Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whack conversation with mum. <3 *-*

You know, i owe a huge thanks to a leng loi for making me into what i am now.
You've given me this huge ego boost, which has built my confidence and trust in myself. I understand how it feels to just live like that now. You've put my rep in its shoes, yet looked past the meaning of it.
Thanks for not judging that part. your awsome. i'll thank you properly one day aswell, i owe alot of people my appreciation.

Today, while driving with my mum, she randomly asked me.

mum: so do you have a girlfriend?
Peter: what?
mum: le wu gai ja bou peng you wu bo?
Peter: your a little late to be asking that.
mum: so you did have a girlfriend?
Peter: yeh, but we broke up.
mum: nobody tells me anything ToT
mum: oh what happened?
Peter: dont know, just a break up.

mum: so your with another girl now?
Peter: i said i just got out of a relationship
mum: so you broke up with her for someone else?
Peter: wtfudge? mum your english is horrible, i said im single...
mum: ohhhh, but if i spoke in chinese you wudnt understand...
Peter: and even when you speak in english, i dont understand T_T
mum: so do you have a girlfriend?
Peter: mum im single okay?
mum: who was she?
Peter: oh church friend.
mum: so why did you break up with her for another girl?
Peter: mum honestly your english is so bad, i said, we broke up, theres no other girl T_T geez, you say it as if im the bad one, im not like dad, T_T
mum: oh okay, well if you find someone, keep them, and dont screw up, if shes good dont ever let go.
Peter: yeh, i know mum, just let me do things my way okay? and i can get into a relationship if i wanted to right now, i told you, im not like dad ==, and can we do this another time....?
mum: yeh okay, bye
Peter: yeh, cya.

I cant believe my mum asked me that straight out, i guess ive hit the adult stage in life now (Y). wasnt awkward i kinda found it interesting. but we'll see what she comes up with next, pray to God she doesnt say anything whack at the bbq today. *-*

Love you always mum. <3

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