Saturday, August 1, 2009

I think im a haemoglobin. :D

Something which i thought was quite funny. After Camp one oh nine, I was talking to Raf and Sovanta, and they were saying, wow Peter, just wow. and i was like ha? you scared? im not what you think i was hey? and they were like yeh totally, your like a totally different person, your Christian side is like a new person. And i was like what? you dont like it? and he was like no, its good, its good to see you from another perspective, i never thought you were yeh, just wow hahah.

They've seen my shadows and my reflection, i didn't think they'd get to see my Christian side, especially Raf. And Raf was comparing me with Adrian, saying howcome Adrian not like this? going drinking all the time and partying. I find it funny because alot of people havnt seen both my sides. Not even my closest of friends. (:
Just when you've figured someone out, they're not what you would expect.

Yesterday i went to watch public enemies with Vi and Jung. The movie was bad, i didnt like it one bit. Let down all my expectations. Anyway i ended up getting myself involved in a cooking competition, a Cheesecake one. So on the 15th of August im suppose to bake a cheesecake on the day and bring it to my friends house, and my opponent Vi is doing the same. But we're not cooking the same cake. haha it's time to put my cooking skills to work, not that i have any, however i have a tendency of having things go miraculously well whenever i get myself into tight circumstances like this. Or i could possibly contact Shanks and beg for help o.o mmmz i think keeping my dignity is a much healthier option, for now.

It's been a pleasent week, apart from the sickness, i quite enjoyed it, and i spoke to someone this week who made me half find myself. Im content. God bless.

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