Monday, June 29, 2009

Is this better? *-*

Bloody cubicles... Melissa was right, cousin Sarah said to me today... to be honest, i think that girl in your display picture is ugly. She quotes, shes not hot nor cute, shes normal. So i went and found another picture, this girl is quite fine in my opinion, lets reel in the critics.

So, what do you think of her guys? Not bad right?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Very Pretty & Attractive in my opinion. *-*

This morning, Mel said i have bad taste for girls. Wow lol.

To be honest, i find the girl in this picture very attractive, i wonder how much the image reflects on how i view woman lol. We must procrastinate more Mel. *-*

Whats that sound!? :O

A couple of days ago i woke up, unknowing it was the day Michael Jackson passed away. Woke up, washed face, hair, brush teeth, and went on face book. And then i felt a tingerling, my Homosexual senses were tingerling, as i scrolled down the page, i saw this guys "Shout" and i qoute.

To be honest im not sure if his gay, but i hear from alot of my friends that know him, that his into guys, and i've always suspected him of that. And a couple of mornings ago, i caught him trying to queer up the world, so i thought what i'd do was correct him. He didnt think anybody as pathetic as me would realize, but i did, and it bothers me that the slightest letter catches my attention.

Thats right, i will continue to rid this world of its evil sexual desires. *-*

I feel proud, i ungayed face book, im joking, queer or not, not my position to judge, however teasing is another story, its become a habbit. *-* A bad one, i must admit.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

its a cave.! :D

I fail to do so, even in my dreams. Whack..... *-* Whats going on inside here?

Found this random picture, how freaky is that?

Holidays! *-*

Omg! im on HOLIDAYS! for 5 weeks!!!.
words cannot describe how happy i am inside, thank God, i can relax, and jsut relax now.

NYahahha time to breed crazy farm animals :D lets start with the Dog and the chicken :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

I put the "Pro" in Procrastinating. *-*

Man! i was on fire last night! Suddenly came up with all these weird/whack theories and questions. Its one of those things where i start and it doesnt end. Seriously when im on fire, i procrastinate like a dog that doesnt shut up. I go on and on til every thing has been covered. Thats right, im a loaded pistol, waiting to be fired, im looking your way Vi, cus i feel like coffee and your gona feel like listening to my list of never ending bullshit.

I've gona back into the habbit of cursing, i swear when exams are over, i'll be back to my normal self. I keep using the words "No shit!" which i personally dislike very much. Driving lessons in 1 hour, im so excited. But yeh, omg, theres so many things i wana say, before it gets lost and burried in my mind by new bullshit theories, that never seem to make any sense, less in my mind.

I was talking to Genial yesterday and she joined one of my conversations with a friend, pretending to be a guy. I have to admit, she more manly than i am. More bogan aswell. I wont go into the convo and why we did it, because it was quite personal, well more like, i wasnt feeling myself, and couldnt maintain the conversation no more. Yeh, i should do that more often, find a phycic to screw around with people *-*

And last night, Wei jung was talking about how she went to the park, and saw the most amazing/disturbing thing ever, She saw a kangaroo having sex, and she said we went around the whole park, came back and they were still doing it. And knowing me, id give retarded responses as for example: "Wow thats a once in a life time opportunity, you should have joined in." or "I learnt in sex ed, that the female goes behind, are you sure thats the male?" and this one made myself laugh "Did the male insert his head into the female?" And Jung was like LMFAO wat the fuck!? She was probably thinking, man what kinda sex education did you have? but yeh, Who said kangaroos didnt know how to party? We then began to talk about, lions having sex like every hour of the day, and that humans and dolphins are the only organisms on earth that have sex just for pleasure, arnt we selfish?

Okay, excluding the sex topic, sorry i get carried away, when my mind thinks of anything i can mock with. Its fun teasing people, especialy when they dont get affended. I wonder if i ever take it too far, anyway, after exams, hopefully, i wont be procrastinating at night as long and as hecticly.

