new msn (Jaime). Plus it also has a lack of privacy, for example when choosing a skin, other people who have your frame open can also see what skin your thinking of using, so i was giving Sir-rah the privacy talk, and being me, i have a folder of black mail photoes haha. She was on appear offline, so she couldnt see the example i gave her. You can only imagine. (:

Some things i've done on webcam, theres not really much to do for entertainment.
1. Make silly faces
2. Eat air
3. Show off all your toys
4. Patt people on the head (wtfuck? lol)
5. Staring contest
6. Eat infront of them.
7. Show off hair cuts (shifty eyebrow)
8. Look bored at each other.

I have yet to experience the real purpose of the Webcam or my version the "WeCam".

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm you and you're me.

Hello again, haha im so excited, im finally seeing my family again, even if its visually, i definiatly have the motivation to visit them next year. <3

This is one of my family's daughter, i have no idea, we have so many.

This is another two people in my family, i have no idea who they are, but they look happy.

This huge fellow is my cousins younger brother, he's 16, and his more ginormous than me. I rememeber him when i visited his home when i was 4, he was much smaller and less browner than me. *-* (wow my english sounds so bad here, but im too lazy to make it sound better) haha.

This is my beautiful cousin, well im not sure what she is, because my mums little sister has children (in the blog before this blog), and this is my mums elder sisters daughter, shes 18, older than Andy by a couple of months (i was saying Andy would never sercum to an older sister haha). Yet on webcam, she looked older and had more confidence, but if it were english we were speaking in, perhaps we might have chatted more. I'm so gonna learn chinese (manderin) again, im actually not that bad at reading haha. (:

This is her again and another cousin, i have no idea how many and how technical family gets haha. The image i had in mind of my homeland was old fashion and stuff, but it seems they are quite fashionable too. Its actually quite weird, out family has weird genetics, well the cool ones that is, because each of the cool ones of us all have a freckle on the exact same spot on our faces, either on the right or the left cheek, i had one on both sides, got one removed in the process, the other i kept scratching, must have rubbed off the medicine. D;

My family's someone, no idea who he is, i got confused somewhere in the process of understanding whose family and whose not, i dont even know now, my mum has two sisters, maybe his a brother of one of them. makes you think, international countries have closer family relationships than foreign countries like ours. They're whole family is like one family, when one gets married, everyone knows everyone, and here, its just marriage, and then get to know our partners parents and siblings, and i dont think it goes beyond that, maybe not in this age anyway.

I dont have a image of my uncle, well the guy whose married to my mums elder sister, we tried chatting for abit, but i was (shy) well not really, my chinese sucks so bad, i didnt know what to say, plus he embarassed me by asking "are you going to get married yet?" and i replied (giggerling) and looking up at my mum, then replying im only 19 haha. And he kept asking me, so i was like okay, his making me feel bad enough i dont even have a girlfriend yet. So i quickly flexed and let my mum back on.

We were sharing photoes of us and its weird because nobody really has any family photoes on their computer anymore, and we dont have pictures of our siblings too. I sent one of andy and michael, and then myself. My mum was being weird, because i sent one with michael and all girls in the background, shes like now send one of you and all girls, i was like, this isnt a competition. (weird emoticon face (shifty eyebrow one) well it was fun/very interesting, i want to see what the guy looks like who stole my gun when i was little. His probably bigger than me now.

But we're definiatly visitng them next year, im so applying for my passport now, otherwise i'd have visited this year. Better attend and do well in manderin school too. If anybody is interested in attending manderin school with me again for the 20th time, message me on msn haha. After what happened this year, i dont think Sarahs going to be attending it with me again haha. But will definiatly work on my language and definiatly visit family next year. Atleast i have something to look foward to for 2010.

I like this new blog thing, its alot more convenient the format, the display, the everything, its so much easier than the old system.  God bless.

Hot headed!

So last night i was talking to my mums white boyfriend, his name is Louey, not sure how to spell it. And the religion topic happend to come up. His a Catholic, im a Christian, mum is Buddhist. We start conversing about the differences and the history of the religion. If i leanrt one thing last night, its that Catholics dont eat meat on fridays i think it was. The weather is doing my head in. And with all respect, but i dont believe in the popes, and the "if your a pope, you cant get married thing" its no wonder why so many popes molest children. Perhaps im being too direct, but, i dont believe in the popes of this centrury. Louey quoted "popes are a load of bullshit, catholicsism is the biggest religion at the moment.

