Tuesday, September 1, 2009

almost ready.!

It's funny, when you dont pay attention to a forgotten song, you never hear it play anymore. You also dont feel the lyrics. And then one day you here it in a movie, so you go and download it. You start listening to it and feeling the lyics, and the next you know, your very song comes on the radio, and your thinking, this is no coincidence. So now your thinking, whys this song playing? why now? why here? and then you realise, its just a song, its been 8 years since you've heard it and its going to be a good day ahead.

Minh just asked me, "what do you think is the most powerful element?" i've been thinking about that for all my life i must say. And if i could be an element, i'd like to be ice, pyro or lightning. Dark and light sound cool too, but if i had to, excluding dark and light, i'd pick ice. Why? because i dont know, actualy pyro is very tempting, i cant make up my mind haha. I'd go ice if im gonna be a super hero, and pyro if im gonna be a bad ass villian. I'd make batman look like bat shit and superman look like banana man.

I just realised i finnished reading "Keeping faith - Jodie Picoult" but then i think i was getting it mixed up with the one cheryl lent me, i forget, im at my peek of bordom again, and theres nothing to do. I hope i never finnished my book, otherwise i wont have anything to do. 20days to get prepared!

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