Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Years 2014!

I will try to blog some more this year!

Many things happened in 2013, some moments of 2013 were very challenging and im just happy  that the years over, and hopefully i can now relax and enjoy the days to come with my wonderful girlfriend, friends and family.

I feel blessed that Rosemey has been by my side through the thick and thin of this year, many instances where i had given up due to stress or fatique, she had supported me through it countlessly. I am truley thankful for her support, some examples include, assisting/doing my referencing for my assignments for me, buying me coconut juice and food, driving me to my friends events, playing computer games with me and pokemon, helping me tidy my room and clean it, + re-decorating my room, helping me buy new things on ebay, helping me call in sick to work (covering for me) lol, participating in jogging with me, going crabbing with me, buying coffee + boost for me when studying late, writing me all these lovely letters, and helping me find work (AIN), because this year would have been a real struggle if i hadnt found work.

you are the stars in my sky

Anw, im just really thankful for her and her undying support/love and i hope i can return the favor each day. Thank you dear :)