Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yeah! epicness! :D

Yesterday, was quite friggen awsome! Today was half as good, stupid mum cussing at my driving... i swear i looked both ways, there was no car so i turned T_T, suai zai! ai si ha!? bo tou ju ke! si nao giao! MUM! i looked okay... geez if it wasnt safe, i wouldnt have turned, you need more trust in me... blah blah blah, "your learning, dont talk back!" Precisly! im learning, not like im able to go back and show you i looked both ways, you were dozing off, not my fault. "Yeh well where are you looking?! girlfriend ha? no, i study with her." Si nao giao, bai hou le drive next time... jeez, i looked okay, just leave it.

Yep, same old rambles everytime, Qouc taught me how to push the handbrakes down, and i learn how to reverse of qouc. yeah! i also learn blind spots from almost crashing, and learnt how to park myself, my only doubt is the level of confidence while im on the road. I'd be driving and i see red lights, id be checking out the rear mirror of the person behind me, seeing what they're doing, and then looking at my speed themometre however you spell that, and checking the side mirrors. And then i'd slow down every now and again because you cant trust the road, what you see isnt always the case lol. So i got to drive to town and back with so much nagging and cussing. Next time im bringing my mp3. >.<"

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