Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who was that girl? *-*

Anyway, after meeting that amazing man, i could say he really inspired me. It shows what Christ can do to strengthen your faith.
After asking him many questions and not wasting anytime of understanding his life, i thought i had all my questions aswered to a man who i believed was a split image of a piece of me.

He was white but that doesnt change the fact that his life was quite similar to mine, even the secrets i keep to myself. But 3 hours after meeting that man, it hit me, i was like fudge!!!!! he had an asian wife O_ o i should have asked what her name was lol XD

Thank you Lord, for that blessful insight and the Cross earing. <3
Praise the lord, Amen. <3

"Through his words, we are healed".
Isaiah 53:5-

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