Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More than Less. *-*

I feel like watching Full house again. Watched it 6 times alredy, but its my all time favourite drama, its full of emotions and very unrequited. Will be heading to Uni in an hour or so, im so very bored. Its so very cold and im very sick of accounting.

I was so cold i asked my grandma what she did with my top and she said i thought it was Vinces, so i put it in a bag with his belongings in Andys room, so he can come and get it when he comes back. And i was like wow she still doesnt know, his not coming back for like 5 years or 10. or less if lucky. And she was like o.o

Man So many things Vince left behind, that sheet of paper where that hot chick gave you her number, lol maybe i should call it, im joking :P. The list of names we wrote down for the karaoke and dinner night. The scarves and facial creams. Man you should somehow magically come back. If only i could teleport *-*

I believe there is more to life then what our eyes tell us. There has to be something uncomprehensible, something that'll shake the earth and create a new era. That was one reason why i wanted to become an archeoligist when i was a kid. And now, how did i end up doing accounting? I feel like diversifying alredy, i have two options in mind, but im not sure if i want to pursue yet. Anyway im gona chill for a bit then head to Uni.

What wonders does Tuesday hold? Maybe today i'll find a 4 leaf clover. *-*

Haha man i love these guys, they have the best comics. *-*

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