Im sure there are some legit catholics out there, but theres been so much controversy about popes and molestation. Makes you wonder why that system still exists. Loueys also been to paradise a couple of times. He said the services are very interesting, humouring, and new. Whereas at a catholic church, the pope sais the same thing every church event, its boring, he doesnt relate it to any modern day activities, its just reading and thats it, its no wonder why so many people fall asleep. He said its too traditional. And in my perspective, to many people view churches these days as too traditional, and i believe thats one contribution to why people hesitate on giving religion a go.

And then my mum talks about buddhism, and i get fired up about how that religion has no destination. I respect other religions, but when it comes to comparing, perhaps i get too fired up. I say what i believe, and pretty much i dont care what people think of me in that category. Buddhism is defined as escaping the cycle of rebirth, we feel pain and suffering everytime we are reborn. Christianity, offers salvation, a destination after death, a spiritual existence. In my opinion, thats more sensible, they also follow the 10 commandments, including being a vegitarian, it also doesnt imply that their God forgives us of our sins. Now to me, that seems like a impossible religion. We all have our beliefs, i just wanted to point that out.

I swear this weather is doing my head in. Im feeling so stressed, anxious, exausted, my eyes feel heavy, im pissed off with my brother and a friend. I still have this infection and still recovering from my last hayfever attack. I also missed church this morning. So what i was trying to do last night was make my mum come back to church with her boyfriend, that was the first time i spoke to him properly too. He probably thinks that im a hot headed person. But he respects me so, thats good. it was a interesting conversation, i should warn people beforehand if i ever talk religiously again.

My mum was saying, howcome we never see the pastors donate, and howcome theres offerings every church day, and when pastors go interstate and overseas to preach, where do they get the money from. I have no idea, but i said that they are sponsored, and that they use the money to build more churches around the world, and for special events to bring new people into the community. And then i went and said its the level of faith, you give on faith, and perhaps this came out wrong, but i said, you dont get it because you lack faith, thats the whole purpose, you give without knowing, its like believing without seeing, and i know there will always be doubts, i have doubts and still do. But when im fired up, i ignore my flaws and just elaborate onwards.

I have a thought, and its becoming a stereotype about pastors, but i wont post it here, i'll just keep it in my mind for now.
Thats me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guy Love. <3

J.D.] Let's face the facts about me and you, A love unspecified. Though I'm proud to call you "Chocolate Bear," The crowd will always talk and stare.

[Turk] I feel exactly those feelings, too And that's why I keep them inside. 'Cause this bear can't bear the world's disdain, And sometimes it's easier to hide, Than explain our

[J.D. and Turk] Guy love, That's all it is, Guy love, He's mine, I'm his, There's nothing gay about it in our eyes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zombified! *-*

During that evening, Rundle Mall was manifested by zombies zoning in and out of Hindley street. We the only human survivors of the Code: Black Rundle incident had to flee for our lives, like a rabbit fleeing from the soaring hawk, escape was near nil. We hid, we ran, we fought, we cried, we debated, we aregued about the ups and downs of turning us. It was then that we were convinced that we were better off as zombies, yep chau was the weakest link, they picked on him, gave him wet willy's until he pursuaded me to agree, we waved our white flag, and it was then that Genial had come back from her afkness, yes, after two hours hiding behind the rundle pig, Genial arrives without a moment to spare, Minh Chau wetting his pants is overjoyed to see Genial. She begins her attack by pursueing the zombies, one at a time, while i quietly tip toe away from the epic battle, my hight gave me away, Genial pursues to use her "Flirt bomb" BOOM! BAM! POW!! we are saved! Two zombies remain, managed to convince these two that my brain was not worth eating, that if they had consumed it, they would only become more stupid, they were tempted for chau's brain, but they wernt sure if they wanted to lose their hight. We decided to take a picture to illustrate the alliance we established in this moment in history, i proceeded to my "double thumbs up" my sign of approval, Minchau took this picture and Genial went afk again.
To be continued........................................................................... dum dum dum!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

69! *-*

haha, i swear i didnt manipulate those numbers. mmmm mmmmm.


Song of the day: Laura Izibor - mmm

Your my light...... in the dark.....
guiding, guiding me home....
and your faith in me, is all i need......
baby, mmmmm your love sets me free......


Good luck to everyone.

Year 11 exams, fighting for year 12 positions.
Year 12 exams, fighting for University and Tafe positions.
Uni exams, fighting for next semesters position.

haha wish everyone all the best.

Today was a Linda-tistic day!

