Monday, August 31, 2009

Just shoot me.

Do you guys have anything, a particular thing, that brings back the most memories? My tables full of memories from the past. But theres one thing on it that always gets my attention. You guys wouldnt know what it is, but its very ireggular, a toy. I think i've told vince the story before. Anyway, ever have those moments where you think back, and you reach a point where its really touched you? and you dont dare to continue the thought, or the thought of what happend from then and now? And you wonder, why it's significance is so big. It didnt mean much then, i dont know why i kept it, and im half glad i did, it makes me think. Probably makes me human.

I get alot of people telling me my room is very children copycat. Yeh, i have alot of toys and soft toys and all these colorful things. And almost every one of them have their own stories. Andy came into my room yesterday and we began talking about the show.

Andy: hey, you going to the show this year?
Peter: yeh, probably, iuno, its always dissapointing.
Andy: no crap hey? why are you even going? it's the same shit every year.
Peter: yeh, i know, iuno, i just go to hang out with friends and chat, other then that its boring as.
Peter: yeh, if i go this year, im definiatly not leaving til i get another big toy. Last year i won a huge shark.
Andy: lmao, your so stupid i swear, you pick the worse toy there is.
Peter: what? nah i got it because the previous year, i won a smaller shark, so i felt obliged to.
Andy: whatever, i saw Cherie holding it.
Peter: rofl, yeh, man i totally should have got a care bear or a luigi lol
Andy: fuck luigi, his gay.
Peter: yeh, that movie wasnt bad ha?

Anway, the conversation went null from there. But i plan to get a cool toy this year from basketball, altough i havnt played in months. Actually i just took a quick look around my room, and i can remember every story of how i got them and why i kept them. Theres this one stupid one, and it always makes me laugh, getting into stupid arguements and getting no where. Dont you love being wrong and not accepting it, just to keep the other person heated up, haha.

And this other toy, one i got from Sarah, at first i was like man this toy sucks balls. And then Sarah starts playing with it and going "hahaha" and then i gave it to her, and went back to buy another one. And thats when she got the "hahaha" phase going. Theres this clock i bought with Zhen, and it's never worked, we use to go to ingle farm and buy all these randoms toys which were either broken or horribly made. He bought alot of useless junk, but probably all for my entertainment. Amazing how much times change. He was one of those people who probably saw me for who i was back in the days and still decided to give me a second chance. I was a duche, a tool, and now? we're still friends. Amazing how life works.

Just a few minutes ago, i had a what i'd like to call, a "just shoot me" moment. I'll explain another night, good night Adelaide.


  1. heh, 95% of the stuffed toys in my room were given to me so they all have memories :) but i keep a 'memories drawer' filled with movie tickets, gifts, old photos, cards, shells, string .. yeah i have a lot of random stuff that most people would find stupid but eh. the idea of being surrounded by things that have meaning is nice, i guess. well i like it :)

  2. Your memory box sounds alot like mine. I keep junk people never expect me to keep, bus tickets, movie tickets, lolly wrappings, lollies, homework, rocks, birthday candles, letters, bank recepts, photoes, CD's, broken bits, and so much more D:
    sounds alot like rubbish haha, but its cool.