Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're not alone. *-*

When you've been playing on the safe side for so long, you kinda forget that you were actually playing at all. and the only game you actually know how to play now, is the safe side. Which got me thinking, some people probably get stuck on the safe side for their entire life, and boy am i not going to head in that direction. -.-"

I remember talking to vince, he said something like this. "Yeh, me and my friend use to like this white girl and because he was my friend i let him have her, and because they broke up i took her to the formal and now we're having conflict. We're not really friends anymore." and whats sad about this is, watching Vince leave, he left more than just his friends but he left the girl he had his heart for, for all these many years. And he didnt get to go out with her because he was playing on the safe side for too long and now his in the Philipines.

That day at the airport was like watching a drama, i never thought drama's could be so real, but over exagerated, until that day. And you will probably read this, tell me if i got your story right or wrong. I learnt something from your inconvenience, and that is, set a time frame, because time is more then just time itself, it becomes change and dissapointment.

I remember asking, so are you going to get a girlfriend in the Philipines? and he was like, iuno if i do it'll be harder to come back, cus then id have to leave her or get her to come along aswell and thats going to take even longer. and then he was like what i would give to find just a white friend over there, better if it was even a girl. this is so weird its like after living in the modernised world of 2000 then getting deported back to the 60's in a unmodernised country. and trying to get use to lifes inconvenience.

We really should appreciate what we have here, eat food we dislike, spend our time wisely, cherish our friends and family, help out if not once in awhile, do the 24 hour famine, apologise for inconvenience, and other things that we find hard to do.

Corinthians 8:11-14 "But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving. I am not commanding you, but I want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it with the earnestness of others. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. And here is my advice about what is best for you in this matter: Last year you were the first not only to give but also to have the desire to do so. Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means. For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have. Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be equality,"

I like this scripture from the bible, its about giving, We must give to God, but we must also give to others that need. And Vince, we tried to give you the best 3months you had left and i juse hope we gave enough to your need of friendship, comfort, shelter and food. Your a passioniate person, keep following God, because he can give your life back. he has the answers to your unanswered questions and the directions for your purpose, he also has the blueprints of how your life should be built, and the first step is with him.

God bless always.

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