Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dissapointing day. >.<

Today has been a total wreck. It seems my days are getting worse and darker. I think its time i stopped neglecting oxygen and give it a go. (Y) who knows i'll probably enjoy it. Vince leaves this Thursday, paradise isnt going to be the same anymore. I gues this is a new turning point in my life.

Today i saw this really beautiful asian girl on my bus, but she looked fob. She didnt even notice me because of my horrific hair cut. Its all about presentation. Here i go rambling on about the many leng loi's appearing in my daily life again. Man im so bored, i wish i could go out have fun and forget about the many tied knots ive been pretending to dodge.

Of the 10 factors which make up death, nihilism, sacrafice, loneliness, intoxication, destruction, despair, rage, greed, madness and time, what do you rekon the worse is? I wonder which one is going to bring me down, hopefully time and not rage lol.

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