Tuesday, April 28, 2009

His watching me XDDDD

Okay, Uni wasnt so bad today, well i thought id finnish and solo my accounting assignment and skip the tutorial which is what i did and got my friend to hand it up for me. :D

But yeh, So me and this guy Jhonny from Mareitville, his a white guy, yeh you must be like wow omg Peter has a white friend! but yeh, omg this guy is awsome, So we were sitting on the stairs and the asian chick that im always like omg, shes fine, showed up and i was like "hey, that asian chick there is pretty fine dont you think?" and his like "No way... i noticed her on the first day but i didnt wana say anything" and so we went into the law lecture, and half stalking her lmao. I was like... so what do yu give her out of 10? and his like 8-9? i was like, yeh.. i'd give her a 9 aswell although we dont even know her, and his like, so what do we call her? and im like, well we've been calling her the law chick, so lets call her that, maybe she'll be in our classes next semester XD

But yeh, so we then caught the tram and got off in rundle, and as we were walking pass, we walked passed her, and he was too busy talking to me, and i was like, hey, you know, we just walked past that God like girl? dont turn around, she'll notice, and he turns around and stares at her for like a full 2 minutes, i was like omg you blown our cover, next time you do it, blow yours and not mine, now she knows we're talking about her lol. After walking around rundle, we were like yeh im bored... wana go Adelaide high and rate girls? his like, yeh why not.. walk into bar smith library, we were like... mmz very dissapointing dont you rekon? quite disapointing to be honest lol.

But yeh... we guys get up to weird stuff, theres nothing wrong with looking at a beautiful girl is there? I mean, we're just appreciating her beauty for her lol. I hope she doesnt find my blog and find out what we did lmao. But yeh, noo relationships til next year... so its alright to check out people around you XD for now... must keep it as little as possible >.<>

I think i'll give the God thing a go. Instead of picking who i want to chase after, i'll know when he tells me. Which is another story, better not go back on my words and screw up ==. I think he just made me say that last sentence lmao. yeh yeh, i better stop checking out this law chick, might screw up my mind, dont play the games of a potential player. His really making me think now lmao, okay back to reality. Sometimes i feel like his argueing with me with what im doing lol, yeh i made a promise with him and he keeps reminding me. Must stand by my words. Sorry! XD

You know what i think? If you know what you want, and you remain loyal chasing it, then you'll probably get it. Their just my words so dont blame me if it fails lol. and you cant sue me for compensation for any mental damage because i just declared that its just my statement. Right now his like, go to bed and follow that principal. lalalalalal! i must obey! Good night Tuesday!

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