Friday, April 10, 2009

Never back down. *-*

This is what she said to me last night.
You know Peter, your being seen as the bad guy because you wont get your act straight.
Infact, you know you dont even need to be with me or talking to me right now, because you already know what your doing. you have the answers, and you should put it down to motion.

Think of it like this, you're in a pitch black hole and everybody whose tried to rescue you, you've cut their rope. Why? because you've grown comfortable in it. You dont want to be rescued, well you do, but through a different sense. You were given 4 opportunities on Saturday, you cut them all off, Peter opportunities dont come forever. Infact you dont even need anybodys help, your strong enough to just walk out of that pitch, yet you dont want to, you're living with that principal of yours again. Why cant you make exceptions? or just forget the principal?

You know, your getting done, I never thought you would ever reach this stage, remember that time when you said "No matter how or why you fall down, pick yourself up as soon as possible, because otherwise you wont want to get back up, and dont rely on others because you dont know when they'll realise and that nobody can pick you up as fast as you can yourself". haha i let everyone get to me, trying to help others before solving my puzzle first, you're lucky, because this is the first time you'll ever witness me fall like this. Now watch me rise and reign again. I forgot how fun it was to screw around and mess with my rep.

Thanks Sharon and Vi.

Never back down. *-*

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