Sunday, May 10, 2009

An invitation?*-*

What you said, has provoked that darkness lurking within me. Ive always said theres 2 major sides to me. 4 pieces of me all together to make up who i am. But theres 2 sides of me thats always argueing, and if people knew what conflict was at the centre of that battlefield, then you'd be surprised at why im still the way i am. To be honest im surprised at how i turned out to be.

Call me a monster, hate me or love me is up to you, but dont ever judge me. or i will seriously make you hate me. Im quite intrigued by the upcoming circumstances. more so i should say, ammused. Although i shouldnt be, because that rep of me is being slaughtered and ive been putting so much attention to making it pure these days. Maybe i should forget about my rep, but then i want a good status in society T_T.

You know, i think ive been blessed so many times in the past two weeks, why? because everytime i socialise with people i dont know, i bring up the religion topic, and i ask if they're Christians. and i try to convert people/save people which is why God has blessed me. Last night i caught a cab back home and my driver i thought was abit pedophile like, i askd him if he was religious and he said to me, his a Christian and i said me too.

He then began talking about people calling themselves Christians but not being Christians, and he tested me by saying, theres one big difference with being a Christian and with calling yourself a Christian. and he asked me, so what is it that makes you a Christian? and i was like, ummm prayer? talking to God? spreading the Gospel? Inviting people to Christ? accepting Christ? and he was like, well no apart from all those, what is the one significant answer?

and i was like iuno its hard to explain, and he kept clarrifying it and i kept getting it wrong, and then i tried changing the topic, i was like so what brought you into Christ? and he was like no, give me an answer. and i was like crap im getting done! becuase i honestly felt the pressure, i felt like i was letting down the Christian community, not being able to come up with the answer, he so wanted to listen to me speak off.

We then arrived at my home and i was like $20!!! the cubicles did we drive to? thats like driving to macas then town then home then to macas then town then back home and then to church and town and back to macas then back home and back for macas and back home! but yeh i payed him and he was like, the answer to the question is. The differnce between calling yourself a Christian and being a Christian is inviting the Lord Jesus into your life. and i was like omG! we go through that prayer every week at church! but of course!!!

anyway i thought i'd share that funny story for the minority that read my blogs lol. and im still ammused by recent activities, bless you lord. Good night Sunday.

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  1. You have interesting conversations with the randomest people. Cab drivers have multitudes of wisdom hidden under their turbans. Wait, that's in India.
    rofl I should start asking everyone I meet if they're religious.