Friday, April 24, 2009

Whack Night, Whack Ice cream, Whack people *-*

Man, Wednesday night was so whack! Raf organised a Casino night, and lets say it epicly failed. The day before, everybody was like, umm yeh sure, i'll come. And on the night, nobody could be bothered showing, i somehow managed to drag Elysia out, and Kevin and Eunice, yu guys broke my heart T_T specially Kevin. cant believe yu didnt come. T__________T anyway, so we decided to eat macas until Elysia came, Adrian and Eric, wanted to eat without her, but then we got a phone call, to come and get her, because its Hindley at night, you know, whack things might happen. When we met up with Elysia some guy came up to us and was like hey i'll sell yu this discman for 20$ to Adrian and then he came to me, i was like nah not interested.

And then he was like how about an Ipod? i was like thinking in my head, im interested lol, but then he walkd off and i was like Ipod? Adrians listening to an Ipod, maybe he'll steal it of Adrian and sell it to me lol. But yeh, so we went to eat at ramajin Ramen watever its called T_T and adrian and eric went to eat at Yiros! never tried. but yeh, so after they finnished they met up with us, and decided to go to the casino before us, we ordered like 3 bowls of noodles, and 2 side dish, which were alrite. when we finnished we decided to go to the casino T_T which was epic fail, because raf lost his ID so he cudnt enter, and so we thought we'd be smart and try another entrance, but they have walky talkys == i swear some of those guards there need to get laid.

So we then decided to walk around rundle, and eat desert, ended up going to cocolat and some other weird places, but ended up in gelatimo watever its called, the place where moon works. She gave us a discount and we ordered this 32scoup ice cream with all the flavours. It took us so long to come up with a decision T_T and it took even longer eating it. I swear i had like 40% Elysia had 50% and raf had 5% and 5% left over lol. epic fail.
The chocolate eventually kicked in, and i started dripping chocolate on raf XD omg it was so funny, the ice cream was pretty good until all the good flavours were gone and they all mixed into one, and then it all tasted like crap. >.<

but yeh, heres some photoes which i stole of Elysias face book.

It was actually quite filling, after the huge ice cream, i wanted to get some gloria jeans but too bad it was closed, on the way to Elysia's car, we saw 2 guai lous fighting, i heard a girl say "fucking white!" i was like O_O! whoa! she just payed out herself, i wanted to keep watching but Raf and Elysia kept walking T_T and we had front row seats...

but yeh, whack night!

anyway thanks for coming Raf and Elysia *-*

Omg, look how close we came, this is the reaction after hearing the word ice cream multiple times, yep, i developed a concussion from the word ice cream T_T. Look at all that cream, mixed together, theres a strawberry in there somewhere. man they had everything but cookies and cream T_T anyway, church tonight! cant wait *-*

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  1. i realised you're bad with names! hahaha.

    its Ajisen Ramen, not ramajin.
    and its Gelatissimo, not gelatimo. lol.

    at least u got Cocolat and Gloria Jeans right. but the thing is, we didnt even go there xD