Oh and last week, if any of you's saw me and had the idea, what the cubicles is wrong with Peter. Its because Jono took me to the Gym. He workd my whole upper body, arms and i worked on my abs. The next day, my whole upper body was so saw, as were my joints and glands, I literally could only stretch my arms 120 degrees. And it killed so much, i couldnt even like take my top of for a shower, or put a top on, man i tried so many methods, but in the end, i had to push against the pain. But yeh, just thought id share, why i must have looked retarded, my friend was like, why are you walking cross armed? i was like, because this is as comfortable as it gets.

anyway ive ended up procrastinating again. need to go to the shops and withdraw money for driving lessons. and then study 2nite, im so worried, im not at the library yet, exams on wednesday, what am i doing! study now! procrastinate later! Oh and perhaps its just me, but i find movies, that are inspiring, moving and all that very emotional, i dont know why! i was watching this moving movie, about this aboriginals writing a get well card to their coaches mum, cus shes in hospital, and i got teary, i was like no! no! at all cost, not infront of the mum! and yeh... i caught a small cold, which is why i sounded like a prick in the video below.

Oh and i vacumed my room last night! yeh! take that Cheryl! I mean i knew my floor was dirty and i knew someone was going to point it out, but, im too lazy to bring the vacume to my room, however yesterday it magically appeared next to me. So thats right, no more dead ants on my floor, food crumb, melted chocolate, rice particales, dead hair and spider eggs. Yeh... i live in a dump site.

anyway i really should get off now, oh and i must say, Sarah, Cheryl you guys looked amazingly beautiful at the formal, from the photoes, seeing as i wasnt there, but yeh, that only means, your at the peak of your youth.
I must add in, we must have been the worst neighbours ever. Our neighbours are moving out and i was like holy crap, we probably drove them insane, michael would have his loud insanely whack music on 24/7 and our dog, we'd wake up in the morning with it missing and our neighbours would bring it back from their back yard, and we'd be like how the fuck? and Our chickens go off the roof, they cockatoo so loud, the council had to play their cards. Our mum was like, yeh! we should just let the chickens go in dry creek and i was picturing taking a hike there next year, and seeing like a whole new habitants of chicken. lol Man i cracked my ass off. okay im off for good now.

My pure legendary dog, eating ice cream. *-*

Haha, i dont really do this, but i thought i'd give it ago after, watching the amazing Nat on youtube. If you've never heard of Nat, shes extremely poppular on youtube. I absolutely love her shows, they're so exciting, and very appealing. Everyday, i look foward to watching a new clip, thats how brilliant she is. Anyway, i thought i'd make a stupid video of my dog eating ice cream. Since i love ice cream and so does daisy. :D

Out of curiosity, do i really sound like that? i think my voice tends to change, depending on my mood. Anyway, Watch the dogs tail waddle XD and she gets so hypo when i bring out ice cream now, and half of you will probably be like, dude he doesnt get it! he keeps saying ice cream, its a fucking ice block! jeez! his retarded. Sorta makes me want to film more retarded things, next time, i'll try something deadly *-*

Yeh, dont laugh at my horrible camera skills guys, but i swear next time, whispers* i'll videotape Sarah playing badminton for all our entertainment, she swings like a girl ;) no wait she swings both ways, you get what i mean ;) lol jk Sarahs awsome, everybody loves Sarah.

Yeh! i sound liek i have a cold, in which you hear me sniffing at the end. man i sound like an asian trying to be white, fail. In other words i sound like a retard.

Off topic. *o*

So recently i've made a new friend, over face book. Well It started with my tiger hat, and we began talking. And as a typical part of me, i thought i'd encourage her to come to youth on friday nights. May be i came on a bit too strong, but i tend to get carried away, when it comes to anything with faith + Christ = God/Jesus. Her names Janice, shes friends with Weetyr from primary school and from what she's said, she's always believed there was something out there, something above, something beyond comprehensing. So anyway i tried to convince her to come to youth camp, but maybe that was too extreme, but the good news is, shes going to come to youth next term. Hopefully you church girls i hang with will make her feel welcomed and stuff.

