Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talk to him about it if i were you. *-*

Omg... wake up at 8am to go to church, did my hair, Wen-Xian comes and knocks on the door. Quickly leave to go church and WHAM!! she left the keys in the ignition and locked the doors. Had no way of getting in. So we started doing all these phone calls but nobody could help us. We then resolved to the internet and tried doing some research but couldnt find any useful tools, and then we came upon youtube.

"How to break into a car" watched it, learnt it. Got a cloth hanger and shoved it into the car window using a fork to make space. We tried getting it in on the right angel and hitting the "Auto" buttton but it was sooo hard trying to get it to stop manuvering and stay in one position let alone putting pressure on it. We spent a good hour getting no where and then Pyuish came. soo lame we missed out sunday morning service. Ate some pasta and went back to the car. This time the right door wouldnt open and Pyuish came with the backup key. neither worked so we had to enter through the other door.

We then decided to go to church, but to paradise east at adelaide high. It was baby dedication service, oh i dislike those services. Saw Weetre there, told him the story and he was like, man you shouldnt have came today, its baby's dedication, i was like nooooooooo!!!! didnt even get to worship. Came home, Xian fell asleep and now im blogging. Such a bad luck day. It killed my moment to study and to finnish my assignment.

To the little girl whose life is cursed because her sister isnt there to hold half the darkness. I'll do prayer for you because i can imagine what everyday is going to be like, and when you get home you'll probably get stabbed by your mother. Man what a day... i wonder what did you do to get into this lol.

Anyway, im so tired, i'll upload a picture when Pyuish sends it to me. Quite funny and interesting but very tiring day. Last night i was like, yeh we should go to morning service early get coffee and chat and so that was the thought i had in mind. Yet it happened nothing like it, quite the total opposite. But alot of thanks to Pyuish for coming to save us. and Thanks to Yuey for offering to give us a hand. (Y)

Whack day, may that little girl be heavenly blessed by the Lord and that her days of obstructions never come again.

We actually got no where lol (Y)


  1. LOL so much for a coffee and chat... i lost a car door, one quarter tank of petrol and a job because of it. peter can i pass my sister's half of the darkness to you? haha i think i already did.

  2. LOL you gave me a cold alredy, do i really want more? and man i think you did give it to me... this week is all going down hill, im getting worse, ruined my hair cut, white ppl pissing me off... uni isnt going as smoothe as it did before. and im wasting my life doing nothing.
    and i have an accounting test 2molo. sigh..