Sunday, May 10, 2009

People you dont see Everyday. *-*

So yesterday i went to the state library with Hoi and Eeshin, to help them with accounting. Eeshin has an idea to take photoes and the funniest thing happened lol. We were going in the lift and they were doing their hair, and so was i, i was like wow, they're almost like me XD.

We get out of the lift and Eeshins like hey! we should go take a picture, and im like yeh okay. so we were inside the lift, closed the doors and they were posing, just about to click and the door opens this old man comes in and was like what in the nations is going on in here?
and im like, oh crap! sorry! and we all legged it out of the state library lol. We then went to eat pho at the awsome viet restaurent that i discovered.
After eating we took more photoes and Hoi drove us home. Man i want a car just to crank up Jay chou music lol. Eeshin was in the back seat using the camera like a machine gun. every second theres a hand coming over the face and all you hear is a "click! click! click!" and you can only assume your souls been captured lol.

But yeh, Awsome whack day hanging with the not so fob people anymore lol.
Outside the Viet restaurent. *-*
Waiting for Pho. *-* eww bean sprouts and this couple was laughing at us because we were taking photoes ==
Eeshin with the chain gun like camera. *-*

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