Monday, April 13, 2009

She said "They did that to you, you didnt have the intention"

I dont know nor do i understand why, but i told you the truth. I dont exactly trust you as much as my other friends, but you're the first i've ever told about it. The good thing is, you still dont believe me. (Y)
I am exactly what you thought i wasnt. believe it or not, i am. Mayb im just not as good as i was before, but im still here. and im probably still going to continue it.
Maybe its because you cant picture me in that character. it doesnt matter, im just glad you didnt judge me when and after i told you. Actually thats the best thing about you, you havnt judged me since the day we met, and i hope it stays that way. well thanks for calling anyway, its always good to talk. (Y)

Right, now im about to go to badminton, im so excited!!!

Inspiring isnt it? All sorts of people can play, i mean if he can play, im quite sure some people can atleast give it a shot, i wont name names, but you know who you are lol, and you'll be reading this post im sure of it *-*. And to another person that plays with me, i mean if he can run and play, im sure you can aswell, stupid lame partner lol XD

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