Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guys PMS more than Girls? without the Hormones?

Last night, i met someone who was almost in the same shoes as me, but probably in a worse state. I dont know if i was suppose to be there to help him emotionally, or spiritually, but all i know is, i helped him.
We shared some of our fudged up past and how we got done over. It was quite a surprise actually, i never thought he had that type of mind, we actually think quite alike, but his younger by a couple of years, so his still inexperienced and not tolerating things well enough.

Was quite interesting what he said though,"See you're lucky because, mine is there and yours is here, you can do something about it, i cant".

We somehow began talking about music, and he began singing "Circle - Marques Houston", and i was like omg, that song, yeh, i see where you're coming from. The thing was, i understood him, all his fudgedness.

See, i just made a powerful ally, or will it fuck up my life? I even tried bringing religion into the topic >.<>

Yeah, you know what's funny? Seems every time I try to forget about you My feelings pull you back in.
You know ?cause I got somebody else, And you got somebody else. But you and I both know what it really is, But still, you know what I'm sayin? B?
Ran across a picture you took of me and it got me thinkin?? Bout how we used to be, it was just you and me, Still hear you say you love me, put no one else above me, But that was back then, now you're just a memory
If I didn't go away to school then where would we be? Probably still together and somewhere happy, If I'm supposed to be moved on, in a new relationship strong, Then why are you still hauntin' me?

Fudge man, when he just randomly starting singing that, i swear, my gay radar ticked for a second, and then it stopped, quite relieved. I had no idea what he was singing until he got to the chorus lmao.

I think last night, Qouc and me were like the only sobers. I was sick and couldnt talk much, nor drink, and Qouc was the driver, so yeh, and i think i made him sick >.<,

Last night, bloody everyone who drank, went into a emo pit, it was like a party of chase the depressed and cure them. Some guy (Decklin) kept asking me to hit him, tried starting a fight with me and Qouc. We're friends but he was wasted so, we didnt take him on. And Vivian, i swear shes gona be a perfect mother when she grows up, she took care of jacky so much, i kinda felt bad watching. Everyone was pmsed, and Mj was full raging for a bit, i recall her saying "man yu guys pms way more then girls" and i was like, no shit. ToT

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  1. Love reading ur blog. very well written, all of the above - i couldn't have put it better.

    As for the mother part, hahaha :P

    xx, vivian.