Monday, August 31, 2009

Love sounds good, and them how to be a jerk lollies! *-*

I've been watching alot of NCIS, Criminal Intent, Law & Order, CSI Miami, Numbers, and Two and a half men. And it's taken me awhile to realise, but, i wonder, under which juresdiction do we have the authority to authorise a license to kill? More like, we're all human, a cop and a theif are pretty much the same, if you seperate their intentions and their reason. The theif might kill to escape, and the cop will probably kill for his version of justice. And it hit me, does God allow that? So i began thinking of alternatives, for example, the cheif of police hiring policemans are pretty much sending their force to hell? Killing isnt allowed, what seperates the definition of "murder"? A man killing for justice for example, has taken a life, and would not be listed as a criminal?

Googles definition of murder is as follows:

Murder: unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being.

The sentence sais "human being by a human being" so technically, even the police are murderers. A policeman shooting a criminal because his about to pick up a gun, and a criminal picking up a gun because he feels threatened by a policeman, same circumstance, except ones identified as good and the other bad.

So what i wanted to point out was, do policemans go to hell?

Another whack question i came up with, was. Does the high court of Australia, the one that sets our laws and rights go to hell because they set laws too high of standards? Like a man stealing food for his family, gets shot for stealing or put in jail for however long, does the high courts get judged and go to hell? or does the policeman who shot/jailed the man get punnished? or does the father stealing for his family get punnished again for attempting to feed his family through wrongs.

And by wrongs i mean the courts visualization of a wrong. It's all very confusing. And if we didnt have laws, there'd probably be alot more injustice going on. But then again, what is justice? Justice might be what we describe as what we feel or what makes us feel safe.

That said, im sure theres an answer for everything, we're just not prepared for it, yet. As a human being, im sure im not the only persons, who has unaswered questions. We probably wouldnt beable to handle it if we were given the answeres at this moment. Whats our purpose for living? Why are we here? Are we just an experiment? Is there really a hell? Am i going there? Why do we die? Why do we have emotions? Why do we love? Why does love get broken? why do we feel pain? why are we who we are?

I'll be honest, i sometimes and still think about this, i get random moments which remind me of my theology. Every now and then, i'd think like this. Imagine it like this, we look the way we look now, but in a spiritual sense, we're in heaven, and we're at a counter picking out jars, but no ordinary jars. Jars like humour, hamsomeness, sexyness, manners, morality, ethnicity, love, wealth, size, weight, hight, success, intelligence, flexibility, strength, sensitivity, pretty much everything that has anything to do with how we feel and how we respond to it.

I was imagining myself like this.

Ummm God, i'll take some of that, yeh the looks, some wealth, i wouldnt need much of that hey? I mean it doesnt look important, yeh i'll take maybe a little bit, some intellect, it looks kinda weird, i wont take many of those, maybe its bad, umm how about some love, that sounds cool, i think i'll take 5 more than the intellect, and how about those? they look good, yeh those things that look like muscles, yeh i'll take 10, strength hey? is that what you call it? And how about alot of those, they look yummy, sounds weird "faith" yeh, hit me, i'll take an extra 10. And what about those? they look very, umm different? i'll take 2 skillz, mmz whats a art, sports, dance, vocals, publisher, actor, i think i'll choose the art and something else, i'll get back to you on that God. Now how about them umm things over there, yeh them things, what do they do? oh really? i'll take 50! love food hey? i wonder what thats going to be like? and how about them shyness? sounds pretty cool i'l take 10, and them arhhh confidence, sounds hard, i'll take 2, and them over there, behind the blue box, yes those, i'll take 5, what do they do? kindness? sounds alrite, i'll take an extra 20, and whats this new product you've just got delivered in store? weak immune system, wow sounds awsome, immunity sounds fabulous, i'll take 200, and how about them friendship ones, they look fancy, i'll take 40, and them family ones, i'll take 5, and them addiction ones, i'll take 30, and how about them racist ones, i'll take 30, and maybe some more love. Wow, im bummed i've purchased so much, that'll be it for now. (:

Well thanks God, i hope i picked the right ones, and that i'll beable to use them appropiately. Wow i've certainly got alot of these "mocking" ones, im gonna be an awsome being!

Year 2009, damn! i made the wrong choices, i guess what i need to do now is, make of what i've got and be myself. Instead of worrying about what others have and how they make of it.

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