Today was a very interesting day. Woke up in the morning, felt like it was a blessful day, made my casual morning prayer, thanked God, i then proceeded to wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair, transmute my alchemy. Had 3 lamb sausages for breakfast, did my own worship to "Through the inside out" and "To know your name" then headed out to the bus stop. Today the song "Officially missing you" was jammed on repeat in my head, all day and afternoon.

To begin my day, i went to uni SA city west to obtain my daily advertiser. I then happen to bump into Daniel Tsang, and Jonathan Kilvert, which i havnt seen all semester, we had a short converse about whats happened, whose dating and stuff, his in a new relationship with a cute girl, shes asian. It was great bumping into him, well i didnt, i was on my way out of the library to the state, and i managed to catch his eye. I also bumped into KT and Danial Quan, which i havnt seen in a long time, we exchanged converse until i had to go print my marketing notes.

I then proceeded to the State library, studying for a maximum of 4-5 hours, finnishing 3 chapters and 3 lecture notes. It was a productive day. While at the state library, i saw Raymond, Eric, Sam, Vye, Trung, Joseoph, Martin, Arnold, SK, Annie, Mai, it was nice seeing everyone studying for uni. The way i scheduled my day was, for every hour of study i get done, i get a 10minute break. It was effective. I then proceeded to Barsmith library, in which i bumped into Adrian, i've seen him like twice this year, we then chat for a while, until i see Linda, shes like my life coach, or was. We procrastinate for about an hour standing in the middle of the pathway, then Raf comes into the library, and i see Jonny Lo, Simon Chiu. It was really so great seeing Linda, ive bumped into her 3 times this year, shes on her final year of Uni, and her sister has graduated from Architecture, apparently she was one of the top students and has still not found a job.

We conversed past an hour and then Adrian demands we have dinner, i come to realise i havnt ate all day. So we go to see if Raf would like to join us. He was too busy playing super smash bro's on the laptop. So me and Adrian went ahead, at Wokinabox, we bump into Simon Foo, i've seen that guy like 4 times this year. Im suddenly bumping into old friends. Its hilarious how when exams are near, old faces draw near. Today was indeed very eventful, loving, blessed, and interesting.

I did intend to go badminton, but that didnt happen, i was too indulged in catching up with people. Todays weather was fantastic, when i woke, i knew today was blessed, as is everyday, but i felt today would be somewhat, more blessed. Tommorow will be just as interesting i hope. Amen!

Just like Cupid, you're an Angle.

Omg! shocking news for me! well not really, more like nearly dream come true! for me this is better than catching the most powerful pokemon on game boy, having the best gear on world of warcraft, having the top score in counter-strike, winning in rock, paper, sciccors, better than Gold winning in sports day, better than finding out my D was a distinction and not a fail, better than actually winning a game in badminton with Sir-rah as my partner, this was real, this was me almost having my own little sister.

Monday night, my mums sister has purchased a webcam, after spending countless hours trying to understand jibberish for a language, i find the program they're using, downloaded and installled, immediatly webcammed with them, and i see my auntie for this first time in 15 years. She looks as young and beautiful as ever, and her children, the boys dont really matter to me, ive got enough boys at home. But she has a daughter who is 12, she looks 8. But shes so adorable like a cupid. And so we were talking to auntie, we decided to give her a name, they let me name her, so i came up with two suggestions, i decided Emily, than i thought no wait! Valerie! but i think im gonna go with Emily, i'll give my daughter Valerie. Not that im gonna have one anytime soon. haha

But she was so adorable, she can speak english, the day i meet her, my life will change. I'm so gonna spoil her. Shes like the little sister i've always wanted. Maybe if i had a sister, her resemblence may be similar. I'd never know. But atleast i have a cupid for a cousin! Sir-rahs my cousin too, but now i have another cousin! woo hoo! i named one of the boys david. I feel bad for having little interest in them, haha. I've become so bad at speaking my dialect, that it was almost like internet going dial up. Yep, conversation went so slow, every second word would be english. but who cares! i have the cutest cousin! Sarah suggested mailing her birthday and xmas presents, im gonna take that offer. This is like a dream come true for me.

I've always wanted a little sister, just to take care of, love and play with. You cant do that with brothers because, my philosophy is, if you have a close relationship with you brother from young to old, you'd probably turn out queer. haha, yes i have a whack way of philosiphying things. They're never right of course, i just like to make my point.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Witch Yoo-Hee!

