Sunday, May 3, 2009

To know your name - Hillsong.

How great is the song "Hillsong - To know your name"

Omg im so addicted to it. here are the lyrics.

I know You gave, The world Your only Son for us, To know Your name, To live within the Saviour's love, He took my place, Knowing He'd be crucified, And You loved, You loved a people undeserving.

Yes we are the people that he gave his life for, the people of undeserving. This song sinks deep into my heart, lyrics just feel so fresh. I dont understand why people are afraid of meeting Christ, when you bring up the topic of religion, they either respond differently or dont aknowledge the topic.

I love this feeling of worship, and truth is i want to share that feeling. I'll bring as many people to church as i can this year, but theres only one main person i want to worship with us this year, and you know who you are... Sarah, im talking about you! *-* stupid cousin, let me save you spiritually lol. The lyrics are still lingering in my mind and heart, i rekon it could change lives just the lyrics of Christ. *-*

Well thats it for today, i need to get back to my assignment, and stop procrastinating. Sarah, i know your going to read this, and i'll get you sooner or later lmao. I dont get whats so scary about it lol, its nothing spooky, and out of respect for other religions, its nothing like buddism. Come to church Sarah!!! im gonna nag you until you come, just like i was nagged to the formal... zzzzzzzzzzzz i fail myself.

But yeh, this is an amazing song, listen to it and love it.

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