Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I may not have the softest touch, I may not say the words as such, and though i may not look like much, I'm yours.

And though my edge is maybe rough,
I never feel i'm quite enough,
And it may not seem like very much,
But i'm yours.

The Script - I'm yours.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Webcam moments and Boxing day extravaganzer. (however you spell it) lol.

Webcamming with Sarah Ho.

Sarah showing me the dress Emily bought. (looks really nice!)

Sarah showing me the new top she bought, looks so cool!

Gave Sarah my vest to repair, + she upgraded it haha, she actually looks good in a vest, yet she never wears it. (facepalm)

Trying to make myself look small on the webcam, but Sarahs doing a better job at it than i am. good times.

Webcamming with Jaime Ma.

Playing the emoticon game which i originally played with Genial. (haha)

The emoticons on the side of the msn chat box are the facial expressions we're making. (first to 8)

I won that round (woot)

My signature stare (evil stare) haha. won this also!

The geeky one haha, Sarah pulls this face off really well. (That sad face emoticon above was the biggest bullshit one ever, had to use hands to make an upside down frown gg)

Jaime won this one, was very impressed, no idea where she pulled out the horns. (facepalm)

Sleep face, this one was bad, it was like looking constipated lol.

Smiling one, my favourite was the infamous evil stare haha. Will play this game with Sarah next time.

We were showing each other what we bought, she bought crappy shorts for $20, that aint cheap. I found a bargain with my cardigan $20 from $80. (not bad). Minh went to get the same one as me after liking mine haha, Sarah also liked it and was thinking of buying one too but didnt. If i find a size small im gona get her one haha.

Shopping during boxing day sales wasnt so bad. Although Sarah ditched me for her sisters without telling me turned out alright. Lucky i had Jeremy Wallis to shop with, then bumped into Minh Chau a couple of times and he decided to join us. Bumped into Elysia, Eric, Philip, Winny, Alex, so many people, and met up with the church girls after. But they were all too busy getting ready to go home, some shoppers they were.

So we all decided to go into myers for some unknown reason, the girls were behind us, we looked back they were gone. Went looking and found out they went home. So we ended up random shopping again, bumped into Cheryl, done some more shopping, went to cotton on, Cheryl and Sarah bought the same top. Went to Globalize after to try on sunnies again. None look good on me, apart from Sarahs aviators (sais Sarah) haha. On the way out bumped into Melissa and Victoria, me and Sarah missed our buss, Cheryl and Minh went home.

We decided to get ice cream, i make Sarah accompany me to rush to get korean fish ice cream with red bean. was sooo nice! Emily and Anthony decides to pick us up. We get home and web cam lol.

Very nice/interesting day i must say. Gotta love shopping with girls haha.

Friday, December 25, 2009


I've just recently joined a "if a guy replies to your sms while playing DOTA, then he really loves you" Which i found hysterically hilarious! its half true lol. The group is hilarious, in all contents. If you have never played DOTA please skip this blog post haha.

F10. Pause game,.

RandomPlayer1: Host, wtf?
HostFriend1: He txting gf la,.

RandomPlayer1 has left the game.
HostFriend: ==

RandomPlayer2 has left the game.

RandomPlayer3 has left the game.

RandomPlayer4 has left the game.

RandomPlayer5 has left the game.
F10,. Resume
Host: sry,. txting gf,.... eh.. wtf?!
HostFriend2: Genius man,...
Host remakes.....
RandomPlayer1: FK YOU HOST

Defense of the Ancients.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas! <3

Nothing beats getting the most awesome Christmas wishes from the awesomest people in Adelaide haha.

Haha i loved these 3, they were incredibly funny to me. I can feel the lova haha!

The spirit of Christmas is definiatly here, and the celebration of our Lord Jesus! haha this is like an early birthday present, love regards!

Thanks guys, thanks Vivan, your always so thoughtful. (: Wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

9am Christmas service this morning was amazingly awesome! haha i love carol songs! soo addictive and catchy. It was nice seeing familiar faces again. Had quick catch up with Dan and Jaron back in Adelaide for Christmas, and the Angs and Jaime Ma, and Cheryl. And a whole load of other people. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas, and its so fun asking people what they got and what they're doing. Even the bus drivers are interesting to talk to too! Was a good start to a Sunday morning. haha.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Webcamming with Sarah.

Haha we were drawing pictures and writing through webcam, becuase Sarah doesnt have a microphone (facepalm). that picture looks kinda like me.

Sarah "Peter has a grandma lamp in his room" -.- Its a vintage lamp lol.

Peter: "haha your ikeacloset looks like Osama is living in it"

Making weird faces and drawing each other, dam i swear i screenshotted an old granny picture i drew of Sarah and then a normal picture of her, but it disapeared (facepalm).

Sarah wouldn't wear her green frog shower cap!

This frog cap -.- (facepalm)

Laugh at your face! "I see you"

haha i havnt webcammed in so long, Sarahs the fourth person i've webcammed with now. What a joy. So im probably gonna get stab when she reads my blog and finds that i uploaded pictures of her in a granny suit. (Pictures Sarah in 70 years wearing sneakers, having short white curly hair and wearing oversized jumpers and carrying a walking stick, and being real cranky).

