Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love is but a wonderful thing.

What is love? i don't know, but love for me is in the form of you.
I know that love makes you vulnerable. But what doesn't put you at risk, is simply not worth the risk.
Time is our most precious value because what is passed cannot be undone. I will always make time for you. You will always be worth my time.

cus, every minutes like an hour, every hours like a day, every day last forever, but what else am i gonna do? i'll wait forever and a day for you.

Penguin love.

You could say i love you like a penguin.
Love works in many ways. I have always had doubt in the past with past relationships. But with you, i have no doubts, but many certainty's. I have security and i have confidence that we will see each other through. Love provides many challenges, none that i will dare walk away from. The only path i will walk, is a path with you. 

I love the way you smile, the way you smirk, the way you look at me, your silly jokes and clever remarks. I love the way you laugh, the way you kiss me, and the way your smell lingers on me. You are kind, you are sensible, you are faithful, and you are loving and beautiful.

If i was a penguin, you'd be that penguin for me. (: 

i want to... 3#

Take you out into the beautiful world and visit cities and beautiful landscapes.
we could walk slowly under the city lights and they would shine for us. But our love would be the brightest of them all.
 We could lay under the autumn tree's and watch the world move on without us. The leave's would fall slowly but time would still pass by too fast when i'm with you. 

I only want you.

I don't want nobody else loving you.
and i don't want nobody else loving me. This is our selfish love. All i want is you. All that i am is yours, and your's alone. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I think i'm pretty lucky to have such an amazing/wonderful girlfriend. (:
If this ain't love, then i don't know what love is.
I am truly lucky to have you as my girlfriend, i must have done something right. (:

Friday, October 14, 2011

If you're a bird, then I'm a bird.

If you're a duck, then i'm a duck.
I want to be where you are. And i certainly want to be with you always. Our elements are opposites, fire and water, but that's what love is, unexplainable. 

You complement me well. I love how you are very open, honest, and enthusiastic about us. We've got a beautiful future ahead. (:

Love is in the air.

September 7th, or 12 whichever date means most to you is our date. 
We've already created many life long and precious memories I'd like to keep with me forever. You make happiness seem so easy to find. I appreciate the time we have, and I cherish every minute we spend together. You make every moment special, and you make me feel special. 

It seem's like i don't have to do much to be happy, because just being around you makes me happy. 

I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you. 

I want to... 2#

I want to wake up every morning with you besides me. 
I'd watch you sleep peacefully and brush your hair off your face. Because I'd want to keep my most precious possession close to me always. You'll be the first sunshine to my day, everyday. 

Something new?

I've been thinking about trying something new. Something i wouldn't otherwise dare to do.
I've been thinking about trying a side cut, or a under cut, which ever one you prefer to call it. But i don't think my hair is long enough. I'm not very good looking with long hair haha. 

Anyway the reason for this sudden change is because i feel like this year is a year for changes, re-adjustment. So i'm either getting this done today, or saturday Morning :)