Anyway, shes a very interesting person, you guys will love her. But She reminded me that, i was suppose to rescue our very loving friend Sarah Ho this year. Will i beable to do it? I could black mail Sarah, but that would be unfair, sigh* When i get my P's i should beable to drag her *-* muahaha! and off topic, my eye is really teary at the moment, i have no idea why, i went to the mirror and i could see tears falling down my eye bulb. kinda freaky! maybe i slept with my eyes opened o.o

anyway on the topic about sleep, i had an awsome dream last night, wow it felt real. All i can say is, i need to be careful. *-* And if you guys dont mind, i'd like help with prayer, Wei Jung is going to the black states and might not beable to make it back for youth camp, and if she cant come, Vi cant come, therefore im going to cry, not. Anyway, i must pray that they will beable to come, so keep them in your prayers for me, hopefully. One of you's are probably like, screw that! im not wasting my time praying for people i dont know, and what has Peter done for me lately? nothing! lol jk

Off topic again, it was nice talking to Cheryl again last night. And Today is my 3rd driving lesson, im so excited! I must mention that i am a horrible driver, if you trust me with your life, then thats truly amazing, because right now, i probably wouldnt trust myself. I smell Pizza coming from the oven, yeh i gave it a capital "P" because Pizza is delicious. I wonder what the first person was thinking when he came up with Pizza, maybe some where along the lines of:

Friend 1: Argh! this bread taste like shit! seriously, i'd rather eat dog!
Friend 2: Takes a bite* "My mum can shit better than this!"

Friend 1: Your mum can what?...
Friend 2: nothing, it was an expression. throws the bread outside*
Friend 1: an hour later* Hey, James, look over there, its a dog *-*
Friend 2: and?
Friend 1: His sleeping and playing with the bread *o*
Friend 2: We're not eating the dog....
Friend 1: no, but look at it! are you thinking what im thinking?
Friend 1 + 2: HOT DOG!!!! *-*

Well atleast we now know where hot dog came from. Oh and by the way, heres an awsome joke i found :D

"A woman went to the hospital ready to deliver her baby. The doctor
said he made a machine that would give part of the pain to the husband.
The husband decided to try it out. The doctor put it on LOW. The Husband seemed fine. The doctor put it on medium. The husband seemed fine. The doctor became confused as to why there wasnt any change. The wife delivered a healthy baby with no pain, like the husband. They arrive home, with the mail man dead."

Dont you just love jokes like these? certainly makes your day hey? anyway im off now, havnt blogged in a few days, so this should cover it. :D

You see, this is exactly why i personally dislike starwars. Watch the movies, everything is fine, and then you watch behind the scenes... Yoda is a let down, no wonder his so epic, because he screws everything and anything. That poor poor bounty, he deserves something more manly, like an elk. :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

one after the other. *-*

Oh man, so much studying this week, finnish next friday and i can party go drinking *-* two days ago, i realised, i find tall girls, or girls around my height unattractive o.o yep, dont go accussing me of being overlyjudgemental and cruel, because, i saw this girl preferably a leng loi, and i was like wow, 8.5 right there! and when she stood up i was like holly crap! bending the curves of my neck to meet her gaze. and since that day, ive taken height into the list of ratings now >.<

Man i sound so shallow, im not saying tall girls are ugly, sum guys probably fancy tall girls, i just find them unattractive, not ugly nor discusting just words cannot explain, im just digging a deeper hole before i get stabbed by my friends when they read this lol. anyway, exams tuesday til friday, must focus, then party! and badminton + karaoke + coffee + movie nights + life group + casino + pub crawls *-*

and not to mention, im getting my P's in 1-2 months, im so excited, im like by far the worse driver alive. My instructor keeps saying, are you nervous? you need more confidence, and im just like shit man! this is how i drive, why are my arms stiffed? because im focused. It also turns out i cant seem to focus on more then 2 things at once, let alone 2 things, id break and turn and then i'd lose accelaration, man im horrible, at this rate, i probably wont even make it for my P's == anyway time to sleep, need to study 2molo! omg im so nervous for exams!

haha man i love cyanide and happiness :D Now thats commitment lol.

Omg, im so excited!