So im suppose to be at work now, but mum didnt wake me up, so i guess i'll go during Sarahs lunch and seeing as Alan will be visiting us, its going to be exciting. Lunch then work all night haha. Last night had a weird dream with Vic Jono Qouc and Sarah. It was so weird, yet felt so real, i woke up feeling like "dam im still at home!"

Well todays the day, time to make a phone call and get Jaime off my back. haha jk.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peter and Sarah are so Awesome!

Haha yeh, we're so awesome, even Jono thinks so.

Christmas party at the Angs.

Christmas 2009!

Christmas organised by me at the Angs.

Enjoying the food and cam whoring (Rebecca, Jung, me and Priscilla)

Me and Justine playing cards (check out Eunice in the background haha)

Kevin and me. (hard to get a photo with Kevin being normal haha)

Melissa and I, she was cleaning everything, she pretends to be camera shy, but we all know its a cover up.

Elysia and me, such a cozy house.

Me and Vi, she came late as usual. But the point is she came.

Elysia, me and Zhe.


Me an Darryl doing our freeze.

Daryl clinging on to me (haha nothing gay)

haha watching Justine stack it on the swings.


The pedo in the dark :O jk!

haha defying gravity! (unlike Thong stacking it on a flat surface, and Justine, landing on her butt off a swing)

"S" for Superman, because we are superhuman.

Losing card haha (5 of clubs)

Winning card (Ace of Hearts, highest card in the game)

It was a night full of Christmas, alot of chocolate, photoes, and games. Playing "guess who" which was super awesome, i was the first to lose, then Le, then Thong and Elysia, Vanta won by default haha. Scrabble lasted pretty long which failed haha. We then proceeded to highest card poker, placing it on our foreheads. Played at the playground, and watched white chicks. It was a good evening. Vi came late, but as long as she came. Me and Vanta were the photographers and Jung. Jung and Rebecca were sketching pictures of people, and Adrian and Thong were playing with the I-Touch.

Justine got lost, Vanta tried to catch the giant black rabbit outside while looking like a tard infront of the Ang parents lol. Melissa trying to squish the earwig that wouldnt die. Everyone choking from the Vodka Jelly. Me and Vanta opening Melissas door and finding out that it was her dad in the room ran away (haha) Pillow fights and a giant Christmas tree, that was our Christmas 2009. Pretty awesome. Costly, but worth it.

Alot of Christmas in one day.

Picnic at 10:30am in the morning, it was friggen hawt!

Me and Michelle at Christmas picnic. Shes adorable, but she's one of those princesses who become bullys haha.

Sarahs mum dragged Sarah to the picnic, Sarah dragged me, we both got sunburnt.

Sarah got gged.

Me trying to fly a kite, it wouldn't fly... Sarah failed too, Erics mum was friggen pro.

Haha it was in the air (period) i succeeded for aslong as i ran (evil stare)

Well the day consisted of many games, such as the three legged race and bag race, and excercise/dance, tuggle war and Kris cringles. Me and Sarah came third on the three legged race, we were in second position, but the other team were practically hovering! And for the bag race, we forged a what i would call "the Dream Team" haha we won twice in a row! and for the tuggle war, i helped the girls team win, although they lost in the end, but it was fun. Kris Kringle, everybody was after the chocolates, although the presents were all wrapped up, chocolates were guessable, Sarah got the chocolates, and i got some stone dragonkin figure, its awesome.

It was really awesome to see Susan and Linda again, i rarely get to see them, because ive stopped going to temple, and they live very far away, occasionally i see Linda in town, but it was nice catching up. I also met Van which i havnt seen in a long long time! she was asking me about uni, and i happened to say i dislike accounting, and discovering that she was an accountant was awesome because we discussed everything i needed to know about my course. She also drove us to the park and home, and we found out she lived in between me and Sarah! whoa! so close!!

The picnic was based at Saint Kilda's Adventrue playground, Me and Sarah raced down the big slide, she beat me down by a mear 2 metres the first time, but the second time i won because i had longer legs haha! a win is a win (woot! winner, winner chicken dinner!)

So at the end of the day, i came back with major tans! we ended up going to carols that night, but first we went to visit Philip Chau and David. haha they are so awesome people, we were talking about cars and guinea pigs. Reached the carols at 9:20pm, making Vic, Jono, Jamiepoop and Lyna wait for about an hour (my bad haha, there were slow drivers on the high way!)

We ended up going to dinner (dessert) at the pancake house, instead of attending the carols, (the disapointment for not speaking out) and regretted it the entire night. It was awesome, finally got to meet Jamiepoops girlfriend (Lyna). Bumped into a few people, Sarah K, Alan, Annie, Elysia, Melissa and her parents. Was a fun night, nice breeze, and all but it ended in a disapointing way. Jamiepoop left his car inside China Town, thinking it closed at 12 on weekends, but it closed at 10:30 on weekends and had to pay a fine of $50 to get his car out. Was such an exausting day, but nothing is better than hanging with awesome people.

Merry Christmas 2009, hope to never see you again. Welcome 2010 (we're gonna get along just fine).

Christmas in town with Sarah -.-

Hahah creating the illusion of wearing a Christmas hat, we copied Vic haha. (Sarah wouldnt send me the photo of her because she thinks im going to black mail her (fail) now i feel like im just uploading photoes of myself FML)

haha attempting to picklock Santa's mailbox, yeh im that "thing" thats going to ruin everybody's Christmas, there were alot of people watching me do this, i was quite concern lol.