Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty is sinful. (:

You know what i think? Beauty is such a sin. It certainly gets your attention, let alone gets you attracted at the same time. It also makes you think twice. Beautiful people should be classified under dangerous. It also distracts you like hell, yet alone you dont want to walk away from the distraction lol. These 7months are going so slow, and so many obsticles suddenly. Whoosh! i'll be very dissapointed if i fail to live up to my own words, which im very concern of at the moment. (Y)

Anyway beauty doesnt define itself, personality plays a huge roll in ones beauty. You can be seen as ugly if your personality doesnt fit your image. therefore beauty is beyond skin and bones, i wonder if we become who we want to be in terms of personality, or is it the life style we experience and the people around us that makes us who we are? or can we simply just decide to be a tard and change as we like? i think personality is developed in the long term, sorta makes you curious about certain people and how they became the way they are. I think i'll bring this question up the next time i go for coffee. *-*

Yeh dont ask where i get my random pictures from. lol

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