Omg, so the other day, Doran called me to come to youth camp and i wasnt sure if i should go, but i told him i would, i mean i want to, but its who do i hang with? So i was talking to Cheryl and she was all supportive and stuff, but i've been blessed, and hopefully, it all goes well, so i've asked pyuish to come, but since his going to India, he wont beable to make it, and jono, his like long gone. Dont think im capable of bringing him back >.<

So today, Vi came online, and i thought she was going to Sydney or something this holidays, but turns out plans had changed. So i asked her, and she was very enthusiastic about the whole idea, but seeing as her mum hasnt met me before, and seeing as ive given her a bad impression over the phone, which i thoguht i was pretty dam polite, i dont think she would trust me lol. Anyway, so we were talking and then Jung! came into mind! so i asked her, and she was like what date? and i was like on the 3rd of July! and she was like shit! im going to Jay chou concert T^T but i want to come to camp, because ive never been.

So i got all excited and lost the thrill of it for nothing because she cudnt go, then i was like, oh wait, i just assumed it was on the 3d maybe its not! so i got all excited and ran to the phone and called Cheryl, first call she didnt pick up and i was like shit! then she picked up and i was like omg!!!! the 13th!! woooO! so Jung might beable to come now and that means Vi shud bebale to aswell. Omg im so excited!!!! like really really excited if they can come *-*

Time to do some prayers! wooo! i have something to look foward to this holidays :D

God bless! hopefully all goes well and norwood formal 2nite, Everyones gonna look great, cant wait to see pictures. i should be studying, but im caught up in procrastinating T___T anyways thats it for now! woo! im excited!

haha God bless!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remind me.

If its what you want, then let me be reminded this Friday.

Went to my first life group today, and i loved it! absolutely amazing, haha i get to choose people i want to debate with, its so fun listening to other peoples point of views and how they transcribe their beleifs. Everyones so nice, and chilled. Such a nice atmosphere. I remember discussing about Gods purpose, and doing what God asks you do to without question. Not to adress that we know ourselves better than he knows us, but to show him that we believe that what he wants for us is the better and that we understand.

Monday, June 15, 2009

So excited!! *-*

Omg i havnt caught up or seen cousin Sarah in like 10 years, and on Wednesday i get to go shopping with her, boo yeh! XD And on Friday i get to go food Spree with Eeshin, omg sings "Im so excited!!!" This song sais it all! *-*

Omg well that took like 20minutes and this is so fail lmao. btw i tried to upload an audio to the imagery but it didnt work, then i tried uploading it in the movies clip but also didnt work... and cheries way was just way too complex so i used my dodgy webcam and it lags like a bitch! lol

Apologies. :D

I feel like i owe you guys an apology, the people who bother to leave comments on my posts. Dont get me wrong, but blogster doesnt send an email to me whenever a comment is posted about any blogs. And until recently i never knew that people actually commented on my posts like Cheryl, Elysia, Vic, and others i forget.

anyway sorry for not responding, and i look foward to any other comments regarding my emo/whack blogs about nothing. Its like everytime i see a 1 - 2 next to the pencil edit box im like omg someone actually commented thats amazing! lol

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its my job as a Christian. *-*

Man, im on a roll! i feel like im such a player. Always achieving my tasks and reaching my goals. He showed me a new game, one i could get use to. And in return, i am blessed.

What a beautiful sunday. now to study. Amen.

Amen. †

So i woke up at 6:30 am in the morning after texting Roberts dad last night to see if he could pick me up for church. He said be ready by 8am i got ready and he forgot to pick me up >.<

So i was talking to my emotionaly crippled friend, and we ended up at this point of a conversation, heres a view XD

[$Piyush$] says:
wudnt u like it if a chik goes lyk " omg, do u kno wat happened 2day.....

[$Piyush$] says:
nd blabs on
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
yeh i know!
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
[$Piyush$] says:
yea me 2
[$Piyush$] says:
but never fkn happens
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
im im so blogging that LOL

I ended up bringing him to acept Christ, heres the post, probably gona get killd for posting it lol.

