Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oxygen Mask? *-*

Wow Oxygen really has all the leng loi's in one place. Today, i saw 4 leng lois around the 8-9 mark. Hopefully they arnt fobs, anyway, today has been an alright day, service was good, friday night service was good aswell, very inspiring. And Oxygen played this new song they came up with today, i swear it was incredibly amazing, a very lovely song, with amazing lyrics.

Couldnt really make out what the malaysian speaker was saying, but he has good humour. (Y) they also have awsome worship and an awsome preacher. I wonder how long it'll take for me to adapt to the new people and the new atmosphere i hate that feeling. Getting to know a new group of people when you've oredy got an awsome group.
Also another fun thing about today, we were in Pyuish's car and he played Taylor swift, and him and Xian were like singing the song, sorta reminded me of the 70's show. And then white horse came on, haha lovely people.

Im enjoying this life as a young adult, no boundries and chilling with many friends is the way to go. (Y) You know what i just realised, when you say your going to do something and you swear you will stick by your words, theres always something new that comes in place just to try and screw you over. Something that'll show you just how fragile your words of commitments are.

I wonder what this week holds, i need to get out of this house and finnish my accounting assignment real fast, 2000 words due on wednesday 1pm, good thing i finnish early 2molo, and now im slightly just off the cold, i can focus, and concentrate my ass off now. If i finnish this, i get to go out with friends and drink coffee and have awsome conversations. Omg thats my goal, yep after discovering the lovely taste of warm caffiene, ive developed the Gloria jeans fever right after my other fevers, such as ice cream, chocolate, and happy meals.

Man i just wana slack off go chill, sit, chat, and drink coffee right now, but i cant, not with all this load of work in my way. Exams in 3weeks, i need to study now!!!! I swear 2molo i have to get part B of my assignment done and then tuesday i can finnish part C and go on a coffee streak. aww just thinking about all the hard work 2molo, im not looking foward to going to bed and waking up to a dooms day.

Anyway, i feel like this week is going to be amazing, i feel blessed, actually ive been feeling blessed lately, I met this old granny on the bus, and we talked abit, i was coughing and she said, you need to quit smoking, and i was like, i dont smoke. And then we stopped talking and suddenly i get a thought from above, ask her about Christ. And i was like are you serious? right now? when i have a cold, can barely talk, coughing like a lung cancer patient and you want me to ask her about Christ and probably make her sick?

And then i felt this voice in my head, if you do it, i'll bless you and heal you. And i was like... okay... thats good enough for me, but in one condition, you make her talk to me first again. and so i sat and waited, coughed again and she was like, i bet thats right on the chest hey? and i was like yeh, howd you know? and then we talked abit and i was like, so would you happen to be religious? and she was like yeh, im a Christian, and i was like really? and she was like you are too? i can see your cross earing.

And then i was like yeh (Y). and we spoke more and ended up talkign about her family, and i was like so is your husband also a Christian? and she was like no, we've been married for 28 years and he has never once gone to church with me. and i was thinking in my head, wtheck, doesnt he even want to spend time with his wife, or when she was his girlfriend? O_ o why is it that people are so afraid of getting to know Christ? Does that mean, their not soul mates?

i dont know but, as i got off the bus, she was like, bless you and bless you always, i was like you too. And that really changed my mood for the rest of the day, and i still feel blessed. Its amazing how strong words can be and how far they can go. you know, i should start taking photoes with the peolple God sends my way. (Y) I wonder what this week holds, all i know is, its going to be another blessing just like each and everyday. see what dooms day holds 2molo lol.

gonna leave it here and sleep, good night awsome sunday. (Y)

Everybody needs oxygen. *-*

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