Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amplification. *-*

Last night, i remeber i was raging and annoyed and didnt talk to my mum because she made me late and i missed 97% of worship. T___T you know that feeling inside, when you feel like you can just let it all out and forget, its sort of like that when you worship. I was just dying to enter that atmosphere, cept when i rocked up, i was all stressed, it did cool me down the last 3% but it wasnt enough, the stress eventually hit me and i got really exausted and fell asleep during service. After service when i woke up i felt abit better, but i was still annoyed i missed worship, it goes to show that the world wont slow down and wait for you to catch up.

Now i have to wait til next week. I dont know why, but when i was ready to leave, i noticed there was a bonfire. Yeh, i was still raging inside and agitated. But when i reached the burning flames, it cooled me down in a way, i couldnt take my eyes off it. Something about it, made me warm inside and mentally not physically although there was physical warmness. Just standing in front of the fire, made me feel somewhat normal, like we're all the same. Life is definiatly strange.

It is true, whenever you fall down, stand still, the world is never going to wait for you. we cant do anything about that. It sorta reminds me of the things i should be doing and need to do before, i lose sight of this world.

If i may, I will Amplify you. *-*

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