[$Piyush$] says:
how do i switch to christianity?
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
you dont switch
[$Piyush$] says:
i dont think my parents wud approve tho
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
all you have to do is invite Jesus into your life and acept him
[$Piyush$] says:
ohh so i jus assume i believe
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
hey im the tonly Christian in my family
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
you literally invite him
[$Piyush$] says:
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
say this
[$Piyush$] says:
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
Dear Jesus, i invite you into my life, im sorry for doing life on my own, you died for me, im sorry for commiting my sins, i need you in my life, your grace, your love, i know you died for my sins and for this i will live for you and with your guidance, you are my salvation, i give you my life and everything i have, because i have nothing without you, you are my everything, in your greatest name Jesus, Amen.
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
but dont say it if yu dont mean it
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
there was a sermon at church
[$Piyush$] says:
shud i do it now?
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
i dont expect yu to do it, but if yu can if yu know yu want to and need to and know yu can commit to him even if yu fail many times aslong as yu want to then do it
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
he will always forgive yu and he welcomes yu to his kingdom
† (F)#3 - Love is Pein. (: says:
it said you know God i know i dont always get what i want, but if you give me this i'll give it back to you, i just want to hold it even for a second because whats mine is yours and you are my everything
[$Piyush$] says:
thank u
[$Piyush$] said:
thanks a lot...i feel much better now
[$Piyush$] said:
if it wasnt for u i wudnt kno wat to do
[$Piyush$] said:
i am goin to go do chores now nd try my best to study
[$Piyush$] said:
thank u
[$Piyush$] said:
i really appreciate everythin
[$Piyush$] said:
i will ttyl
[$Piyush$] said:
thank u

Anyway thats probably why i missed church this morning, God had a differnt purpose for me, although i so badly wanted to go and worship, i gues this was more important, God bless.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gullable? o.o

Today i found out Wei Jung was Gullable. *-*

So many cute hats!!! :D

Everytime i walk past this shop i see this sexy tiger hat and other animals, but the tiger hat always gets my attention. I wana buy the sheep one also *-* and i saw a shin chan toy! which i definiatley must buy for Eeshin :D

Anyway im gona go back and buy it when my parents arent around so i wont look like such a girl lol. My grandma walked passed my room and saw me gaming and wearing the tiger hat and was like, where did you buy that? thats a little girls hat, you wear it when your a baby. and i was like, i like it, its unique *-* and she was like how much? i was like $15 and she was like, not bad.

anyway heres a pic of me wearing it :D

Omg im so going back for the sheep one, they should make a black bear one >.<

Omg, how freaky is this picture right? wat a hot pic XD

Hakuna Matataaaaaaa..... it means no worries for the rest of your days... its our problem-freeeeeee.... philosophy....... *-* Hakuna matataaaaa!

Omg i love that song, The lion king was like the most brilliant, inspiring movie ever. Shame i've never watched it til i was 15 and yet i still loved it. Makes you feel like a kid again, shud like make a kids movie night cough "land before time, lion king, spongebob" man our generation is so lucky to have all these inspirations.

Hakuna matataaaa..!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go pick on someone else who cares. @.@

Ever looked at someone and wondered, what people see in them and what they love so much about them?ever tried? maybe we're not suppose to, maybe im not suppose to. I dont get it. What is it about them that we cant seem to comprehend? I dont get it, i tried using one eye, different angles, cross eyed, the glaring eye, but i dont see anything. Whats so great about her? She seems the same like the others, probably worse in my opinion.

Maybe it'll work if someone close to her explains it to me, otherwise im just never gona get it. Maybe what they see is not physical but mental and spiritual? mmz in that case, i dont feel anything different, nor do i feel special around her. What i do feel is mentally challenged, the way she draws my attention and looks away, pretending i didnt catch her screwing with my concentration. Heck! i dislike you, and theres nothing im going to do about it.

At times your alrite, when your in my crowd, but when im in yours, i see your horns. What the hell do you want from me? or what the heck are you trying to achieve by challenging my patience? go find someone else to screw with, because im not going to fight back. Your wasting your time and using up my time.

We as individuals see eachother in different shades, what we make of it is up to us. What we feel from it is determined by the way the action was presented. If you have nothing good to say, then dont say it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chocolate. *-*

Call me retarded if you must, but i couldnt resist. I went into woolworths and chocolate was on special for $2 for a bag of 12 twix, bounty, snickers and mars etc. I spent $20 on it and starburst, dont get me wrong but ive developed a huge addiction for starbursts and the chocolates are just for back up. You know that feeling when you feel like soemthing sweet, yet theres always nothing available?

