Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vince #2. <3

I dont know when you'll be coming back, but when you do, i wonder just how much our lives will have changed.
Will i still be in Uni? have a job? have a girl friend? be married? moved out? have my licence? have my own car? have kids? still be in Adelaide? be at the same church? who knows.

What i do know is, we'll definiatly cross paths again, if not physically, then spiritually, because we're all following the same path. And this house will always have room for another guy. That hamick will be waiting for you, because its friggen dirty and i dont want it and the cocaine blanket is yours.

Its been a funny and fun 3 months, im still missing your company. no more steak nights and karaoke nights. Just how much will change when you get back? Just thank you for appreciating all the little things i do, and accepting my jokes, it really meant alot to me. and walking with me home after church, and eating with me, and singing and worshipping with me.

You've completely funked up my mind. Im going to need a new church buddy and someone i can nag and tease that understands me and appreciates my whackness the way you do. these words are so corny, i hate being corny, but just for you. bless you Vince. (Y)

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