Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whack convo's all over again *-*

Omg last night i had the whackest conversation with Cheryl and Eeshin. I think my last really long whack convo was like last year with Zoe for liek more then 8hours lmao.
But yeh, omg it was like Cheryl was telling me things about Eeshin, and i showed Eeshin, and Eeshin, was like so contradicting herself. omg funniest conversation i had all year. I think im beginning to like late night msn more than daily msn now. *-*
Stupid Whale doesnt even come online anymore O_ o jk XD
But omg, i did intend to sleep at 12am, then i began talking to Cheryl, and then it got to 2am, and i began talking to Eeshin aswell, then it was 3am, and then Eeshin got told off and had to sleep rofl, and i went to sleep at 3:30 and Cheryl solo'd the night (Y) lol

Oh and omg thanks Pheobe for helping maintain the whack convo during the day, those dam 6hours before badminton omg, killed me inside lol. and it was totally worth it, i had such a whack night, with Vic, Sarah, Jono and Qouc as always every Tuesday XD
Jono was sharing his story about how he got wasted at karaoke and ran out of money, so they legged it through the toilet lmao!

but yeh, Tuesday, was a great night, and ended the night, with so much laughter and bitching with Shanks (Y) and now? i have panda eyes and pale skin >.<>

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