Shame i cant eat any yet, since my teeth are so retarded, a few more days and i'll beable to eat again, cant wait. And today my all favourite, "Zens" made it in the newspaper, yep, it was the best dish ever, the pho has become quite famous, i feel like eating there, was gona eat there today but cant bite yet.... anyway back to study, all the best to everyone in exams.

omg that just makes your mouth water. I shud learn to bake my own chocolate for the sake of accomplishing something that i can be proud of in life. lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Definition of Me. (:

Omg face book is stalking me.

This one is spooky >.<>
Check out this horse one, GG.

Random Question. *-*

Out of curiosity, Where does dust come from? i mean what forms dust?

The closer we get, the riskier the situation. *-*

Whoa, last night i had another whack dream. It started with a scene, my best friend from year 12 was meeting me and the group, he was going to take care of the 4 hostages we kidnapped. In other words he was like federal, but in a mafia sense. So we guided him to the car, and he was like, alright, show me the body, we opened the boot and 4 people wrapped in black paper bags were inside. He took them out one by one. and in my head i was like, omg this is it. We dont need to run anymore. and then my stupid friends, were like peter! get in the car!

and i was like shit! no! David! and i couldnt make up my mind, i didnt want to abandone my best friend, but i got into the car, we did a huge Uturn, and behind us were like the military with M4A1's and they arrested David, and i could hear him say, What the fuck are you doing? and i was just thinking holy shit! Davids gone, why'd we sell him out? and so we were driving and evaiding the cops on our tail. Eventually went past my old house down at mansfield park, and sumhow it changed to this new street, and it looked familiar to me. I was like guys drop me off here, i need to do something.

So i got off, and went inside this building etched into stone, and my mind was telling me it was Elysia's house, i was like hey Elysia, i need you to do prayer for me, and around i could see, Mel, Cheryl and Elysia's parents. I was like i really need your help, and i was sorta getting teary, like i thought it was so real, it was bloody freaky running away from people who are trying to take your life. and so i was saying "shit! why is this happening?" and they were like whats wrong? and i was like i dont know, but it seems "why is it the closer we get, the more riskier the situation." and then there was knocking on the door, there were loud foot steps, and i was like shit we need to hide.

Went outside hid behind a rose bush, and this little girl came and sat with me. She was like whatre you doing? and i was like, acknowledging the scent of the rose bush. and we sat together, and then all of a sudden, the scene changed and i there were all these people in this huge greenland scope playing on the field. It was so relaxing, and in away it portrayed peace in the world. But then Vanta came out and was like, the militarys gone. and then these 2 cops showed up and were talking to the little girl next to me, and i was just hiding my face and not making eye contact, so spooky!

We went back inside Elysia's stone house, which was awsome. Vanta was like, we need to go. and i was like yeh, lets get going, there was 3 of us, i only rememeber vanta, and then we were walking through this forest and came upon some scientist, and he was creating this new measuring tool. and i was like Vanta, doesnt this forest remind you of freedom? and his like, yeh you know what i like? Cherry plants and i was like o.o and he went into this speech about it, im not gona go there and then i woke up. noo light in my eyes!

Was such a hectic dream, knowing people wanted you in jail or dead. and you had no idea how the hostages even got into your hands. bloody scary, but such a thrill of adrenaline rush. what an adventure lol.
Only in my dreams.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dreams or Nightmares?

Last night i had a whack dream that i totally rememebered the entire dream when i woke. o.o I have no bloody idea what the heck my mind is visualing when im asleep. I've had like 5 of these dreams from May-June now. It'll start off with this girl that ive never seen before and i think in my mind shes my girlfriend, cus i'd be holding her and then the most stupidest thing will happen. She'll like get a nose bleed, or something different which will involve her dying or about to die. And i'd be like oh no, wtf is going on? and i'd always wake up when she dies or gets better. Im just glad my mind is visualing an asian. lol

