Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A couple of years?

How many is that? 2? 3? 4?
There's still time. Keep it real this time. The times, they are a-changin.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Simon Says: ??????

Simon Says: .... without any reference, and without copying, draw a freehand map of Australia.
Peter's Head: mmmz, i gotz this! i gotz this!
Simon Says: Draw a picture of someone in the group, exxagerated.
Peters Head: Haha! time to draw Wen-Xian! yes! haha, doo di doo di doo o.o
ta da!
Wen-Xian: Waaaah! ohh my gosh! it so resembles me! that is so cool lah! 
Peter: haha! you better keep that drawing! Notice how much effort i put into it to attach your unique resemblence? 
Wen-Xian: haha, i will, omg hur! hur! hur!  (Because thats how she laughs, so funny how she laughs, just like how Melissa counts to Tree haha!)
Peter: hur! hur! hur! (mimicing Wen-Xian) haha.
Grin! because i put more effort than others, thank you. haha
Simon Sais: The game that never ended. It has so many fail jokes. Quite a good game, only good if play with the right crowd. That includes me haha. We should play again next time haha. doo di doo o.o

Good night everyone, i finally updated my blog, but without the philosophical stuff, aka the intersting stuff :P to be continued haha.

Ice Arena. Following friday.

haha ice skating was so epic. stacked it once. and won the push race, it was hilarious. When we swapped, i was laughing so much infront of the crowd, wasnt even paying attention. Teaching people how to reverse skate haha.
Everyone: Peter, why do you always do the thumbs up? facepalm* (omg! this is killing my legs! hurry! take take!) Had to fulffil Vi's last request, teach Wei Jung how to skate, and make sure she skates. haha that was quite fun, reverse skating comes in handy in those circumstances.
Peter's head: scored! my new signature pose! haha (:
Hey! Wei jung! can i try this on? its so weird! haha is this how you put it on?
Wei Jung: Here, ******************
Peter: how do i look? it feels soooo weird haha
Wei Jung: there! now you look korean.
Raf: Yoink! Wei Jung can i have your hat?
Peters head: stupid raf, steal my hat :O

Epic Bike Skating Day. (:

9:00am Ring! Ring! "Hallooo?"
Elysia: Hey Pitterrr, want to meet up and go to town together for biking?
Peter's Head: oh shit!
10:40am Ring! Ring! Hello?
Elysia: Hey Peter, where are you?
Peter: I'm in town, give me 5.
I'm here!
And so began an epic journey to West Beach. Fed some love ducks on the way. I would hope they passed some love on to me haha.
Reached Check point 1: Dynasty arena. Seriously it looked like the type of battle field chinese warriors battled on haha.
Check point 2: Channel 7 station. Our one in many rest points.
Check point 3: arrival in pony island. Weee omg! a horse!!! I shall call you sparky, and you shall be mine. ewww! its sneezing out snot! Horse flu!! omg omg! time to use my most protective icon! KFC wash towl!
Check Point 4: Arrival at West beach. Found some random pink panties, and started throwing it on justines face/head and sabataging her bike.
The 2 King of Jerks. haha, for being a jerk, my bike developed a flat tire during my witness of a fail reverse car crash. Biked it 1 and a half hours back non stop on wheels that had double the friction power.
back to Check point 0: We made it back alive and well. So whose up for ice skating tonight? me! me! me! me! me! omg! im so getting some coconut juice! What an adventure!

Random Thought 2#

What is she thinking?
Have you ever looked at someones photo, and thought to yourself "I wonder what they're thinking". Right in that captured moment of the photo. Based on their facial expression, pose, environment and equipment? 

Friday, February 5, 2010


So recently this hour or so, somethings been making me reminence. And i thought to myself, Valentines Day is in how many? 10 days? Thinking of finding a valentines, most likely not going ot happen in time. Nor happen til i have a girlfriend. Which then lead to the girlfriend topic. And so i immediatly went on facebook to check out something. And thats when it hit me. Well to be honest, it hit me a mile back. But it's always been there, that feeling of notice.

And perhaps shes going to read my blog. Thats fine, anyway to the point of this blog. Of all the girls that have liked me, there was one in particular that i know of that i feel as if i should have dated. And it got me thinking, activated my philosophical brain. Perhaps its me, or everyone has someone that they shouldnt have let slip away. She was indeed one of my close best friends. And is currently in a happy long-term relationship.

She was also my first valentines, i got her a bunch of white roses to say thank you. So maybe it is possible that valentines day doesnt exist to remind us singles out there that we're still single. I looked back on some photoes, and i realised something about myself. I dont enter relationships because im not ready for one. When she confessed her feelings, it felt nice, like someone was able to see past that jerkyness mask, however, i was too prideful, not in myself. But back then, i was the ignorant type. Instead of going for the long term, i simply went for someone else because i was too afraid to dissapoint her, i doubted myself.

She was my best friend at the time. She was indeed very pretty, personality wise and looks. 9/10 for sure. I guess the better man won. Back then, i was like batman and she was like robbin, we had each others backs. And it made me realise today that, if the same opportunity came, i'd respond to it in a better manner. I wouldnt make the same mistake. She was the type that always wore a smile, and laughed, infact, theres no one else out there i know, who knows how to live life to the fullest like she does. I'm not saying this because i wish i could go back and make another decision.

It just made me feel as if, i lost someone special. And i know shes not the most special person, but ive lost touch of her friendship. And along the way because of not dating her, i've met some incredible people who've changed my life and impacted me just as much as she had. and i am grateful for. And though sometimes i think to myself, "oh man, how did i let her go" but inside, i know its because i feel kinda jealous that she found someone thats going to last a lifetime before me, or maybe that if i had dated her, we'd still be together. selfish thinking, but its kinda true. I'm happy for her, and im good friends with her boyfriend, and its funny, because the person shes dating, was someone who she never thought she'd date, 3 years and still going. long story cut short.

And i know this time, i'm ready. I dont have that fear of disapointment anymore. I always have that feeling before i date someone, "is she the right one?" There are certain things i keep to myself. The thing with me is that i dont just want anyone, well nobody does. But, theres one thing that i want in a girl, im not sure if theres a word to decribe it, but no need to explain, i know how to find it in a person.

This post seems so lame, 2 hours after failing to post it. I need to post about something cool!