Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last years whackness.

Well i couldnt find the USB cable for last years dodgy whack photoes, but only recently i discovered my laptop had a memories card insert thing here. so here are some whack photoes :D

Coming from the Peter and Sharons world peace thing. lol these are the people that hugged us. and that were willing to take a picture with us after.

This Chick actualy asked if i wanted to hug her lol

Was too afraid to hug this guy XD

Those two were idiots, they didnt wana take a pic with us, so i told sharon to go behind them :P

This guy had trouble understanding english, cudnt explain wat a hug was, he thought sharon was hitting on him lol

Some Adelaide uni student who recomended us to go to Barsmith to get more photoes.

Group hug.

This guy was pretty nice lol

These guys praised us that we were doing something good lol, i almost thought they were queer O_ o with all respect.

His partner in crime lol

Sharons friend.

This guy hesitated on us like 3 times lol
Luke from marietville didnt know who he was now i do lol
Me and Raf :D
Raf and Sharon
Sharon and vanta
Me and Adrian
Sharon and adrian
Another random.
Me and martin, he was in a rush, arguement with mary
Martin and Sharon, still in a rush, chasing after her.
This guy was quite hesitant aswell ==
This guy didnt want to at first, kept saying his gf was coming and was worried what she might think lol but we got him XD
Another random
Same guy

Me & Chris
Me and Steph *-* met her in China town playing 13 lol, shes awsome.

Sharon and Chris
Sharon and Steph

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