If you guys are a huge fan of korean drama's. I insist you watch "Witch Yoo-Hee" its the perfect love story, its hilarious, you'll fall in love with the characters, + the main character is really pretty. Its also a very cheeky drama, 21 episodes if i remember correctly, loved it.

I lost V (get it?) lol

Just randomly thinking "What the heck happened to Vi?" she like dissapeared from everyones lives, nobody hears from her, she never picks up her phone, she just dissapeared. I went through fb photoes and found this picture, its hilarious, i love the expressions. I have the cheeky "ah crap! i specifically asked not to sit next to a viet look" she had the "what the freck! screw you!" haha im joking.


haha i found this forum post hilarious! only Minh Chau would get this.


Korean guys are so weird. In a sense that both my korean guy friends both asked me to date there very pretty friend. Not at the same time of course, one was 2 years ago, and still keeping in contact with him, the other was last night. He emphasised the word "pretty" so much when describing her, it got me thinking princess mmz. It was also very spontanious the way he asked me and approached me, at first he just points directly in my face, and apologizes for being too spontaneous, and then he pops the question, and i wasnt sure if he was apologising for being spontanious or apologising for his next act of spontaniousism. lol i told him, i'd think about it. I need to start preparing for random conversations, rather than being the random, but facing it. I had no idea how to reply, for starters, everyone was looking at me, second, i didnt want to reply too fast and come off as rude, third, he emphasised pretty alot, so i wana see how pretty, four, he kept asking me. Haha, my life has gone interesting again, woo hoo!!
This is just a random picture i found, which i thought was quite pretty. The typical korean girl. How whack does my life get? i have no idea. I'm still not even sure if he was joking, but he seemed pretty serious about it haha.

Love is his love for us.

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love." —Psalm 33:18

haha i just felt like saying, this month has been very pleasant, i dont know why, but i feel so loved. Things are finally getting better, maybe not all things, but the positives are finally weighing over the negatives, and my lifes getting back on track. I feel better about myself, with everything thats happened. This time, im watching the change and going with it, last year, i just felt the change, the difference is, i feel secure.

Theres also something i want to point out. Reading the bible is definiatly worth it, i feel as if i should emphasize this point because God wants me to. Well for a while now, i felt as if, God hasnt spoken to me lately, and that i has lost faith in myself, pretty much, i was burning out. I knew that even if i had lost faith in myself, id still have faith in God, but the difference is, the attitude you develop. And i believe with all my heart that, God stopped speaking to me because i was out of the habbit in reading the bible. I mean, the bible is full of Gods messages and blessings. We all have different ways of reading the bible, i for one, like to open to a random page and read a random scripture, and God will speak to me through that scripture because it will always personally relate to me.

And at times, it may not, but its definiatly preparing you for whats coming, it also makes you wiser, and more optimistic. So if you wonder why your life is going upside down, why your losing your mind, why your not who you are anymore, you'll find all your answers in the bible. And you cant just rely on prayer, reading the bible is as important as prayer. I mean God wrote it personally for us, and from my own assumtption, the bible emphasises that God has a never ending love for us, it emphasises so much about how much he loves us, it also emphasises how much we should fear God. I dont know what that means, but i know we're all loved. And through his wounds we are healed.

Cherie wrote me a small note in the bible she got me, and it sais "you deserve his love found in his words" and for some reason everytime i read that scripture, i always read "and through his words, we are healed" and i do believe that through his words, we are blessed, and healed. Because his love is so great for us, it cant be contained. We're drenched in his unfailing love, and when we're loved, we sometimes take it forgranted, and its normal because we're human, but just reading the bible is enough, even if you dont, he still loves us, but read it anyway to show your appreciation.

Well ever since ive taken back the hobby in reading the bible, my lifes gone back on track, Gods speaking to me again, i've found new friends, a very warm loving life group, and believe it or not, im a inspiration to some. I would also like to say that Weele, or however you spell his name, Jim Goh's brother is my inspiration, that man is truley amazing, he is a real man of God, and i want to be as committed as he is. His leaving oxygen to work in sydney i think, was heart breaking. Even if you dont know who he is, his Aurua is pretty much leaking out, i mean i could feel how pashionate he was. Truley amazing person, very inspirational. I want to be just like him, although i doubt it haha, but we'll see how i turn out to be.

If you ever meet him and wonder why his life is so wonderful, its because he is a man of God. and believe me, when you worship with him, his aurua is like whoa!!! anyway thats my personal thought, truly blessed and loved he is, wish him all the best. and do read your bible, it really does do miracles and blessings. God bless.
Isaiah 53:5, "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His wounds we are healed."