Monday, May 24, 2010

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown.

They say love is blind.
I say look harder.

g2g uni...... to be continued!

Does the good outweigh the bad?

"So Pan, does the good outweigh the bad?" It definiatly does.
My philosophy is that if you find a good catch, pursue it fast, because you'd never catch the same fish twice. (unless they're stupid like thong lol jk).

I changed my mind.

So i've changed my mind. And i'm pretty sure this is what i want.
Now, lets put this plan to motion. Aughust is getting too close.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good things in life only present themselves once.

The last time i let something almost as good slip away, was regretably naive of me. Things change, people change, i've changed.
And today, a rose found me. The good times are coming haha. [=

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What do i do now?

Knowing what could happen. What do i do now?
Despite what we know, life is always full of uncertainty. I'm so unsure about myself, i dont even trust my morals anymore. It's hard to know what you want, when all you've ever wanted is right infront of you. What do i do now?

I've had this problem before, where you want something, but when you can get it, you dont know if you want it anymore. it's always like this. what a let down Pan!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farewell Facebook. :_(

So today marks a very special day. A day where i go without facebook until the end of exams. I trusted a dear friend to be my keyholder. And now i'm thinking, what have i done? What a evil witch! i'm so bored without facebook, so now all i can do is blog and check my formspring. or just procrastinate on msn. Looks like it's just you and me blogster, we're gonna have loads of fun and bitching ;).

Oh, i'm going to miss messing around on fb, or just starting trouble, and being a jerk. what do i do now?

Fuck you Harvard!

How many people out there rekons the Harvard referencing system suck balls? yeh, i bet you all do. It is the most Ma Fan system out there, more Ma Fan than Jaime Ma Fan.... why so Ma Fan la? =.=
Reference that Harvard! btw Peter (2010) stated recently that you suck balls and nobody likes you? not even the law students. Why do you make life so ma fan........ if it wasnt for you, we'd all be successful students.... i hope your happy, and that you go to hell for making life hell for us. You Seriously suck ass and one day i hope you come to realise how many suicides you've caused, maybe then you will be less of a dick.

Ps: i hope i get a HD for this.

Reference List:
Peter, L 2010, 'Go fuck yourself harvard referencing system', Blogster, viewed 16 May 2010,

To do before i die. #2

haha i don't care what anyone sais, i have to do this before i die.

do it with a couple of friends at a party, or just solo it haha. or do it as a dare, even better! or with a girlfriend LOl.

Here's the real version. How hot is the chick performing it :P It's no wonder everyone has guitar hero. Youtube comments are "wish i was the guitar" or "She can play me anyday".

Here's another teaser from the nanny's. oh i'm going to have lots of fun re-creating this moment of my life. :P

Promotion or Promoted?

Today is the happiest day of my life. Polly promoted me to one of her "good friends". One day i will be a better friend. [=

Mess with Polly Tran and BAM! T2 for team 2? lol

Does the good outweigh the bad?

Sometimes we like to carry the good times with us, and it's because we do, that we forget to make the good times come. It's all about letting go. Because life doesnt wait for anybody unless your awesome (like me). lol

Packed full of good memories. [=

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day.

Should also be celebrated with mother nature.

Thank you. (:

oh i havn't spoken to anyone about how i feel, or what i want for so long. It feels so great to have someone to listen to and talk to. I'm more confused. You know, if she actually reads my blog, i just wanna say that, last week, i felt that there could be something wrong in your life, so i made a prayer to God, that if anything, through him, i can help you bring change for the better into your life. But actually you actually helped me. And this was unexpected because i thought i was on top of the game. But infact, i'm as vulnerable as everyone else is.

We've actually had quite a past. I should be able to repay you back. Sometimes its overkill, but you're actually really nice to me. Thanks. Its hard to show appreciation, but i am grateful. Maybe i can learn alot from this. Thank you God, i pray that you will always be with us, and help us through the good and bad, because you won't give us anything we can't handle right? (:

And because i'm a chistian, that through his blessings on me, you will be blessed.

