Sunday, August 9, 2009

You were suppose to run. >.<

You Know whats a real let down? When you pray for something so much, and used the power of expectation as with the power of belief. I did that, i honestly believed that some miracle would happen in the last minute before he boarded that plane. I told him, a miracle is sure to happen, im confident. Dont worry, something might happen, and as i said those words, i really felt so strongly that something was certain to happen. Prayed for it in my sleeps, heck last night i dreamp Vince was hear, i was sleeping and he pushed me off my bed and i was like oi! watre you doing!? T___T
and then i found out it was a dream. I believed, i didnt feel the holy spirit come through, i tried to make it come through, but you just dont know what you're doing. You dont know what to feel nor expect.

I kept thinking, something is going to happen any moment now. Nothing happened. Did i not expect enough? Did i not believe enough? Was my faith too weak? Were my prayers wrong? Did i not mean it? Were they just words? Was it meant to be? I even told him to jsut not take the flight and let immigration come after him, something whack might happen, perhaps a miracle. So how am i suppose to expect that he'll come back? His not coming back this september, he was suppose to for his 18th, because we wanted him back, how is that not enough? im done for now, this doesnt mean my faith has gone weak, its just i dont like it.


  1. some things happen immediately. others don't. most of the time, situations fall into the first category and there is an excruciating waiting period where you feel like giving up, no matter how weak or strong you think your faith is. and that's okay, we're all human. but don't stop trusting in God. waiting is painful, holding onto a promise you can't see is frustrating. but they're also periods where you learn the most and your faith grows the most if you don't give up. sometimes God wants us to wait, because He wants to develop certain traits in us and the person at the receiving end of our prayers.

    whatever you do, always remember one thing: God never forgets promises, even when you've forgotten and given up on them. the day I saw His promise come through in my best friend's life, was the day I least expected it; to be frank, I'd pretty much given up praying. God can be rather unpredictable at times, He shows up when you're just about to walk out of the door.

    never, ever lower your expectations if you want something to happen. you'll find that God pours out blessings in abundance when you expect more.

  2. Thanks Cheryl, love your inspirational speeches :D

  3. man u dont knw what im prepared to do just to come back to adel.. everything here is just doing my head in. i guess we all just have to wait and see what God has got planned for me and you and everyone else and if he ever decides to let me come back i hope that it's some time soon.
    you are all dearly missed
    and much love.