Friday, November 19, 2010

Leap of faith.

It gets boring when you live in black and white.  
But when you choose to live without knowing, it's more colorful. It's a bigger picture. It becomes your dream.

however, colors fade.....

If only.

We live everyday thinking "if only". 
Today i made a decision knowing that i would regret. I'm a bad decision maker, is all it is. Inside i really didn't want to, but i couldn't keep her waiting. 

Yes, love exists. But not in the form of "right here and now" but in the form of "this feels right"

but this is neither now or right.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holy Spirit, i need God's help right now. Amen. [=

and through these eyes.... i see an angel in disguise.

We are God's Angel's.


Everything we do, we hope. Even when we're not hoping, theres always a glimpse of hope. Because no matter how dark the situation, light shimmers through. And hope is like light, because the light gives us hope. 
So why do we hope? because everything is worth hoping for. Nothing is too small, nor too big. If you can think of it, its worth hoping for. One way or another, if not, our hopes will come true in heaven. 

No situation is ever hopeless. It's just a test of hope.

have faith. [=

Theres no point in trying. Morals can't fight whats meant to be.

I'm not sure why i'm feeling this pain. I shouldn't, because theres nothing to be hurt about, but thats what over thinking does to you. It makes you ache. 
Every time i get this feeling, i try to make myself feel normal, like i can brush it off. Tell myself it's nothing, so when people ask, i can say "i'm okay, its nothing". I think everybody does that, we tell ourselves "its okay" because deep down, we're hoping everything's okay. 

It's been a-while since I've felt like this, it's good that i'm feeling it again, but then its bad, because its a bad feeling to feel haha. To be honest, I've been trying to neglect anything from happening because it's not me, but the more i neglect, the more i'm pursuing it. 

We tell ourselves we shouldn't, but the more we try, the more we're not, because it only happens if it's meant to happen right? and yet, we still try.