Monday, August 17, 2009

I miss this. (:

I have to admit, im getting quite out of the habbit of blogging. But then i just found out so many of my friends read my blogs, including guys, which i never expected. So i think what i'll do is, not blog as frequent but blog what people dont know about me, rather then blog what people already know for instant this blog is going to be about bU and saturday night, where some friends already know what happened, but im gonna do blog it anyway because i owe you guys a big one.

Friday night was bU, thats right "Be you!" i'll skip to the chase, no i did not modle, i can only blame myself, i got cold feet, it wasnt Genials fault. Next year i will for sure, because Sarah is going to come and watch. And i surely wont be doing it alone, I'd expect Melissa and Elysia and Genial and all the girls to be modeling too, however i dont think thats going to be the case. bU was a fabulous night, we had so many people, i think just over 2500-3000. It was a very inconvenient day, but i'll see past that because Sarah finally came to church, and also Janice someone i've been working on for a couple of months now.

I remember watching the fashion parade with Sarah, we'd be like oh my God! that dress is so pretty and beautiful! i'd so wear that if i was a girl! oh my God! its so sparkly, wow! that black dress is so cute! wow! look at all those layers! oh my God! its Melissa! wooooo! quick quick! take photo! after bU i was saying to Sarah, hey, howcome i didnt see Elysia? and it turned out Elysia was wearing that very prettiful sparkly dress that we couldnt take our eyes off. Ended up having seats way at the back because we couldnt decide who to sit with and who to ditch, me and Sarah sat together and i thought i'd call Wei jung and Vi to sit with us, so i did, and Wei jungs pamphlet thing won a $100 gift voucher after the announcement, but it was on the seat she was sitting at before she moved with us. We gazed over and saw this white girl screaming woooo! and waving it like it rightfully belongs to her, which it does haha.

After bU we saw so many pretty girls, like honestly, so many cute/pretty girls, asian too! i wanted to take a picture with this girl who was wearing the "Ace of Hearts" but she left and my phone died. We decided to hang in the guest room with Vanta, Raf and the girls, messing around and half trying to talk to them about God. Ended up spilling coffee on myself and having whack conversations and taking mass photoes which was fun. Ended up meeting Janice and and her group of friends, and seeing Genial with May and her korean friend. I wont go there. The Chocolate mouse was so nice! Also! i was saying to Sarah, geez Sarah you make me look like a noob, we got all these people coming up to us thinking we're new people, but i just wanted to show Sarah around, but then the others came in, so we just hung around in there, i liked the guy who gave me water melon, he was epic "Tigers eat pine apple" was what he said. That made my day more epic.

Wei jung decided to give us a lift home which lifted my mood. Although i wanted to stay back and chat more. Btw Melizza and Elysia and everybody else who modeled you guys did a fantastic job. So saturday was Wei jungs birthday, we went to hot pot and decided to go clubbing after. She picked me up with Vi and we sung "Mr Brightside" in the car, which was epic, i always wanted to do singing in the car like the 70's show. We'll do that when i drive. But yeh we went to hot pot, ate so much seriously, had to eat $22 worth of food, i think i ate around $40 worth, not as much as i thought i would. shame. Vi kept going, like far out, viet pride man, and Wen-Xian kept going too! they ate so much and non stop! was nice to see everybody again. We ended up eating there from 7pm til 10pm and decided to go to "London" which is a night club. On the way there these bogans started a fight with me.

So the group walked off first and i was left by myself, i didnt know where they went or where london was, so i just randomly decided to go to rundle mall. These bogans a couple of metres down, started saying "fuckin asians! Immagrants! go back to your country! hahahah!" and i was like man i wana take a picture with this guy who was in a gigantic dog costume. Vi and Wei jung came down and found me, while the bogans were like "you fucking asians!" take a picture with me!" and i was like man that guys off his head. He came up to me and put his arm around me, i didnt expect him to do anything stupid, atleast i was on alert. He then began to tense his arms and i was like this fucking wanker is trying to hurt me, so i got angry and grabbed his arms and pushed it away, breaking free, i think he was shocked that i was able to get out, he pushed me into the door and started yelling "c'mon! you wana fight! lets go!" and i was like "FUCK YOU! and was about to swing at him, but then his friends were like "shit!" oi let it go, and he was like fuck you kunt! i got so pissed off, but knew i shouldnt have started trouble. I wasnt in the right crowd where they could back me up if i was in a fight, they're my high school friends, people that are more intellect than physical strength.

Im quite glad i was with them though, because if i was with my other friends who raid clubs, it would have gotten physical. I hate racism, specially towards me, and i hate people who unexpectivly make me have a change of heart. So his friends broke it off and i walked off, the group was just staring, and i was thinking, nah i cant blame them, they'd only get hurt. Ended up going clubbing at London, they had awsome music, i bought a Yaega bomb, however you spell it, its red bull with Vodka, quite nice. Danced for a bit, some girls tried to sell us Vodka in a tube. And took more photoes, then me and Le and Kevin went to the Casino, watched some people gamble, Kevin won $50 on black jack. and bought us late dinner with fish and chips, was awsome! Ended up bumping into Qouc who was out for his birthday, which was awsome. So we went out, all decided to leave and go home, on the way to Le's car, i found a gold watch.

Got home at 1:30am, Saw Cherie online and turned out she was randomly baking at 1:30 in the morning? That day just continued to get more random. It was epic until my brother dced me... so i went to sleep, had 4 hours sleep a totaly of 6 hours sleep in 2 days, which is why im probably sick. Was suppose to go to Uni open day, and art gallery with Jeremy but my sickness got worse, so i stayed home. Oh and the cake thing, Vi cooked cupcakes, chocolate ones, which looked really nice, unfortunatley i didnt get to try them because everybody ate them all and gave good remarks. Was a very interesting and fun night.

Here are some photoes. (:

This was when Vince was still here, i miss moment like theses. >.<

At hot pot, Me Vi and Jung.

The Gold watch i found the brand starts with "J" its an exspensive brand i believe.

Me trying to take a picture of lightning at 1am

Eating Hot pot, first time i ate it with friends apart from when Cherie and Sarah came over.

Vi's Chocolate cupcakes, everybody said it was unbelievably delicious.

A picture of all the cupcakes, i didnt get one, but i knew it was gonna be epic, it had orea's, i love oreo's, is it just me, or am i too easily satisfied lol

I'll be honest, i was sick and didnt want to take a photo, so Jung said cover your mouth, it wasnt suppose to be a pose like this, im not a poser. (:

bU 09. Havnt seen other photoes, but i like this one.

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