Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, i would.

Question: So i've been thinking of a different kind of question in response to my last one. If you could go back time, but not change it, with a maximum limit of 5 years, would you?

Answer: I'd want to go back to year 9 and relive those moments for sure, but i dont know if its worth looking back at how i use to be. i was a whack child haha. On the other hand, i'd hate wanting to grow up again, frustrating about reaching 18. Although its nothing interesting, you just feel like you've achieved something. Yeh, what the heck, i'd go back in time and watch myself for the next 5 years and laugh at myself. That would be such a thrill.

Unfortuantly, i dont have any photoes from year 8-12. Apart from this, which i found of face book.

Sang, Me, James and Michael.

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