Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is her story, Thank you, its great to know you've helped someone. (:

I pray to God she does not read my blog. >.<>
You know, God has many ways of using people to communicate to each other, and to rebuild relationships. I had no idea of my influences and how carried away i can get, but this is her story and i appreciate you writing all this in hand.
"on a more serious side, i was actually planning to tell you something specific on here. It's weird because i wasnt actually planning to tell you this but considering im only giving you this today, what the hey, so here we go":

You've been a Christian for like a year right?
I remember the feeling during my first year of honestly accepting Christ in my life - excited, like i had a adrenaline rush going through me. I always wanted more as in like, read my bible, listen to talks more, just listening to people who had accepted God in their life also.
It felt exciting, and i felt content.
Kind of like how you are now. You get so excited when you start talking about God & Faith. But the point of all this is that theres times in your life, well maybe not for you yet and hopefully not ever, but theres times in my life of being a Christian when i start to burn out. And it gets like that sometimes, for a-lot of people - when you start to drift away from God and whats important. My life of being a Christian so far is really long, complicated and hectic, but what i really wanted to say is this:

During last year and nearly the end. My spiritual life and my thirst for God had started to dry out, as in i started to drift away again, getting tired and angry with family & church, spending time with God less, basically i wasnt pleasing him and i wasnt content. I didnt have that excitement and rush i had felt in my first year of being a Christian. I wasnt as committed and excited as you are now or you when i first saw you, I mean, actually talked to you.

This is going to sound weird and you have no idea but "You have no idea how much of an impact you really were in my life".
I believe, like i've told you before maybe: that "God never gives you anything you cant handle".
and its mentioned in the bible somewhere in the bible.
I believe in times of trouble God gives you doors and opportunities to give you his hand at help, to speak to you, help you, uplift you.

For me, at a really dry time in my life he gave me you. And i know that sounds cheesy as hell, but i mean it, like this. The first time you started talking about how excited you were and it brought back all these memories from my first year. It reminded me how good having God in my life can be, and i felt uplifted.
I felt like God was talking to me through you. And i felt so blessed. And i felt like it was all planned. Me actually meeting you at that specific time in my life.
Long story short (because everyones up my ass about me writing so much). The first day i talked to you truly was a blessing, even if you dont think so.

Anyway Happy Birthday, take care and God bless - Anonymous

Thanks for sharing the story, really appreciate it. You know, honestly, im not as commited as people think, although i try at times, but its really hard, and the things that make me try are the people around me. The people i hang with at church, at times, its annoying and frustrating, but i still keep in mind even if im not focused during service, or day dreaming about the impossible, i usualy try to reflect the messages on my personal life and experiences.
But i can say that, its not me thats keeping the faith, or making me stronger, its the people i hang with at church, i mean i am contributing effort into it, but they have a huge influence in my life, i mean if i stopped following that group, i know my faith will probly burn out slowly, which is why i'll stick by you guys, till im strong enough to be independent.
And i know at times its quite gay because they're a bunch of chicks and they keep to themselves, but they give me inspiration, determination, a reason, and answers.

I admit at times its frustrating, but, like Zoe said, faith is really all we have. Even the closest person you keep will leave you one day. So i dont really care how frustrating any circumstances maybe, as long as it helps me develop a stronger faith.

Anyway, ive gone and wrote another essay, but it was fun, God bless you guys always.


  1. Love the testimony up there, I can totally relate to it. Seeing new christians get so excited about God really inspires me and brings me back to where I'm supposed to be and the times when I was just going full-on for God, esp when I'm going through a dry spell. Isn't awesome how God works, people getting saved while inspiring and refuelling 'old' christians.
    Just my two-cents worth (:

  2. haha dw you seem to always carry the youthful trait with you cheryl :P to be honest i feel 3 years younger when your around :P