Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fascinations #1.

Things that Fascinate me. So i thought i'd try something new, instead of doing my everyday blogging, heres what i can sum up.

- I get fascinated when i've purchase a new beverage or solid consumable i've never tasted. I like to call it " the first time effect" its priceless. The first bite will ironically positively always have the best taste. It's like tasting all the colors of the rainbow, which isnt very much. And then the next time you purchase the same consumable, you dont get the fascination you had the previous time, and it goes on and on til it tastes yucky.

Oreo's on the other hand, might be one exception. I keep spelling "Oreo's" as "Orea's" I made the same error twice in the first sentence and thought i'd point it out. I wonder if Oreo's (Almost did it again) have special enzymes which get you addicted. Seriously, i could savage on Oreo's (did it again) all day, its only when my gums begin to hurt from the substance it's made off that i stop. I say whoever invented Oreo's is a hero. I'm yet to try dipping it in milk, infact im craving for oreo's now. On the topic of oreo's, If anybody whats to do something stupid (fun) and race me on a packet of 6 Oreo's im willing to take the challenge, i'll buy 2 mini packets and we can settle our differences. Challenge me, i dare you.

You Know what else fascinates me? lollies. That's right, we all know what im talking about. Those little mineral substances we all love to consume, and they say its bad for our health. My mum tells me i consume too many of them minerals, i tell her im taking proteins. Glucose is classified as a protein molecule right? You biologists would know. So recently i've developed quite an obsession and addiction towards "Star burst - Snakes". The reason i point this out is because, everytime i walk past a "woolies" or a "coles" i think starburst! The obsession is wanting to buy it, and the addiction is trying to stop beveraging.

Im sure, we've all reached a stage where the lollies (Proteins) we consumed become tasteless and unbearable. And then theres this unexplained biology that occurs. We continue to consumbe the proteins til its all gone. You know that feeling where your mouth feels yucky, and it tastes like overdose of suger molecules all over, and your production of saliva isnt sufficient to breakdown them molecules? yeh, i get that everytime i eat starburst. It bothers me that i've become a self abusive being, not really, the after taste in the mouth does. It's like alcohol abuse, but the opposite effect, we get high, they get drunk. So yeh, they're the two i'd like to point out for today.

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