Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonoman. <3

Happy 17th Birthday Jono. Man we had a whack year last year, your probably one of my best male friends. A year full of memories and laughs. Today we went to macas to celebrate jonos bday, i dont know, but every Tuesday is always whack and funny. Today i found 2 puppies and lured them to my house *-*
Took some photoes with them, called Sarah and seeing as they didnt have any collars, we didnt want them to die over night, so Sarah got her sisters boy friend to come and check out the dogs. Well i wanted to keep them, but grandma didnt let me == so we let Anthony keep them.

yep we pretty much just stole/kidnapped two dogs *-* they are so cute! omg. I will call one, Shadow *-* that one always sits next to me even though ive only knew them for 2hours. aww dam i wish i could keep them T_T
if the owner ever comes, i'll just pretend i dont know where they are XD

im sooo mean T___T does that actually count as stealing? cus no name tag? and left out overnight, could have got killd, i probably saved its life and fed them. so technically its sorta mine o.o? and i get to decide who should take care of it? LOL dam im talking to myself, i wish someone whack would come on msn now, everybodies asleep. maybe i should just head off to bed, all the funny people are gone T^T.

I'll upload photoes of the puppies when i can be bothered uploading them off my phone XD. omg whack day, i was like well, i know what im giving jono for his bday XD, haha made some pretty whack jokes about them too XD
and Zoe you'd probably love them, they look like your sisters dog lol. I sorta feel bad for daisy, i brought the 2puppies inside and daisy saw them and started weeping, if thats the right word? anyway im gona msn with a random and see where it ends up lol. yay to me, and Happy Birthday Jono, your one of the best. (Y)

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