Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cookies and Cream Ice cream! *-*

Omg! what i would do for cookies and cream ice cream right now. *-*

Just the thought of it, i can almost feel the taste, one day, when the cookies and cream nerves start tingerling, im just gona grab a random friend i bump into in town and buy 2 tubs of cookies and cream ice cream and make them eat it with me in the food couts, we can look like tards lol.

ahhh cravings!!!!! im thirsting for cookies and cream ==, You know what they should invent? A cookies and cream chocolate ice cream! omg... id so buy it.

or a cookies and cream waffle cake! or a cookies and cream cheese cake! *-* omg! i demand for more variety flavours of cookies and cream!

If it wasnt so cold, id go to the shops buy a tub and start eating it as im blogging.

What do you think Konan?
Konan: Master is whack in the head and needs to stop talking to himself.
Peter: Bitch! dont make me draw another arm/head on you == you becareful with what you say to me lol

Im so bored.... craving ice cream and worship.

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