And the dream was followed by another dream, i dreampt i was in Melbourne, and it was all dark, we were underground, and i couldnt see much. This place was closing they closed all the doors and lights were off. I bumped into this security guard and i was like, hey, excuse me, could you direct me out of here? and he was like yeh upstairs on the right. So i got out of the place, but i was by myself, i cudnt and didnt know where to find the others, and for some reason my phone did not exist in the dream. So i was looking around, because i didnt know where anything was in Melbourne, i visualised this whole entire city without knowing anything and it was pretty dam real. This guy was like, yeh sure, where are you off to? and i was like i dont know can you take me to town? and he'd be like yeh give me a sec. He brought out this weird device and inserted a SIM card and i was like, the cubicales... you can do that? and there was this visual map floating above us showing the directions and crap to town. Eventually got to town and saw my friends and i woke up.
Again, whats with the random scary dreams. I mean i thought i was lost, it was creapy in the dark, and how about some propper dreams man. Whats the conspiracy between all this? Am i going to go to Melbourne, find a girlfriend, shes gonna die on me and im going to get lost? lol anyway i noticed that everytime i typed Melbourne, i kept typing "Melbournce"
Anyway, my eyes are exausted, i need to do my last assignment and catch up on sleep then study for exams and then time to go out everyday. (Y) Going to be a very long library week. man im not looking foward to watching boring old lectures online for 8 hours ==

I give in. *-*

Im exausted. I think i give up for this month. And its only just started, totally worn out and need to rest. >.<

Currently addicted to Deepside - Satisfaction

Friday, June 5, 2009

Now, doesnt that look like raf? but better? lol XD

I was searching the web, and i came across this picture. Certainly grabbed my attention. I was like, oh my lord... is that raf??? check it out. *-*

Chris Browned by Elysia. O_O" lol

I was facebook stalking, and i came across a photo from the past. Last year, day before graduation, We saw the devil behind Elysia's innocent face. I couldnt believe it, but Elysia looks like she was about to kill someone, or more Chris Brown someone... what!?? too soon? come on Chris Brown and Rhiana thing has been going on for atleast a couple of months now... *-*

Shit! Jung better move out of the way before she experiences Rhiana >.<
btw, you cant see me, but im on the right of the photo, just thought id share how thrill i was to have front row seats in watching the reinactment of the Chris Brown and Rhiana incident. Go get her Elysia! Jia you! lol im joking ==

Happy Birthday Michelle. (:

Tuesday night, Michelles 18th. Celebrated it at chocolate bean and ended it with a very fob like karaoke. Was a great night, Happy 18th Birthday Michelle, hoped you enjoyed the celebration. We had nothing but chocolate and more chocolate, i had 3 pieces of cakes and woke up with 3 pimples... T___T

Took alot of photoes, made 2 new friends and tried to convert someone. Came so close, but i'll get him soon. Was a fantastic night, and thanks to Pyuish for organising everything and for the invites. Such a wonderful/committed man you are.

I was hungry.. and the stick had chocolate o.o

Me and the Birthday girl (Michelle)

This is where we deal drugs.

Vanta's Facial expression is hilarious. *-*

We tried taking a normal picture, but vanta insisted in doing the "keen pose" aka the vanta pose. :D

The Human Pyramid and the birthday girl.

The Clumsyholic, who dipped her arm in the chocolate fountain. O - o'

Dont ask, i have no idea what my finger was about to do to Vantas head. *-* "Finger of death!

Normal Photo, cept Vantas head was cut off. o.o

Karaoke, was suppose to be a emo/worried facial expressioniate picture, but failed.

Oh shit! i look like i was about to "Chris Brown" Michelle. >.<
Sings "take you down, i really want to take you down, and show you what im about!".

And here it is again, a Rose. *-*
I was watering the garden okay?..
This cake cost me 3 pimples T_T

Cancle my arse.

I expect an apology for accusing me of canceling the song Vi :P here is my evidence. *-*

I call it the "Vi Error"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Very nice day. (:

Very nice day today. (Y)
I've helped you, and now you've helped me.
We're even.
Good Night, Thursday.
God Bless. (:

Blessed are those who bless others. *-* Did the devil just enter my game? i wont lose. †

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Intimacy. *-*

Intimacy = In to me see?
Imagine what life would be like if guys were as intimate with eachother as with their girlfriends. This clip is amazingly funny. Which reminds me, i once had a friend like that, and now his gone. Which makes me want to take up classical dancing again. Oh primary school dancing was so fun lol. One day, i'll learn the rumbo, *-*

Is Joey a man?

Omg hilarious! Sorta reminds me of how womanly i am lol