Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They remained constant while i was flashing yellow. *-*

It seems i learnt several things today. well to be precise i learnt 3 valuable things about myself and others.

1. I just discovered the path im going to follow now, i think he gave it to me, its no wonder i developed such an interest all of a sudden, i think i'll redirect my life either next year or in 5 years time.

2. I learnt something about chicks, and its not the pride thing Zoe lol.

3. Me and White guys dont mix.

Okay so today, we just finnished law lecture me and my friend went to Uni bar because he wanted to meet his friends and he askd me to come along so i did. We got to Uni bar and there was like 3 white guys and 4-5 white chicks. And i swear, they were all getting wasted, and i was eating my dumplings, then they began talking about sex and their girlfriends. I recall someone saying something like "If they love you then they should have sex with you" and my friend broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldnt have sex with him, and in my mind i was just like, i so dont fit into any of this... why am i here?

But i cant believe the mind set of some guys, my friend askd a guy, do you love her? and his like the sex? and then his like if there was no sex? and the guy was like, well then she would have to agree that i can have sex with other girls to maintain the relationship... and i was just thinking in my mind... who do these guys think they are? and whats with the sex? Some guy was like, a relationship isnt a relationship if you cant have sex. and then my friend was telling his story about him and his girlfriend, and his brother was like what? you broke up with your girlfriend? and his like yeh... and his brother was like, you should have fuckd her before you broke up with her, and his like, nah she doesnt want to have sex, and his brother was like, omg shes bloody useless you should have broke up with her ages ago... and then they all started laughing... and i, being the only sober and the only guy who had a differnt opinion just kept silent and smiled...

Yeh... I for one as a Christian and an asian, do not mix with whites and athiests. Binge drinking and sex, eww not my typical topic, i should try and convert my friend, or should i say save him? because really his not a bad person and i want to help him out. But yeh, changing his mind set is gonna be hard work. He sorta reminds me of something. But yeh... this is why i'll stick with asians and probably not go near his white friends again, dont need any uneccesary influence.

anyway, this will do for now, im gonna shower and probably msn abit then sleep. Good night Wednesday, its been a fun and whack day, God bless.

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