& i will be able to change your life around. Because i feel that it is my purpose in life that God has given me, to change the lives of those who are lost or broken. Thanks for being there for me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

breaking my own rules. O:

The question remains "do i go through with it, or not?" we only live once, i may as well. [=

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Absolutely must watch.

This is amazing faith in the love of God, right here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hall of Fame. haha :D

Three favourite photoes of the night.
Michelle and me. my epic swordsbuddy.
Me and Delphine. Salute! ahoy!
Me and Jaime Ma Fan. (muscles in progress haha)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is going back to Chruch. (:

Everything cries holy, holy, your people sing glory, glory.
It's all for you, father it's all for you.
My heart is yours, my heart is yours.
Father it's all for you.

Melbourne. (:

Melbourne was fantabulous! wasn't at the time, but when it was all over, they were good memories.
Chilling at Elysia's cousins apartment, such nice people.
People there were so sweet too.

Stealing whatever fits. o.o
taking lots of photoes, gotta love Polly, shes so awesome.
King of Jerks.
Beautiful scenery's.
Stealing in public.
Lots and lots of food.
Paying our respects for Anzac Day.

Just another pretty face.

So many pretty girls, all just another pretty face.
Patience is key?

It's been how many now? countless. So tired of the game. Maybe i've missed a few, maybe it's worth re-counting. Maybe i'm being too careful and precise. Lucky third.

August marks the X.

I'll make it happen.

SAPSA Pharmacy cruise. :D

Last friday marked the most legendary day of this year, so far. SAPSA's Pharmacy cruise. The night involved alcohol, dancing, loud music, lots and lots of friends, and of course a variety of food. And with food comes photoes. So many highlights of the night, which i wont go through. But it was indeed very fun, and a very interesting night of experience haha.

Some photoes of the cruise.
Salute to the American race. my favourite white boy Ron.
Me and Delphine. my awesome Frienemy.
Me and Eeshin. the super cute girl.
And of course the King of Jerks by order (clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades).

Made so many new friends that night, met some old high school friends. Bashed a few people, drank shots with some really good friends, danced on the dance floor, and best of all, it was all on a cruise.


Theres a first time for everything.
A first time on a cruise.
A first time drinking.
A photo for the first time.
8 months of friendship, and this is the first photo hahaha, dam shoulda aimed for a year. LOl 


Ohh i could be making a big mistake.
But then again, you can't fight fate. If its meant to happen, it'll happen. Time is the handiest tool you could have (unless you have me, then you'd have the most useful tool) lol.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank you Lord.

Alcohol is not a good friend when you've had abit too much haha. All that was going through my mind was "becareful of what you do" because everything has its consequences. Sometimes the best way to avoid those circumstances when you feel something stupid might happen is to run away. Where was Thong or Kevin to save me from  almost making a mistake? haha, i was very well in control anyway. Though temptation is a very cunning enemy, i should be more careful.
so tempting haha. Alcohol + temptation are the worse enemies you could have haha. on the other hand last night was absolutely Legendary. was nice seeing Jaime, Justine, Tansy and Cyrus there. and of course the aweomse pharmacy students and the coolest white boy in town Ron.

Didnt get to release a certain dolphin back into the ocean, but we did beat up a viet. All i remember from last night is that, serena kept making me drink, i had epic sword fights with michelle and lost. I got nipple crippled and nipple crippled some people back. taking alot of photoes with many friends onboard. making many new friends, chatting to a random halfcast. starting trouble with alot of my friends haha. Giving dolphin a piggy back ride, doing some dance with daniel, taking alot of photoes with Eeshin. Going to AB's.

haha last night was definiatly, once in a full moon. Love you guys.

And most important of all, Thanks God, for always answering my prayers and coming to my aid when i really needed you. I havn't been to church in oh so long, but i know your always watching me like a father watches his son. I am so blessed.

Tom and Jerry.

It's been a-while since i've played cat and mouse with anybody. She's got me skipping beats.
Remember when, i caught your eyes.
you gave me rainbows and butterflies.