Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinner and Karaoke, for Cheries Bday.

Well yesterday was a random planned dinner just to hang out with friends, particulary Vince. But since it was Cherie's birthday on Monday, we thought we'd sort of celebrate it ourselves, so we didnt really tell the others lmao. But yeh, so it was either badminton or dinner with a group of awsome friends, i just had to chose badminton to be second lol. But yeh, so we went to eat at Najjars cafe at 21 O'Connel street North Adelaide. It was tuesday night which meant steak night special. A majority of us got steak and some other weird huge dish.

At first when i finnished Uni, i was hoping tonight wouldnt fail, and Vince was like shit, so many people said they would come, but we thought a majority might back out in the last second. But it went according to plan, which was great, i think it went to plan because i didnt organise it ==. but yeh, obviously theres always some sort of drama in any gathering and this one involved Jacqui ending up in geps cross and blaming andy because he couldnt help her, which got me fired up because his my brother and it was 150% out of his league to have put her there. And when Jacqui arrived we all got to eat, But that wasnt the only drama, It turned out 2 people didnt pay for their meals... spent like 30minutes trying to figure it out, but ended up being some computer glitch or something which was good, because i didnt think any of us were like that, maybe except raf lol. im joking.
So by now a majority of the people left and me and vince forgot to buy a cake, so we thought we'd buy a mini cake for Cherie, and as we were walking Elysia and mel and Xian to their car, elysia passed me the cake, Rafs dad then called and came to pick him up, we managed to squeze 5 people in the centre seat and i was like oh shit! i think i squished the cake XD lol. It wasnt that bad though lol. So we ended up going to Sues karaoke, payed for the room went inside and me and vince were organising the cake, at first the candle was missing lol and then we needed a lighter, we askd the guy, he was like no! dont have one == and then we were like its for a cake and his like oh okay, i have one. == cheap bastard.
So we lit the candle and i got overjoyed with throwing snakes over the cake and so we opened the door and vince was like "Happy birthday to Cherie" and the candle went out. LOL!!! i was like omg fail, fail... we fail so bad. so we had to get it relightened lol, but it was an awsome night. Sang for a bit and then everybody went home. Anyway here are some pictures.

The glare of death. *-*

The other Glare of death. *-*
The Depression of death. *-* lol
The hood, get it? scarf hood... im lame lol fail.
I think its suppose to be a rose. pretty nice i made it lol jk (Y)

Cher-Lynnes squashed cake lol

Cherie & Vince.
Dont know how they got me into a picture ==
Victoria and Johnny. Thats the guy who made the rose, his also a funny bloke. (Y)
We were walking home and i saw that awsome thing, and we decided to take a picture, if you look closely i almost blend into the darkness. *-*

Me and a B823 Steam tram, was she even there? LOLOL! XD

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